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Yep, my site is good. Ok it's not the best but it does have some cute fanfics and some articles about anime.. I write articles for Anime Angels Mangazine and usually they end up on my website (for now). Oh and if you have a request for a fanfic, tell me and I'll write it ^__^

My Site:

Anime Angels Mangazine (it's a new Christian Manga magazine): [Issue 3 just came out, its at the bottom]
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With your site you have broken links in your header this is because you have the code linking it to the images on your hard drive not on the webspace ala file:///C:/WINDOWS/DESKTOP/website/bluepetal/rose/XXXXX.gif

With your index page the images that are linked to your hard drive are the following:

The images at the bottom of your My Love page are broken, one of them is linked to your hard drive and the others' maybe you linked them wrong.

On your Pure of Heart Column, Eternal Column and My Fanfiction it is :

And all your links in the Fun Stuff section are broken, they are linked the pages on your hard drive not the pages on your webspace ala

You might not of noticed this when your viewing the site on your own computer but when others or when you view it on another computer you'll find these broken links. So you'd want to fix up those errors.

Another broken link is the link in your header which I assume is suppose to take you to the main index page but instead it takes you to a 404 error that could not be found.

With your main index page there is a horizontal scrollbar ala the page doesn't fit on the screen, I don't know what's wrong but maybe your sentences are too long.

Now for a bit of nit picking, I'm not too fond of the bright blue you use for the links they don't fit in with the rest of the colour scheme of the site. Same goes with the pink text used in Pure of Heart Column page and the brownish text used in the Eternal Column page, they seem out of place. Try to keep the text size the same through out all the pages, some pages the text is small and some the text is larger size it seems very inconsistent(sp?) ..

Anyway sorry about all these some what negative things but your site shows promise it looks good, I really go suggest fixing those broken links on your site and as for the nitpicking it's just my suggestions, this is your site and ultimately it's your choice on how you want it to look.
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Coolness! Thank you so much. I was having that problem on another site I was working on but I had people look and then fixed it. For some reason, I thought I fixed most of those things on this one *shrugs*. The Love page is supposed to be not viewable any more so that's why the graphics on there aren't showing up.

The nit pick part, I like color and varying things. Tho, the links' color was there from the original template. I'm not doing this for a class or contest, so I really don't think that matters much. So you did all the technical stuff, what about the content? Or did you even bother? Esp. the Pure of Heart section I was interested in people's opinions on the articles (or do I post that elsewhere)?

Honestly, I can't say I'll fix all or any of the probs only because my time using the domain ends next month lol! Don't worry, this is an old site that's been up and the layout has been changed several times, just this time I guess I didn't double check everything. Also I have been moving my articles to my journal.
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