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I have been a fan of Japanime for a looong time. Around the early 80's. I remember watching Akira on the big screen and I was so amazed at the animation. As the years has gone by I would watch a movie here and there. I even have Oh my Goddess Laser discs! =) But right now Evangelion is on top of my list. After finding this forum, Im starting to get into Anime once again! =)
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The great anime movie that had made me go "whoa!" for the first time would be Ghost in the Shell. Wow. It was the first movie I had ever saw that blended 3d and animation together so well. It also made me think. Another good thinking movie is X. Both these movies reflect upon the human heart.

For me it was like watching a Shakespearian play, but really good visuals. I guess those Advanced english classess really helped me find the hidden meaning in things like that.

Oh ya, I have downloaded a cuple of songs off of Neon Genisis and have found a trend in the songs. First one is about how there is a secret love (I think) between two people. The end credits is about a couple revealing thier love. Then I found a song that was supposively from the last episode(I don't know); it was about how one lover must leave the other and never return and never love again. Plz don't spoil the end for me but am I on the trend, does this really happen. I have only watched the first 8 episodeds and am just curious.
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Thanatos If I can't be Yours is the title of that song...
Komm Susser Tod is like that too...

Hmm...I just watched Wings of Honneamise a couple days ago, and was blown away by the ending, which in turns can be hopeful, hopeless.
Evangelion is amazing too...I can't wait to see the movies....but I think that after watching the last two episodes the first time I was really happy and glad. It was a good ending.
Anything Gainax makes is incredible, I think. Eva Manga is good too-pick some up!
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Oh, you let the people down
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Doesn't seem like this thread belongs in the DVD forum, but oh well... I'm up for it. There are quite a few memorable moments for me, but for that awe-inspiring experience, here are the top three:

1. The last ten minutes of the first half of End of Evangelion. Watching Asuka battle hit me like a punch to the gut. I could not even begin to think about what I had seen until halfway through the credits. Asuka's voice actor hold the record in my mind for the most heart wrenching scream, anywhere, ever.

2. The sequence in ep. 26 of Cowboy Bebop, where Spike flies off and the Real Folk Blues remix starts playing. Watching Faye cry, man that was just such a masterful scene.

3. Grave of the Fireflies. All of it. If there are sadder movies, I don't want to see them.

Maybe I'll post more later, if the thread keeps going, but those are the top three. BTW, don't kill me fro not putting Mononoke up there. I know it's a great movie, and I love it, I really do, it just didn't make it. The others are up there for how they affected ME. It's a personal thing, results may vary, etc. Mononoke is number 4, I swear.

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The Kenshin OVAs and Perfect Blue definitely blew me away! Kenshin for it's story and animation and Perfect Blue because it's so damn twisted!
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1) Watching Air & EOE. I cried when my favourite character "died", and I cried some more when EOE finished as I realised that the greatest anime I had ever seen had come to an end.
2) Watching Graveyard for the Fireflies. Both my mum & I were in floods of tears after watching it.
3) Going through the CD-Rom Anime Encyclopaedia of Robots for the first time a couple of years ago & finding the original Japanese opening theme for Chodenji Machine Voltes V on it (it was the first anime I ever saw that had huge robots in it). It made me smile for the whole day, and I was humming the tune for days on afterwards. Not really watching an anime, but it is an anime experience. :B:
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I would have to neon genesis evangelion is the one that reached out to me. It's what got me into anime.
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here are some more of my favorite experiences:

episode 26 of Cowboy Bebop(This was a work of art.Every scene was so well done.The way Julia fell with the birds flying in the backround,the fight between Viscious and Spike,and the End Credits.I was so moved by the ending.It seemed un-like animation or a was all just like a dream(pun intended)).

X-the movie(When i saw it subbed it was hella better.The fight scenes were greatly done and I actually cried at the end .my 2nd favorite X-Japan song,"Forever Love",played in the end credits as well.It was so beautiful and fit so perfectly.I don't care what anyone else thinks,I love this movie!!!The manga is better but the movie is still good.)

Memories(this movie has to ranked right up there with Mononoke.It was in-describable.Only someone like Katsuhiro Otomo could make a movie as great as this.The animation,music,and stories were to good for me too look anywhere but my t.v. screen)

Spriggan(another Otomo classic.This movie had animation beyond anything I had seen before it.It just blew me away.It was also fun to watch in a group of my friends.)

Akira(I anticipated seeing this anime sooooo much.Once I saw it,I wondered why I even bothered watching crap like Pokemon.It opened my eyes into the deep realm of anime.)

Cowboy Bebop-all of it-(This is the most perfect series I have seen besides Lain and Evangelion.This show has better-than-the-best-animation,slick design,sexy characters and space ships,and cooler-than-cool music.I don't see how it could get any better at all.It can't be topped by anything(atleast until the Bebop movie comes out)).

Saber Marionette J(If falling in love with an Anime character is a social taboo, then label me a pervert, remove my testicles and force me to endure hour upon gruesome hour of Magical Stage Fancy Lala as Lime has well and truly found a place in my heart... Saber Marionette J has a very unique look that combines a traditional Japanese style of design with a modern day post industrial revolution environment. It's best described as Meiji era Japan populated with motor vehicles and apartment buildings. Get the picture? Very cool and very well done...Carrying with it a healthy dose of drama and personality, this high energy series is a must view)

Serial Experiments Lain(Watching Lain is akin to entering a deep trance. This may not appeal to those of us who have had their attention spans downsized by MTV and the 2 Minute Noodle, but for those of us who like to think about a story days after it's viewing, its perfect. There are so many layers to the events seen here that even Sigmund Freud may have had a hard time deciphering it's true message... If you don't mind an intellectual challenge once in a while and find yourself growing bored of powersuits and mecha alike, Lain may just be the refreshing change of pace you have been looking for. It's not for everyone, but those who dare, will walk away with perhaps one of the best anime experiences of all time...)

FLCL(I dont care if I don't know what the hell is goin' on in this anime,I love it too bits.This anime made me feel like I was watching Lain with Robots.It made almost all anime that were trying to be hip,not hip.The soundtrack was great and the animation was amazing.It was quite an experience for the little Otaku that i am )

see you space cowboys.

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Talking Anime that moved me

Unfortunaly Monokie <bad speller> was never in a theater here in Coloardo, but i did see it, and felt the same way.

Other anime that has moved me through out the years

Record of Lodass wars < and CotHK>
Gundam Wing- Endless Watlz <subtitled, it was amazing>
Macross plus the movie
Watching my first naked <not henti> anime at Nan Desu Kan
<it was called X-Driver, and though i didnt understand a thing they said, I followed it fairly well>
Seeing Ghost in the Shell in the theator <that was great>

Maybe im just to eaisly moved, i dont know
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Neon Genesis Evangelion- Tape 13. Calmly put my mind in a blender.
Serial Experiements Lain- The entire story arc. Never before will I look at the outside world and the Wired world the same.
Trigun- When we see the look on Vash's face after watching everyone die from Monev's reckless shooting. I realized then that Trigun is so much more than a comedy.
Dragonball Z- Gohan reaching Super Saiyan 2. When Vegeta stands alone after getting beaten by 17 and 18. When Piccolo stands in front of Gohan to block Nappa's blast. Too many others. Epic. Very epic.
Ghost in the Shell- When Kusinagi fights the tank. 'Nuff said.
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