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Gackt is GOD.
No disputing it.

Today, I finally received my special X-mas package from Japan, containing Thank You, an EMU DVD, and the live Gackt MARS tour. They both RULED. (Canna-sama mentioned me in the DVD!!! WAAAAAI~!!!!!!! ^___^)

But Gackt was, I have to say, the best thing I've ever seen from one man on stage. Live.

For those of you not familiar with Gackt (poor, deprived people...*.*) , he is the former main vocalist of the J-Rock group MALICE MIZER. But after their break-up, he became a solo artist, with a career even greater than that in MM. I'll not go into all of the details of his life before and since then because I might end up rutting into depression, (that much that I know, anyway..) but with the release of his single Mizerable, he instantly lit up fans' faces around the world.

He worked himself incredibly hard to relase many new songs for his fans, and then his first album, MARS ~Sora Kara no Houmonsha~ (~A Visitor from the Sky~), which to date is the only thing I've ever listened to and been able to say I LOVE every song, and it's impossible to even begin to choose one as your favourite. In my mind, his live preformance was even better than listening to the actual songs, because he truly puts every ounce of stamina, all of his emotion into every note that makes its way to one's ears.

If I ever reccomend anything, I reccomend this DVD, or at least the Video, moreover the album itself. I know people have different tastes, but his voice, his music, and everything else bind eachother together perfectly for a pleasing experiance that will leave you craving for more.

I'll say it again.

Gackt is God.

And I'm there to support him as much as a "Dear" can.

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