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Aeris, Cloud, Yuffie and Squall's Japanese VA's

~~I dunno about anyone else but I've been looking every where trying to find out who the Japanese VA's are for Aeris, Cloud and everyone else from Final Fantasy.I just found a web site that had them listed!

Leon (Squall Leonheart)-Hideo Ishikawa (Tatsuha from Gravitation, Akira from Weiss Kreuz (OVA), etc..)

Yuffie Kisaragi-Yumi Kakazu (Aya Mikage from Ayashi No Ceres, etc..)

Aeris Gainsborough- Maaya Sakamoto (Hitomi from Escaflowne, etc..)

Cloud Strife- Takahiro Sakurai (Tentomon from Digimon, etc..)

Tidus and Wakka would have the same people doing there voice.

~~Also if you don't know already these are the English VA's for them.

Leon (Squall)- David Boreanaz

Yuffie- Christy Romano

Aeris- Mandy Moore

Cloud- Lance Bass
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