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Lightbulb Dragon Ball Fanfic: In a Bit of a Slump (Goku/Arale)

Do you remember when Son Goku chased after General Blue so persistantly in "Dragon Ball"? Do you remember the island village he stayed on after he couldn't find him? More inportantly, do you remember a cheery purple-haired girl with both the strength and naivete of Goku himself? 'Cause she's back, in my brand new fanfic, "In a Bit of a Slump." a crossover with Akira Toriyama's other famous work, "Dr. Slump"!

In this story, Arale wanders away from Penguin Village on one of her merry little jaunts, headed for another town on the island, Walrus Village. Unfortunetely, the brutal men residing there as sharp-toothed as their namesake, and they mercilessly poke fun at our heroine. When Goku visits three days later, he finds Arale a mere shade of her former self, despondant and untalkative. It is now up to the monkey-tailed boy to get his girl out of her room and back to her old self once again.

The story's ready at FanFiction.Net. Come on in!

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