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Exclamation Im Desparate Please Help Me Find This Anime!!!!!

Ive been trying to figure out a particular anime show that i saw about 3 years ago maybe longer. Fot that matter it could have been a movie or series, i saw it on cable or movie channels. You could tell that the anime was newer and on the violent side. i will try to explain the scene that i remember to see if anyone can help me out. I believe that the main character was a woman and she was in a group of people that i want to say are hunters, that used big melee weapons and wore some armor. It seemed like they were hunting a certain main bad guy and fought others along the way. All i remember is that it was a black flying beast creature that she fought and im pretty sure she lost this battle. The battle took place around some ruined buildings possibly a castle. Im pretty sure one of her friends saved her and they took off walking into the woods. Im not sure if the flying black creature was a dragon or some kind of vampire or demon, I cant really remember. But im pretty sure it transformed into the flying form from a human based form. I want to say that one of the guys in the group carried a weapon that had a cresant shaped blade on the top of a staff. I know this is so vague and probably not even correct, but does anyone have any ideas of what this could be or give me some suggestions. I know that it wasnt claymore or inuyasha. Thanks
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It sounds like either Hamtaro or Sailor Moon.

Seriously, I have no idea. But it sounds interesting. May I suggest you read through the various reviews and conversations on this site? You may find your answer. What else do you have to do on Christmas? Watch the NBA?

If you find out, let us know. It does sound interesting.
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Thanks for the suggestions. I dont think it is salor moon it seemed to be newer and more of an adult anime. But i dont know. Yeah it definately seemed like an awesome anime, that is why i want to find out what it was so bad. i will give your other suggestion a try. thanks alot i hope more people get on here and give me some input on it. My best description was a cross between claymore and inuyasha. tell your friends so i can get more input, thanks again.
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