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Help with title of this Anime?

Ok, so years ago I had this anime movie on VHS and I want to watch it again all these years later but no longer have the VHS. Not that it matters as who has a VHS player these days, lol.

The problem is I don't remember the name of the film. I will try and decribe it for you tho & hoping that someone will know it and tell me the name.

The film was about a boy who finds this skull of a devil and when he puts it on, he gets possessed by it's soul.

He then has to fight all these monsters and I think i remember two of them. One was a horrible slimy thing that i'm sure lived in the sewers who was partially made up of the souls of others (including the main character's mother).

The other monster I remember i'm sure had some sort of fallic (read penis) type arms.

Anyone know which movie this is?
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I still have a VHS. Actually, it is a DVD/VHS. I still have tapes of classic films I would like to watch every now and then. I guess those tapes will be garbage once my DVD/VHS breaks down for good.

Anyway, getting to your movie. . . .

Originally Posted by mrvaughn View Post
The other monster I remember i'm sure had some sort of fallic (read penis) type arms.
This part sort of sounds like La Bleu Girl, a bit of anime porn I accidentally came across a few years back. But the rest of your description does not fit. So you can cross this one off your list of possibilities.

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