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Duel 1 – Chains of Death : Enter Kakemaru

Domino City * 2067 A.D.

“Welcome to the Duel Monsters Museum.” A woman said. Duelists from the ‘Duel Academy’, which was run by Industrial Illusions, were touring the museum, before it opened to the public in a month. Duelists from all 4 dormitories were there. At Duel Academy, the dormitory you were in was not decided on your skill, it was mostly decided on the way you duel and by random. The dormitories were –

Black Magician dorm.
Blue Eyes White Dragon dorm.
Red Eyes Black Dragon dorm.
Exodia dorm.

Only kids who has passed grade school (grades 1-6) could attend, and would be accused from school when there were tournaments. After completing Jr. High School, one could try becoming a pro at Duel Monsters. Frequently, the Duel Academy had tournaments with other schools.

One girl who was wearing a black shirt, with red collars and a red skirt went up to another boy. Also, on the back of her shirt their was the Japanese kanji ‘Ryuu’ which meant ‘Dragon’. From this uniform, she was in the Red Eyes Black Dragon dorm. She had long brown hair going down to here knees. The boy she went up to was wearing a opened Japanese school uniform that was black, with a red shirt underneath. He was also wearing black pants, and on the back of his black shirt was the kanji for ‘Ryuu’. He was also of the same dorm. He had short, black hair that went down to his neck and was spikey.

The girl spoke,“Hey, Kakemaru, isn’t this place great? They have info on the top duelists of this century and a database of every card! They also have computers displaying the decks Yugi Motou, Seto Kaiba, and Katsuya Jounounchi! And, today, their showing the three Egyptian God Cards! They were thought to be destroyed, but they were found 20 years ago in Egypt! That’s why they’re so roughed up! Of course, they’re banned from usage in any duel.”

Kakemaru said, with a dull look on his face, “Then why does it matter? If a card cannot be used, why consider it important at’re a good duelist, Kiseki, but you can be stupid at times.”

Kiseki looked angry, but she knew that Kakemaru was right. “Whatever, Kakemaru! I’m going to go see Kaiba’s’s so awesome, just like Kaiba!”

But as she was walking, three men were talking, while wearing Exodia dormitory uniforms, which were orange Japanese school uniforms, with a red pentagram on the left side of his chest. On the back of the shirt was the kanji for “Fushi” which meant ‘Immortality’. One had his shirt opened, with a white undershirt. That one had black hair, but was balding and wore sunglasses. They didn’t look like students. Kakemaru had noticed them before, so he wasn’t surprised when the one with the opened shirt took out his gun out of his shirt and everyone was in shock.

One of the men smirked and turned to another, “Heh, the plan worked boss! The security was low here!”

The man with the gun fired it into the air, hitting the ceiling. Mostly everyone ducked down in fear. The one who fired the gun now yelled, “Yeah! Now, we’ll be taking all the cards on display here! And if you try anything, we’ll kill you!”

The students were muttering, some were scared and others were surprised. Kakemaru said, “Hey, robbers, I’ve got a proposition for you.”

Kiseki worried, as she cared for Kakemaru. She thought to herself, “Kakemaru....what are you doing?”

The students all muttered and looked at each other. You could hear several people saying, “Does this guy have a death wish.” or “What a crazy moron!”

The robber said, “What’s that, kid?”

Kakemaru smiled and said, “How about this.....I challenge you to a duel. I win, you get arrested. I lose, I die and you can continue...”

The robber lowered his hands, and smirked. “Does he really know who I am?” he thought. He than said, “Sounds interesting...alright then!”

Kiseki yelled, “No Kakemaru! That guy is Jordan Tyr, the man who won the American Championship 10 times in a row. He’s a favorite for the world championship this year!”

Kakemaru looked at Kiseki and said, “Why should I care? A duelist is a duelist!”

Jordan said, “What an attitude you have! Fine, I’ll put you in your place!”

Kakemaru took out something from his bag; it was a device that looked like the device on his arm. He tossed it to Jordan and said, “Here, use this Duel Generator, which everyone at Duel Academy has.”

Jordan said, “Alright.” When he put it on, it locked into place. “Hey kid, what makes you think I won’t shoot you?” Jordan asked.

Kakemaru said, “Because the charge for murder is more serious than a charge for robbery. Also, if you shoot me, we’ll both die!”

Jordan smiled and said, ‘What are you talking about?”

Kakemaru said, with a sadistic smile on his face, “If you haven’t noticed, both of our Duel Generators, our connected by a small metal chain. My Duel Generator is connected to my cell phone, one of the only working phones in the building, as the phone lines aren’t connected, and people were told not to bring their phones....I thought ahead however. These special Duel Generators are wired so that when one players life-points reach 0, or they lose the duel, within the next minute they will be shocked with enough electricity to kill them. However, for the one who won, the lock on their duel Generator and the chain will break, allowing them to escape. If you win, I’ll die and my cell phone will also break. If I win, you’ll die, and I will call the police. Also, the gun you will be keeping in your pocket will melt. Don’t think of giving your gun to your comrades, because although I see the knives in their pockets, they will be watching from the second floor of this place, so even if they manage to come down, they’ll be too late.”

“Damn.....he really thought this far ahead? Who the hell is he...” Jordan thought. He calmed down, and said “Fine then! Game Start!” The two friends of Jordan went to the second floor, looking disgruntled.

As the duel started, the decks shuffled themselves, and holograms of 5 cards appeared in front of Kakemaru and Jordan. The holograms were triple the size of normal cards. In this era, when dueling, you have a Duel Generator with your deck in it. It will then automatically shuffle, and the cards in your hand will appear as small holograms and get bigger when you play them.


Jordan went first. “I’ll play graceful charity!”

[Graceful Charity - Normal Magic - Draw 3 cards from your deck, then discard 2 cards from your hand.]

A spell card depicting a graceful angel appeared on the field, and three more cards appeared in front of Jordan.

“I draw three cards, and I’ll discard sinister serpent and Makyura the Destructor!” When Jordan finished saying that, two of the cards in his hand shattered.

Jordan smiled, “Since I discarded Makyura, I can activate a trap from my hand! So, I play ROYAL DECREE!”

[Royal Decree - Continuous Trap - When this card is face-up on the field, all Trap cards other than this card are negated.]

A trap card depicting a castle of some king appeared on the field. “This trap negates all other trap cards. And Now I play the magic card ROYAL ORDER, which negates all other magic cards!”

[Royal Order - Continuous Magic - When this card is face-up on the field, all Magic cards other than this card are negated]

A magic card depicting a castle that was very tall, and had numerous soldiers outside of it appeared on the field.

Kakemaru said, “Troublesome, but not unbeatable.”


[Imperial King- Regalis - Effect Monster – Level 4 - When this card is face up on the field, negate all other monster effects besides this one – 1700 ATK – 1100 DEF]

A man in the clothes of a king, with a golden, jewel-embedded crown, appeared on the field. He drew his sword, and slashed the air three times, as if ready for battle. “He negates all other monster effects, besides his own! That’s it for now!”

Kakemaru drew and smiled. “I am summoning, THIEF LORD GOEMON!”

[Thief Lord Goemon – Effect Monster – Level 4 - When this card does battle damage to your opponents life points, select a card on the top of your opponents deck and add it to your hand – 1800 ATK – 1500 DEF]

A man with a samurai’s wardrobe and a hand on the sword in his sheath appeared. He had long black hair. “ Now, he attacks and destroys your monster!”

The samurai drew his blade and quickly slashed Regalis, and at almost the speed of light put the sword back in his sheath and jumped back to Kakemaru’s side of the field.

LIFE POINTS – Jordan, 3900 – Kakemaru, 4000

.”Since he destroyed your monster, I get you take one card off the top of your deck and place it in my hand.”

In front of Kakemaru appeared BASIC KNIGHT, a card depicting an armor-wearing soldier, with a sword in his right hand and a shield in his left.

[Basic Knight – Normal Monster – Level 3 - A commonly found knight that is loyal to it’s king and will fight with skill and honor – 1500 attack – 1500 defense]

“A useless card.” Kakemaru thought.

Now it was Jordan’s turn. “I can’t do anything, so I’ll summon, ‘DEFENSEIVE LOYAL KNIGHT – CLYPEUS’” A Giant Soldier, with a giant shield, sat on the field, and put his shield up, protecting Jordan.

[Defensive Loyal Knight Clypeus – Normal Monster – A soldier with a giant shield, who will do all he can do protect his lord – 0 ATK – 2200 DEF]

Jordan said, “Try getting through this warrior’s giant shield! Hahaha! Your turn!”

Kakemaru drew and said, “I’ll set a monster face-down. Go!”

Jordan played STRAY LAMBS.

[Stray Lambs – Normal Magic - When you activate this card, you cannot Normal Summon, Flip Summon or Special Summon during this turn. Special Summon 2 "Lamb Tokens" (Beast-Type/EARTH/1 Star/ATK 0/DEF 0) in Defense Position on your side of the field.]

Two little, innocent looking sheep were summoned to the field.

“This allows me to summon 2 sheep token in defense! I end my turn!”

Kakemaru drew and smiled. “I flip face-up my MECHANICAL POD.” A pod with a crazy smile and a pentagram on the front of it appeared.

[Mechanical Pod – Effect Monster – Level 1 - Flip: Destroy all magic and trap cards on the field – 0 ATK – 1000 DEF]

The pod opened its mouth, and all the magic and trap cards on the field got sucked into it.” This destroys all magic and traps on the field! Good bye, Royal Decree and Royal Order!” Kakemaru said as he pointed at the two said cards.

“Damn!” Jordan said. “I should’ve prepared something!”

“Now I play my spell, ARENA OF THE SWORD!” A magic card depicting an arena, with the emblem of a sword engraved in the stone appeared.

[Arena of the Sword – Continuous Magic – All face-up monsters are switched to attack position, if they are Level 2 or more. In addition, if a monster of level 2 or more is summoned/special summoned/flip summoned into face-up defense position, it is automatically changed to attack position.]

The monster Clypeus lowered it’s shield, leaving it vulnerable to attack.

“This card makes every monster go to attack mode. Now, GOEMON, kill CLYPEUS!”

As he did with Regalis, Goemon swiftly cut Clypeus, and Clypeus was instantly killed.

Life Points – Jordan, 2000 – Kakemaru, 4000

Kakemaru took the top card off of Jordan’s deck, which was mirror force, a trap depicting a holy barrier.

[Mirror Force – Normal Trap - This card can only be activate when your opponent declare attack. Destroy all face-up monsters
on opponent's field.]

“I set a card face-down! Your move!” The new card that Kakemaru acquired appeared on the field, face-down. It was now Jordan’s turn.

Jordan looked aggravated, until he drew. Jordan than laughed and said, “I’ll tribute my two sheep’s to summon DOMINUS – KING OF MONARCHS!” A man appeared, who had dark-blue skin. He was wearing a white tuxedo with white pants. He had long claws, and in his left-hand, he held a fencing sword.

[Dominus King of Monarchs – Effect Monster – 8 Stars –When this card is tribute summoned, you may destroy up to 3 cards on the field.]

“His effect allows me to destroy up to 3 cards on the field. Goodbye GOEMON and Mechanical Pod! Also, say farewell to your facedown card!”

Dominus pointed his fencing sword at the two monsters of Kakemaru and the face-down trap, instantly destroying them.

“Now, my MONARCH, attack directly! Hahahahahhahah!” Dominus flew with haste up to Kakemaru and slashed him with his sword, as he smirked. He then flew back to Jordan’s side.

Life Points – Kakemaru, 1300 – Jordan, 2000

Kakemaru drew.

“No matter what you draw, you’ll your own pathetic game!” Jordan said.

Kakemaru said, “I play CARD OF SANCTITIY!”

[Card of Sanctity – Normal Magic - Remove all cards in your hand and on your side of the field from play. Draw cards until you have 2 cards in your hand]

“I have to remove all cards in my hand and field from play, in order to draw 2 cards!” A spell card appeared, depicting gold falling from the sky. All of Kakemaru’s cards shattered and two cards appeared.

While Kakemaru drew, Jordan thought, “What a fool! Only 2 cards?”

Kakemaru smiled, “Now I play ROULETTE OF DEATH!”

[Roulette of Death – Normal Magic – Select one face-up monster on the field and destroy. Then, by random, either you or your opponent will receive damage equal to that monster’s original attack]

Suddenly, a giant roulette appeared on the field. The upper half on Jordan’s side was red and the bottom half on Kakemaru’s side was blue. Then, DOMINUS – KING OF MONARCHS was placed in the middle.

“The rules are simple, Jordan. If the roulette spinner lands on my side, DOMINUS is destroyed and I lose 2700 life points. Same goes if it lands on your side, except you take the damage!”

“You fool! Your risking your life on the simple spin of a roulette?” Jordan said as he looked worried and held onto his hand tightly.

Kakemaru smirked, “I’m a risks, no rewards. Now, Spin!”

The roulette kept on spinning, as everyone watched in suspense. The roulette finally stopped....on the red side.

“Damn it? I lose?” Jordan screamed.

Than, Kakemaru’s Duel Generator got unlocked, and he was no longer attached to the chain. “Damn you kid.....” Jordan thought. Where Jordan’s life points was, now a timer was there. It was counting down from 60. It was now 57.

“Damn! You were serious about the electricity thing?” Jordan said.

“I told you...I’m a gambler.” Kakemaru replied.

“Before this crap goes off...I’ll kill you!” Jordan took out his gun and proceeded to fire at Kakemaru. Kakemaru stood calmly.

“No! Kakemaru! Get out of the way! Kakemaru!” Kiseki screamed.

“Die, you fool!” Jordan said as he fired. Kiseki closed her eyes. But, she quickly opened them, as nothing happened. “What the hell! I loaded this gun!” Jordan said.

Kakemaru smirked, “Looking for these?” Then Kakemaru took some bullets out of his pocket. “Those are....” Jordan said.

“Yes, when you and your friends were talking around an hour ago, you looked suspicious. When you weren’t looking, I took the bullets out of the gun, which was in your book bag. I had a feeling you were up to no good. Besides, you shouldn’t cheat! You agreed to this duel, you must accept responsibility.”

“Damn” Jordan thought. The timer now said 1 and than 0. Then, electricity surged through Jordan’s body and he fell down.

Kiseki went towards Kakemaru. “ him!”

Kakemaru shook his head, “no.....I only gave him enough electricity to be unconscious for a day or so. I had 20,000 more volts of electricity in mine, so if I would’ve lost, I would’ve died.”

Kiseki said, “Kakemaru! Than I wouldn’t have you anymore!”

Kakemaru turned around and said, “So what.....and besides, that’s what it means to be a gambler.”

As Kakemaru went to call the police, a kid around Kakemaru’s age in the Blue Eyes White Dragon dormitory looked at him. He was wearing a light blue, long sleeved jacket, with a white undershirt and white pants and hand long red hair. On the back of his shirt was the Kanji for ‘Chikara’ which meant Power, that was written in dark blue.

He said, “So....that’s Kakemaru....he’s pretty good.”

A girl of the same dormitory went next to him. Her clothes were a no-sleeved white shirt with a short dark blue skirt. She had short blonde hair.

“So, what does Tenshimaru Tenken, of the Blue Eyes White Dragon dorm. Think of this one?” The boy smiled and looked at the girl.

“You should know what I’m thinking, Ameko, the same as you....he’s skilled. I’d like to duel him myself.”

The two looked on as Kakemaru walked away, Kiseki following after him. Ameko said, “Yeah....he looks fun.”

A thief lurks in Duel Academy....6 duelists are sent to guard the rare cards, but who is the thief? The feroucios Red Eyes Black Dragon vs. the powerful Black Magician....who will win?
next duel - Red Eyes vs. Black Magician! Kiseki’s duel part 1

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DUEL 2 – Red Eyes vs. Black Magician! Kiseki’s duel part 1

At the Duel Academy, around 20 days after the museum incident, the teachers were having a discussion. Deck Building teacher, Akayumi Seiya, was presenting the problem.

She said, “Recently, every night their have been thief incidents in the school rare card room. First was the rare card, Black Magician of Chaos and then, for 5 days, the cards Black Magician Curtain, Thousand Knives, Black Magician, Dark Magic Attack, and the very valuable card, Shadow Magician. Does anyone purpose a stop to the thievery? Somehow, he had dodged all the security cameras.”

Just then, Trap expert teacher, who also represented the Exodia dormitory as a teacher, said, “I have already made preparations, a security team made up of 6 excellent duelists – Tenshimaru Tenken, Ameko Sakana, and Kuroto Akamori of the Blue Eyes White Dragon dorm, Aomidori Kuroshiroi and Akakiiroi Kuroshiroi, two duelists of my dormitory, and Shinkiro Ryuuka, an excellent duelist of the Black Magician dormitory. These 6 students have agreeded to protect the cards...”

Akayumi said, “Good then. But, are these 6 duelists enough, Teacher Dowamaru Koya?”

Dowamaru laughed and said, “Believe me, Akayumi, they are more than qualified....”

Around 9:00 PM that night, the 6 students gathered at the rare card room. Tenshimaru and Ameko were sitting on the couch. A little kid who was wearing the same clothes as Tenshimaru was sitting on the table. His name was Kuroto Akamori, and he was round 9 years old. Two of the students were wearing the same clothes, a buttoned down orange shirt with beige pants. They had the kanji that the Exodia Dorm. Members wore, which was Fushi. One had short red hair while the other had short blue hair. They were brothers. And finally, there was the Black Magician dorm member, Shinkiro Ryuuka. He was wearing a Purple robe, which went down to the bottom of his knees, and the robe on the torso was in a tank-top shape. As an undershirt, there was a long sleeved black shirt. On the back of his robe was the kanji for KURAYAMI which meant, “Darkness.”

Kuroto asked Tenshimaru, “When are the robbers gonna show up? I’m getting bored!”

Tenshimaru sighed and said, “Be patient. You may be a good duelist, but patience is still a virtue.”

Kuroto frowned, but then smiled and said, “You’re right. I’d probably be less bored if I had a girlfriend to keep me company!”

Ameko blushed and yelled, “Shut up Kuroto! What are you talking about! Me and Tenshimaru are just friends and duelists, nothing more! Don’t make crazy accusat-”

But got cut off by Tenshimaru, saying, “Don’t try fighting back. Acting like that will only want him to continue teasing us. But, if you are silent like I am, he will eventually tire out and go away...” Ameko nodded.

“Geez, Tenshimaru, you’re no fun to tease!” Kuroto said as he looked away.

The two Kuroshiroi brothers said to each other, “What noisy duelists....were on a mission here!” Shinkiro just stood, not saying a word.

Meanwhile, in the Red Eyes Black Dragon girl’s dormitory A, room 42A, Kiseki Ryuuka and her roommate, Seikyu Honno, were talking.

Seikyu asked, “Now Kiseki, what did you want me to look up?” Seikyu was in a black T-shirt, wearing red shorts. Kiseki was in her school uniform.

“Tell me, how many students and teachers who have duel generators attend this school?”

Seikyu look confused, “I don’t know why you would want to know, but whatever...let’s see...okay, exactly 1349 students attend this dormitory and there are 12 teachers who have duel that’s 1361 altogether? Why do you ask?”

Kiseki said, “Now, I assume you can hack in to the school computer right? Well, in each duel generator is a chip that can be located. This way, security can monitor where all students are at all, where are all the students?”

Seikyu typed many keys into her computer, and a couple minutes later, she said, “All teachers are in their rooms. All students are in their rooms or in the duel rooms for their dormitory. There are 6 students who are in the rare card room, but that is because there are 6 students guardian tonight. Any more info needed?”

Kiseki shook her head and said, “My deduction is correct...the culprit MUST be one of the students here. You see, after 7:00 PM, every door to the outside is locked and can only be accessed by teachers and students with permission. It is IMPOSSIBLE to get in after 7:00 PM. Furthermore...I have a feeling who the culprit is.....I’ll be going now...”

As Kiseki was leaving, Seikyu got up and said, “Where are you going! You always do these kinds of things, Kiseki! Damn....”

Kiseki continued walking down the hallway, until she reached the living room of Red Eyes Black Dragon girl’s dormitory A, which had a fireplace. She went to the fireplace, which was put out since it was summer, and went inside of it. When she reached the fireplace’s wall, she pushed on it, and it suddenly opened up. She crawled inwards, until she reached a slide leading somewhere. “I’ll get you....thief!” Kiseki said as she went down the slide.

Meanwhile, in the rare card room, the 6 duelists sat still. Then, Shinkiro left and said, “I’ll check outside, just in case.” The other 5 didn’t care.

A few minutes after he went out, he yelled, “THIEF! COME BACK HERE!” The other 5 rushed out quickly and in front of Shinkiro.

“Where?” they asked. Shinkiro backed up and said, “Behind you fool!” then he went back into the room and locked the door.

“Damn it! Shinkiro tricked us!” Ameko screamed.

“What a jerk! I trusted him!” Kuroto said.

Tenshimaru said calmly, “Remain calm and alert the teachers and principal. I’ll stay here.” The others nodded and ran out. “Damn you....Shinkiro...” Tenshimaru thought.

In the rare card room, Shinkiro began going to the cards. “Master shall be pleased, now that I can take all these cards and escape! Hahahahahhahah!” he said.

As he continued walking, a voice said, “Shinkiro....I should of known! Your thievery ends here!” Then, out of the shadows of the room, Kiseki walked out.

“Kiseki...what a surprise...I didn’t think they allowed low rate duelists like you in this room....I was surprised when they even let you in the academy! I am ashamed of you being my little sister!”

Kiseki got mad and said, “I don’t care! Father would favor an average duelist with good virtues than a exceptional duelist, who steals!”

Shinkiro laughed and said, “Who cares! Besides, how did you get in here anyway! The only exit out is the secret exit, which leads directly outside...the exit I was planning to use!”

Kiseki smiled and said, “Although I’m not a thief, I also have slyness like you. You see, the room you are talking about has 2 visible doors. One that is sealed and inaccessible, said to hold a powerful card. The other leads to hallway that goes outside....but, if you go to the fireplace in the living room, in Red Eyes Black Dragon girl’s dormitory A, you can find a secret entrance. This entrance leads to a slide, and at the end of the slide is a door that will open up when it detects humans from 30 feet away. Once you pass it, it closes. That way, he exit is almost impossible to see.”

Shinkiro replied, “Impressive.....I take it you wish to duel me though?”

Kiseki nodded, “Well, I guess we think alike! Let’s duel!”

Shinkiro nodded, “It’s your funeral! I’ll go first!” The duel generator started and life points were at 4000. 5 cards appeared for Shinkiro and Kiseki. Than a sixth appeared for Shinkiro.

“I summon Skilled Black Magician” A Magician appeared, with a dark staff.

[Skilled Black Magician – Effect Monster - Each time you or your opponent activates 1 Spell Card, put 1 spell counter on this card. MAX.3 . You can Special Summon 1 "Dark Magician" from your hand, Deck, or Graveyard in face-up Attack or Defense position by offering this monster with 3 Spell counters as a tribute during your main phase – 1900 ATK – 1700 DEF]

“and I set 2 cards facedown. Go, foolish sister!”

Kiseki drew and smiled. “I summon RED EYES BLACK DRAGON CHICK!” A small black dragon, spitting out flames, flew out of a red egg. He kept on spitting out flames, like an eager, child-like dragon would do.

[Red Eyes Black Dragon Chick – Effect Monster – Send this face-up card on the field to the graveyard to speacil summon 1 Red Eyes Black Dragon from your hand – 800 ATK – 500 DEF]

“I can sacrifice it for RED EYES BLACK DRAGON!”

[Red Eyes Black Dragon – Normal Monster – A ferocious dragon with a deadly attack – 2400 ATK – 2000 DEF]

A huge black dragon appeared on the field. It was ferocious and looked like it would kill anything in sight.

“Now I play the spell card, DRAGON’S GUNFIRE!”

[Dragon’s Gunfire – Normal Magic - This card can only be activate when you have a face-up Dragon sub-type monster on your
field, then choose one of the following effect to activate:
- Do 800 damage to your opponent's lifepoints.
- Destroy a face-up monster on the field with defense strength of 800 or less.]

“Now you lose 800 life points (SHINKIRO LP 3200)” Shinkiro just smiled, as a black orb appeared around SKILLED BLACK MAGICIAN

“I’m not done yet! RED EYES, attack SKILLED BLACK MAGICIAN!” As red eyes fired a blast of fire, Shinkiro said, “Wrong! I play my instant spell card BARRIER SPHERE!”

[Barrier Sphere – Instant Spell – Select one monster on the field. If that monster is attacked, negate that attack.]

The fire of Red Eyes was blocked by the barrier.

“I select a monster on the field, and that monster is protected from attacks!” another black sphere appeared around SKILLED BLACK MAGICIAN.

Kiseki groaned and said, “Fine, I’ll play this card face-down! Go!”

Shinkiro drew and said, “I play pot of greed!”

[Pot of Greed – Normal Spell - Draw 2 cards from your Deck]

Shinkiro got 2 cards and a third black orb appeared by SKILLED BLACK MAGICIAN.

“Now that 3 magic cards have been played, the SKILLED BLACK MAGICIAN transforms into the original....BLACK MAGICIAN!” A mage with a blue robe and staff appeared on the field, as the Skilled Black Magician disappeared.

[Black Magician –Normal Monster – The Ultimate Wizard in terms of attack and defense – 2500 ATK – 2100 DEF]

“Now, Black Magician, attack Red Eyes!” Black Magician pointed its staff at Red Eyes and fired a dark blast at him. “Not so fast!” Kiseki said. “I play my trap card, MEGA FIREBALL BLAST!”

[MEGA FIREBALL BLAST – Normal Trap – Select one face-up dragon type monster, with “Red-Eyes” in its name. The selected monster gains 600 attack as long as it remains face-up on the field]

“It gives red eyes 600 more attack points as long as it remains face-up on the field! Now, with red-eyes MEGA FIREBALL BLAST, It destroys dark magician!” Red Eyes fired a big, red blast of flames that went through the black magic, but when it was about to hit red eyes, it hit a barrier and disappeared.

“I played my instant spell card, BLACK MAGIC DEFENSIVE SPELL!”

[Black Magic Defensive Spell – Instant Spell – Select one face-up spell caster with “Black Magician” in its name. The selected monster goes into defense position, and cannot be changed manually or by the effects of other cards. That monsters defense becomes 3000. The Monster may still attack while in defense position]

“It switches black magician to defense mode and makes its defense 3000! Also, it can still attack even though its in defense mode! That battle becomes a stalemate! Your turn, little sister.”

Kiseki groaned and thought, “Brother’s Black Magician deck sure is strong.....when we were kids, he would always beat me!”

Kiseki drew and said, “My dragon may be equal with your mage now, but watch this! I play polymerization to fuse this red eyes black dragon with the one in my hand!”

[Polymerization – Normal Spell – Fuse 2 or more fusion-material monsters on the field to summon a fusion monster]

“This will make RED EYES TWIN DRAGON [3300/25000]. A giant black dragon with two heads appeared on the field, each spouting flames from its mouth.

“Although Red-Eyes Black Dragon are kind of weak by themselves, compared to the legendary Blue Eyes White Dragon, they are strong when fused with other monsters and in numbers! That’s why it is said BLUE EYES represent power while RED EYES represents potential...”

“well, now my RED EYES TWIN DRAGON will attack! Kill Black Magician!” The two-headed dragon used fire blasts that disincarnated the Black Magician. “I set a card! Go!”

Shinkiro laughed and clapped his hands. “Bravo, little sister, seems I have underestimated your dueling skills....I guess you are worthy of that game!”

Kiseki asked, “What game?”

Shinkiro said, “Hahahahahhahah! It is time to experience, the ultimate game! The Kami no Game!”

Shinkiro took out a jewel from his pocket, and held it up.

The jewel started glowing and Kiseki said, “Brother...what is this?”

Shinkiro laughed, “Hahahahahhahah! GAME START!”

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DUEL 3 – KAMI NO GAME! Kiseki’s duel part 2

Kiseki stared at her brother, who was laughing. “What are you talking about?”

Shinkiro laughed. Suddenly, the room they were in disappeared, and they were transported to a weird looking room. “What is this, brother? Where have you taken us?” Kiseki yelled.

The room they were in was all black. They were both standing on floating platforms. Kiseki looked down, and noticed that to her leg was attached a chain, and that chain was attached to an anchor. Shinkiro had a chain on him as well. But, when Kiseki looked down she saw something horrifying. Hundreds, if not thousands, of deceased humans at the bottom of the pit, grabbing at the air below her. They were moaning and had scars and dirt upon them. “What are those....Brother, what’s going on?!”

Shinkiro smiled and said, “This is a Kami no Game...a divine game created by either created with the Shinsei Items or a Shinsei Gem. In this game, we bet our souls. If I win, I will be freed from these chains and you will fall into the dark pit, where the other forgotten souls and corpses of vengeful spirits lie...they will devour your flesh and torture you endlessly. You will wish for death, but it will not come. You will wish for a ray of hope, but the restless souls will cover you completely and devour you. You will be neither living nor dead, you will just be forever tormented by those just like you...those who have been judged and have lost!”

Kiseki shivered with fear and started crying a little. “Brother...Brother....why are you doing this? Why go through such great lengths for some rare cards? What happened.....what happened to the brother I knew! The brother who cared for me, the brother who lived for good, the brother who....the brother who loved me....” Kiseki started crying more.

Shinkiro laughed and stated, “The brother you knew was gone! The brother you knew was nothing but an illusion....I am your true shed your tears, and duel!”

Kiseki nodded and stopped crying. Shinkiro then drew, as he stood in the face of the ferocious twin-headed dragon. Shinkiro smirked, as he said, “I’ll summon SERVENT OF BLACK MAGICIAN!” A mage in a black robe with a pentagram tattooed to his head appeared. In one had he held an orb, and with the other he held a staff. He had long silver hair, going down to his knees.

[Servant of Black Magician – Effect Monster – 4 Stars – When this card is destroyed and sent to the graveyard as a result of battle, special summon 1 BLACK MAGICIAN from your deck, hand, or graveyard in face-up attack position – 1500 ATK – 1300 DEF]

“And Now I’ll play my spell card, SUICIDE IN BATTLE!” A magic card depicting 2 soldiers, killing each other with their swords.

[Suicide in Battle – Normal Spell – Select one monster on your side of the field and one monster on your opponents side of the field, and send them to the graveyard. The monsters destroyed are treated as they are destroyed as a result of battle.]

Servant of Black Magician and Red Eyes Twin Dragon were both gone. “My Red Eyes! Damn you!” Kiseki yelled.

“Hahaha! The fun does not end there! Since the Servant was destroyed, I can summon another BLACK MAGICIAN from my deck!” [2500 ATK – 2100 DEF]. Now, I’ll play DEDICATION THROUGH LIGHT AND DARKNESS!” A Spell depicting a mage with a staff, going through some sort of dimensional hole appeared. The mage on the card had long black hair.

[Dedication Through Light and Darkness – Instant Spell - you can only activate this card by offering Dark Magician on your side of the field as a Tribute. Select 1 Black Magician of Chaos from your hand , your Graveyard or your Deck and Special Summon it.]

“Now I summon, BLACK MAGICIAN OF CHAOS!” The Black Magician disappeared and in its place was the same mage on the spell card.

[Black Magician of Chaos – Effect Monster – 8 Stars - When this card is successfully Normal Summoned or Special Summoned, you may choose a
Magic card in your Graveyard and put it into your hand. The monsters destroy by this
card by battle are removed from game. When this card leaves the field, this card
is remove from the game – 2800 ATK – 2600 DEF]

“Using it’s effect, I’ll get back BLACK MAGIC DEFENSIVE SPELL, and play it!”

[Black Magician of Chaos – 2800 ATK – 3000 DEF]

“Now, attack Kiseki directly! Black Chaos Spell!” Shinkiro said, as the monster of his pointed its staff at Kiseki and fired a blast of black energy; hitting Kiseki and making her fall down. The corpses beneath her drew more impatient and grasped at the air, knowing she would fall soon.

[Life Points – Kiseki, 1200 – Shinkiro, 3200]

“It’s my turn now!” Kiseki said as she drew her card. “I’ll set one monster face-down and end my turn!”

Shinkiro smirked and said, “Now, my Mage, kill her monster!” The mage attacked, and the monster was revealed to be SERVANT OF RED EYES, a knight in black armor, wielding a fiery sword.

[Servant of Red Eyes – Effect Monster – 3 Stars – When this card is destroyed, speacil summon one RED EYES BLACK DRAGON from your hand or deck – 1000 ATK – 1200 DEF]

As the monster was destroyed, a Red Eyes Black Dragon appeared [2400/2000]. Kiseki smile and said, “Thanks for letting me get out my monster!” Shinkiro just stood there, confident in his power.

“My turn!” Kiseki said. “Now I sacrifice my Red Eyes Black Dragon, to special summon RED EYES DARKNESS DRAGON!”

[Red Eyes Darkness Dragon – Effect Monster – 9 Stars - This card cannot be Normal Summoned or set. This card cannot be Special Summoned except by Tributing 1 "Red-Eyes B. Dragon" on your side of the field. increase the ATK of this card by 300 points for each Dragon-Type monster in your Graveyard – 2400 ATK – 2000 DEF]

A ferocious dragon with shadowy wings and scales, with red on it, came to the field, and roared, pronouncing its power and glory. “Since there are 5 dragons in my graveyard, it’s attack becomes 3900!” [3900/2000] “Now, Destroy the Magician! Inferno Darkness Blast!” The dragon charged up a blast, filled with a mix of flames and dark energy, and shot it at the Magician, killing it in an instant.

“She’s more skilled than matter, now that I have that card......I cannot be beaten!” Shinkiro thought, as he drew.

“Good job Sister, you’ve grown! But now, It is time for you to be put in your place! I remove from play the two Black magician’s in my graveyard, to special summon SHADOW MAGICIAN!” A Magician in a black cloak appeared on the field. In its hand it held a staff, with a shining black jewel on top. Its face was covered by it’s hood, but the mage was old and had long grey hair.

[Shadow Magician – Effect Monster – 12 Stars – This card cannot be normal summoned, flip summoned, set, or special summoned, except by removing 2 Black Magician’s in the graveyard from play. When this card is special summoned in this way, remove up to 3 monsters in your opponent’s graveyard from play. Discard one card from your hand to change the battle position of one monster on the field – 3000 ATK – 3000 DEF]

Shinkiro smiled, as the Magician raised its staff high, and a giant sphere of darkness formed. “Right now, the Magician will remove from the game, 3 of the monsters in your graveyard! Now none of your Red Eyes Black Dragon’s will be able to return!”

[Red Eyes Darkness Dragon – 3000 ATK – 2000 DEF]

Kiseki thought, “Oh no! Now he can kill my dragon!”

“Next, I discard one card from my hand, to switch your beast to defensive mode! Shadow Magician attack! Immortal Shadow Magic Attack!” The Magician pointed its staff at the dragon and fired a wave of dark energy, killing it. “Go, Kiseki. Take your last turn!”

Kiseki drew. “Okay....I have 4 cards in my hand....I have to use them wisely, since they’re all spell cards...” Kiseki looked at one of her cards, which was DARKNESS FROM THE NEXT DIMENSION.

[Darkness from the next Dimension – Normal Magic – Both players special summon up to 3 monsters as they can that are removed from play and are Dark Attribute monsters]

Kiseki said, “Okay, I’ll play DARKNESS FROM THE NEXT DIMENSION! We both specil summon up to 3 monsters that are removed from play, that are dark type!”

Shinkiro smiled and said, “You fool! I recover two Black Magicians [2500/2100] and Black Magician of Chaos [2800/2600], allowing me to recover BLACK MAGIC DEFENSIVE SPELL, which I’ll use next turn!” The two Black Magicians and the Black Magician of Chaos appeared on the field, next to the SHADOW MAGICIAN.

“I get my 3 RED EYES BLACK DRAGON [2400/2000]!” The three Red Eyes appeared by each other, ready for battle.

“You fool! Your dragon’s stand no chance!” Shinkiro said. He was sure of his win.

“Separately, my dragons are weak...but together, they can win! I play POLYMERZATION, to fuse my three dragons into.....RED EYES ULTIMATE DRAGON!” A Black Dragon with three heads appeared on the field, and boasted their awesome power, by spitting out flames.

[Red Eyes Ultimate Dragon – Fusion Effect Monster – This card may attack three times in one battle phase – 4500 ATK – 3800 DEF]

“My monster can attack three times! First, It will destroy Black Magician!” The first head of the dragon spat out a giant inferno blast, instantly killing Black magician.

[Life Points – Kiseki, 1200 – Shinkiro, 1200]

“Now, finish him off! Kill the other BLACK MAGICIAN! Giant Inferno Blast!” The Red Eyes did what it did to the other mage, killing it instantly.

[Life Points – Kiseki, 1200 – Shinkiro, 0 – WINNER: KISEKI]

As the monsters and cards disappeared, Shinkiro fell down in disbelief. “I...I....I lost!? To you!”

Kiseki started crying as she saw her brother’s life points go to 0. “I’m....I’m so sorry brother, I had to....Please don’t die! Big Brother!”

Shinkiro got up and said, “I remember now....the stone....the master...he forced me to do all this, with his Shinsei Bracelet....I....I didn’t want to, but....I’m sorry Kiseki....I’m sorry for everything....Please...forgive me...”

Kiseki yelled, “I forgive you brother! But, please, don’t die...I don’t want to lose you!”

Shinkiro shook his head, and said, “No...I lost the Kami no Game...thus, I must pay the price...this is what I deserve...for joining him....”

Kiseki asked, “Who? Who have you joined?”

Shinkiro said, “I’m sorry Sister. Don’t get involved in the Kami no Game....I don’t want you to die...goodbye, sister...”

As Shinkiro said that, the anchor dropped, making Shinkiro fall into the pit of those restless souls, who instantly devoured him, making Shinkiro into another fallen corpse. “No! Shinkiro! No!” Kiseki screamed.

The room was back to normal, and Kiseki was holding onto Shinkiro’s dead body crying. Tenshimaru and the other 4 barged into the room, with the principle of the school, and Akayumi Seiya. They took Kiseki out, and called the police. Shinkiro was now deceased.

A couple minutes after that, Kiseki met up with Kakemaru in the hallway. This incident got everyone’s attention. “Kiseki...tell me everything.” Kakemaru said. Kiseki nodded.

Around 10 minutes passed, and Kakemaru heard the story. “So...this Kami no Game sounds interesting...I think I’m going to investigate all of this......the Kami no Game...the Shinsei Items...yes, this will be fun.....but, Kiseki, don’t get involved. If you got hurt, I would be mad.”

Kiseki grabbed on to Kakemaru’s hand, and said, “No Kakemaru....around us there is an invisible chain...wherever you go, I will matter how dangerous it gets....I’ll always be with you.”

Kakemaru nodded and as they walked away, he said, “Fine Kiseki....let’s go, will talk in the morning.”

Meanwhile, while everyone was busy in the rare card room, a small girl wearing the girls Red Eyes Black Dragon dormitory uniform walked up to a wall. She pressed a part of the wall, and a secret entrance opened up. She smiled, and continued walking inside of it, then the door closed.

She continued walking until she reached a split path, one with a door close up and one with a long hallway. She went down the long hallway until she eventually got to a door that opened up. Outside, there was a man on a motorcycle, only wearing a black robe. She said, “ seems Shinkiro has failed...what a pity, we could’ve used those cards.” The man said, with a deep and evil voice, “It doesn’t matter...but, there is something I want you to take care of. When the time comes, challenge Kakemaru, of the same dormitory as you, to a duel...make it a Kami no Game, and give me his soul. I trust I have your loyalty, even after you found out the truth about that incident 65 years ago?” The girl nodded. The man than said, “Good.....serve me well, Utako Kujaku...” he than left on his motorcycle. The girl walked back and smiled. “Of course I am loyal too know that I will always be your servant....” She smirked and walked back into the Duel Academy. “Master Malik.”

DUEL 4 – Another Thief? The one who succeeds Kaiba! (Coming within the next 2 weeks!!!)
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