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Xider's Amazing Chain Story Volume 1

Just in case you don't know what a chain story is, I'll tell you. This is going to be great.

I am going to type the first part of an epic tale, and then the next person will make up the next part, and then the next part, and then the next part. Remember, it can be whatever you want it to be, as long as it isn't TOO out of control.

1) Try to keep your part somewhat short.
2) Please don't spam the thread with retarded stuff.
3) Have fun!
4) Not every part has to be action packed. It could be story oriented, mysterious, scary, or hell...even funny if you do it right. Don't be afraid to put WHATEVER you want as long as you don't bog it down with riddiculous things.

It'll be cool to see how it all works out, since everyone is so inspired by different types of anime. While one part of the story might seem like Evangelion, the next part may seem like InuYasha. So...let's start!!!
Volume 1

Taro stood at the side of the stream, drinking from his flask of fresh water. He had long flowing black hair, a long black robe, and an enormous sword at his side.

Taking a break from his water he gazed at the running stream, watching as fish went along their merry little way, minding their own business. It made him smile, remembering what it was like to be young and not have to worry about anything. Just being free. Taro missed those days.

Nothing but forest surrounded him. He was running out of places to go, because almost every town on the map that he had been to so far had kicked him out for something. Sitting down on the grass he began to ponder. Speaking silently to himself, he said her name again, "Mina."

A twig behind him snapped. Like a cat, Taro sprang into action, drawing his sword from it's sheath and pointing it in the direction that the noise came from. Footsteps. They were approaching. Listening closely he was surprised to hear that it was only one person advancing on him. He couldn't tell if it was a friend or an enemy.

So he sat, watching and waiting.

In the distance, a figure could be made out. He or she was tall, standing at least seven feet. Staring at it, Taro realized that he'd never seen anything like it before. It's entire body was covered in a white robe, and it's face was hidden by a large straw hat.

He wasn't sure if the person or thing posed a threat, but he kept his sword ready for battle.

Closer and closer the being approached, keeping it's head low as if to hide it's face. Taro backed up a bit, stepping into the stream. The figure was only about ten feet away from him. Closer and closer.

Then it stopped.

The two of them stood apart, one staring down and the other gripping his sword as if it was the only was to breathe. Silence washed over them, and Taro didn't know if he should stand down or be ready to attack. A bead of sweat rolled down his forehead, and his heart was beating faster and faster as time passed.
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