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Inuyasha Must Die

Inuyasha MUST Die!

I don’t have the rights to Inuyasha NOR do I want the rights to Inuyasha. Before you call me a loser for picking on Inuyasha, please understand that I DID watch the series (for 60 episodes) and that I feel I DO have the rights too on pick Inuyasha.

Please comment! I love reviews! This is my first fan-fic about Inuyasha and I hope to write MANY more!

After confessing his true love for Kagome…. And Kikyo. Our dog-eared hero finds himself in a pickle in the Inuyasha story based on the movie, John Tucker Must Die!


“Kikyo,” Inuyasha said in his smooth and suave voice, “I LOVE you and I want to have pre-marital sex with you…. RIGHT NOW!

“Kagome,” Inuyasha said in his smooth and suave voice, “I just want to have a one night stand with you, but because you’re in high school and I don’t want to hurt you feelings… I love you.”

“Sango,” Inuyasha said in his smooth and… well let’s face it. His voice isn’t that smooth and suave and who actually wants to have sex with a dog-eared guy with long white hair. “Why don’t you dump that monk guy and have sex with me.”



“Fuck you, Inuyasha.”

Chapter 1- Who has made love to Inuyasha?

During a long and perilous journey in feudal-make-believe-Japan, the main hero is off somewhere whining about Naruka, the really bad guy, when the series semi-hot Japanese high school chick ends up having a long conversation with Inuyasha’s dead ex-girl friend.

“So how far did you and Inuyasha get, Kikyo?”

“Umm, well I died before we actually did anything, though for a while, I thought Inuyasha was gay. He just seemed to be into other things like… searching for a jewel or an old sword instead of making out with me.”

“Well you were a priestess.”

“That didn’t stop me from making out with Naruka.”

“That’s disgusting.”

“Well, there’s TONS of stories about us on the internet.”

“Oh… you and Naruka”

“No, me and Inuyasha.”


“Inuyasha just recently confessed that he doesn’t like high school girls and that he loved me.”

“Inuyasha just recently confessed that he doesn’t like dead people and that he was in love with me.”

“What the ---- are you two talking about,” interrupts Miroku.

“Inuyasha confessed his love for both of us and then preceded to violate us in ways too nasty for any form of writing besides for perverts who like animated girls.” Exclaimed Kagome.

“So what are you two going to do about it?”

“Inuyasha is a ------- ass-hole and he MUST pay!” Exclaimed Kikyo.




Chapter 2- Is Inuyasha even straight?

“Well, I just wanted to tell you two ladies that…” said Miroku, “Inuyasha and me have been and a relationship for a long time now.”


“Well, why do you think I keep asking Sango if she’ll have my baby?”

“What… Miroku, you’re a gay monk.”

“Yea, Inuyasha and me are too afraid of adopting so I need to make one.”

“Goddamn Inuyasha!” Exclaimed Kikyo.

“Once again from the top..."

“Inuyasha” screams Kagome.

“MUST,” -Kikyo

“DIE! Or be spanked several times.” Says Miroku.

Chapter 2 and a half- Inuyasha is a Pimp

“So what are we going to do about our predicament?” Said Kikyo.

“We could always sacrifice him to Naruka for a cat eared Inuyasha.” Said Miroku, “I just L-O-V-E… LOVE little kitty cats… MEEEOOWW!”

“Or we could chop off his balls!” Said Kagome.

“…And feed them to an evil feudal lord fish!” said Miroku.

“Or we could pin him to a tree with an arrow for a few years,” said Kikyo.

“Already been done,” said Kagome.

“OR we could make him dress up like Peter Pan or Tarzan OR oh! OH! Robin from Batman!” Said Miroku.


“That’s just weird.”

“SO what then girls!”

“We could just confront him like normal individuals and sit down and have a long and boring chat.” Replied Kikyo.

“OOOHHH, I love that idea.”

“Same here.”

To Be Conituned!!!!!!!!!
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[QUOTE=GetterRobo]Inuyasha MUST Die![QUOTE]

I'm sorry... That was one of the worst fanfictions I have EVER seen... Sorry....

Something that might help.... Do it in script mode... And if they don't allow us to do script mode then practice story mode before posting anything...

Sorry again...
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hahaha that was so funny!!!!
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This is bollocks.
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... what the fark ...
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