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Character Name: Kouzo Harabashi
Age: 15
Sex: Male
Element of Control: Telekinesis(specifically he can temprorarily manipulate people's bodies....causing them to miss a step for instance )
Description: A short dark haired boy with piercing green eyes, he stands about 4'9"(142cm or so). Always picked on because he is a bigger kid(pudgy), Kouzo is quiet. Wears wire-rim glasses that are about 2 sizes too big for his face. Always seems to be reading a book.
History: Alwasy getting picked on in grade school, Kouzo quickly discovered his powers. People quickly learned to stop teasing hi or suffer an "accident." Most people guessed, correctly, that they were not accidents at all. After two bullies broke their legs and a third one his shoulder from nasty spills and the like, people started leaving Kouzo to his reading very quickly. In all of his life he can't remember having a real friend, due to everyone being afraid of him and his wrath should they anger him.
Writing Sample: see Limbo and Dawn of Darkness
Anyone who does not form a community with others, or who does not need to because he is self-sufficient, is no part of a city-state - he is either a beast or a god. -Aristotle

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(I still haven't gotten a PM, should i just join in?)
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Just to let anyone who might still wanna join, no more guys are accepted. Just girl characters now on please ^.^
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Ok, ummm like, can my power deal with storms? is that ok?
When all else fails: make sure you run faster than everyone else.
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Um Blade..i'm sure there can be doubles but before you decide Raimeko and Kazeko are the storm sisters..
"Ach, Hans its the Lufegorh!"
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Character Name: No-one knows. He refuses to tell them. Not because he's badass in any way, but because he hates it and thinks his self-given name is much cooler. You know all those goths that call themselves 'Azrael' and 'Lucifer' and ----? He's a bit like that. Except even more nerdy. Yes, my friends, he only answers to.... 'Mulder'. Or 'Fox' if he likes you.
Age: 23, but wishes he was still 17 so he could be in high school with all the pretty girlies. Hangs around in the hallways pretending to be a student whenever he gets near a school.
Sex: Male
Element of Control: Mulder has the ability to discorporate to some degree and pass through solid objects, such as walls, floors, or furniture. However, sometimes he has difficulty controlling his own powers, and can get frustrated trying to drink his goddamn coffee when his hand keeps going through the cup.
Description: Mulder stands at a respectable 6'00", but with a gangly, scrawny build, mostly due to his unintentional vegetarianism and fast metabolism. (Note: 'Unintentional vegetarianism' refers to his chronic meat phobia which he tries desperately to overcome.) His hair is messy and cut little more than two inches long, but is usually greasy and matted to his head to some degree. Hey, why shower when you can play AD&D, right?
Mulder dresses in a suit constantly in a desperate attempt to look like the REAL Fox Mulder. However, he will never, ever, EVER do so due to his matchstick-skinny frame, minor acne problem and general lack of personal hygene and appearance maintenance.
Mulder desperately needs glasses but refuses to wear them most of the time since 'The real Fox Mulder doesn't wear them'. However, the terror he feels upon the mention of the word 'contacts' leaves him with few options when he DOESN'T want to stumble around incapable of reading a fast-food menu. For such occasions, he has some wonderfully chunky 'Emo' glasses on reserve. Not because they're Emo; his knowledge of subcultures doesn't extend that far. Oh no. It's because he can't tell any better in terms of fashion sense.
History: Mulder lost his memory in an accident when he was ten years old. He's convinced that there was something extra-cool and conspiratorial taking place in his life before that time, but his friends and family insist that he was just a scrawny little nerd who really didn't like wearing his seatbelt. Since then, he's just sorta been hanging around in his mother's basement and reading X-Files slash. Yet whenever confronted about it, he immediately screams "I'M NOT GAY!!"
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*snrk* Finally, someone NON-ANGSTY for AE. I think Mulder will fit in just fine, like we talked about. Let's get the future plans stuff figured out.
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Alrighty! We'll talk it over on the phone tonight.
SNUGGLY-WUGGLY-CHAN ^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^
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Yuri: Non angsty is good. Goro, Toshi and I need more people in our club.

Kitori: HEY THIS IS A MAGICAL GIRL SERIES THERE'S SUPPOSED TO BE ANGST!!! :grump: And I think it's pretty angst!

Yuri: ... true, but... ...wait. Daddy. :gropes Mag: Welcome home.

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Nevermind. People take things the wrong way. Cest la vie, que serra, serra, etc.

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Character name: Gillian Spree
Element of control: I thought I would leave that up to you to decide since I dont know what all is left and seeing as I dont even knmow if I can still join.

Description: Gillian being 5'2 has never had the model like body she wish she had but she keeps herself fairly toned. Red curly hair with pouty lips with an imp nose and imp ears. One eye is light green while the other is dark brown (she hates when people ask if she is wearing contacts.) She rocks normal teen gear. One ear is full of earings top to bottom while another only has five. Her ear is peirced along with a tattoo of a serpant on her lower back.

History: Normal girl, normal house, normal family. Thats what most peopl think about the Sprees. But her mom ,Sally, loves animals and owns her own Zoo in the basement. Her step<herald, father owns his own tattoo parlor and they jiust recenty had a new baby boy and named him Jerome. Now for her real father, Jack, he lives down the block with his boyfriend Eric. Gillian loves her parents but does not always love them. She has always been an average kid, and is searching for something she is really good at.

Writing sample:

Gillian climbed the tree that lead to Jims window. "Jim!" She hissed.

"Gillian? IS that you?" A scranny head poped through the window.

"Who else would it be smarty pants. Lets go." She started climbing down the tree once she knew he was coming down. Once they were hidden in the shadows she wispered. "Jim you knew I was coming... Why werent you ready."

"Dude... Gilly its okay, my parents were snoring up a storm." Jim bent down to tie his shoe and then popped a peice of bubble gum in his mouth.

"Jim if you get us caught I am gonna strangle you." She looked around uneasily.

"Gilly, are you on your period because you are being awful grumpy. You know my mom does have midel up in her cabnet." Jim winked at her knowing her anger with him wouldnt last long. She couldnt stay mad at her best friend.

"NO! Now lets go." Gillian picked up her pack and walked to the wood path with out making a noise. While Jim made cracking noises every time he stepped.

"We have been doing since we were little we arent gonna get caught I promiss." Gillian didnt answer she just kept on walking.

Once they reached the pond Jim stripped down to his swim trunks. While Gillian stripped down to her bikini. "Dude, Gilly you taking hormone pills to make em grow?"

"Jim thats not funny! Stop being perverted and lets go swimming."
They both jumped in and started their once a month splashing contest.
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Im inocent I really am even if you dont believe me.

Dont mess with me because I might like it and then youll never get rid of me!

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