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Mr. Nishida's dream for Japan

Mr. Nishida wish for Japan was for Japan to go back to its old way. He hated the new Japan so much that he caused himself to go blind so he couldn't see what the new Japan had turned into. Now do you think the Mr. Nishida dream for Japan could have come true? If the economy got into such a bad way could Japan have returned to its old ways? Or do you think that it would have been an idol dream?
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Progress is difficult to change.

I don't think enough people shared his ideals to 'revert'.

It was doomed from the start, but the whole ordeal was the ultimate form of protest. Perhaps not with the exact desired effect.

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Mr. Nishida's vision failed because there simply wasn't enough people who shared his ideals.., having the military behind you may help for a little while, but you can't force an entire nation to 'revert' at gunpoint if they don't want to.., that would probably lead to anarchy as people are too used to having their home comforts & freedoms..,

Mr. Nishida reminded me a lot of the 20th century Japanese writer Yukio Mishima.., he too was deeply attracted to the patriotism of imperial Japan, & the samurai spirit of Japan's past..., Mishima wanted to revive the ideals of bushido on a national scale.., & in 1970, he tried to seize control of Tokyo's military headquarters, in an attempt to rouse the nation to pre-war nationalist heroic ideals.., when this tactic failed.., he commited ritual seppuku..,
And yet more bollocks..,

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