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Unhappy GunXSword

Vaughn wears a tuxedo, wields a sword and has a suit of mega-armor. He is looking for a man with a claw hand. Wendy is a young girl looking for her kidnapped brother. Together they have a series of adventures which are dull/boring/stupid/idiotic -- take your pick.

The biggest problem with GunXSword is that it steals from anyone of a dozen other animes. Note I said steal, rather than borrow. By borrow I would mean it takes details from other animes and builds on them. GunXSword builds nothing.

My usual practice is to watch both the English and Japanese dubs with subtitles to see if one has any aspect the other does not. Sometimes it does. But with GunXSword, half-way through the English dub I decided I did not want to spend any more time on the series than needed. I did finish disc 1, episodes 1-4, to see if something of interest happened. It didn't. So although I have already received disc 2 from Netflix, I am going no further on this one. It's a dog if there ever was one. Even the artwork and action sequences are pretty boring.
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i wouldn't say all that. I personally enjoyed the series the same way i enjoyed Nadesico. They are both making fun of their respective series that they are apart of.

the only thing I personally didnt like about GunXSword dosen't happen till later in the series so i wont spoil it here but over all its a fun ride for those who like Mecha series and adventure series.

besides...who doesn't like Giant Robot fights? ( mobile G fighter not included lol)
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