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Arrow ~Hikari's~ Anime Fics --Yu Yu Hakusho

--Yu Yu Hakusho

Heie's Dream
Setting: Bootock Beach (a beach I just made up)

"Haaah!" Heie struck the dreaded demon across the stomach, spilling a river of blood into the sea, tinting it with red. Heie turned his back to the monster smiled a smile of victory, but he smiled to soon. The beat arose from the sand with no sign of injury. His wound had recovered completely and the demon had no sign of worry. Heie turned around showing annoyance in his face "you don't know when to stay down do you?" Heie grasped his sword and mad 12 swipes of his sword that cannot be seen by the human eye. The demon's body was in shreds and Heie was positive of being victorious but, he was incorrect. The demon rose again. Heie's eyes widened, "you just don't die do you!"
"You may hit me with your sword as much as you like but that will not do you any good," the demon monster growled in a deep voice while grinning monstrously. The demon raised his right hand towards Heie and it started to glow. "Go ahead, shoot that energy at me, it will be no challenge to dodge," Heie said in a cocky voice. The demon smiled. Heie suddenly realized what the demon was doing. He was setting a spell on Heie's body.
"Whats-- happening?" Heie was unable to move a muscle. "What-- what have you done to me?" Heie gasped desperately. No matter how hard he tried he could not move a single part of his body. He could barely breath. The demon laughed. "You weakling! You were too certain that you were going to beat me you didn't even notice the curse I was chanting while you were slashing your pathetic sword!" The demon continued to laugh.
"Damn," Heie angerly whispered.
"Now what should I do with you first?" the demon sarcastically thought. "I know! I will get my afternoon work out!" The monster started to pound mercilessly on Heie's body. First his punch was in his gut, then on his chin. Heie gagged, and spat blood onto the the beach sand. Soon his entire body was covered in scraped and bruises. And Heie just stand there helplessly. "Now what shall I do with you?" the monster pondered, Heie was to weak to lift his head, but he sensed the monster's evil grin. "Now I will break off each of your arms, then your legs, then maybe I will end my fun and rip your neck off." Heie gasped, trying not to show any fear to the monster. He gathered all his strength and lifted his head and gridded his teeth at the monster. "Now I don't like that look!" the monster said as if Heie was a little child. "I am going to have to teach you a lesson!" while saying this he thrusted his hand into Heie's stomach nearly knocking him unconscious! He looked into the horizon admitting his fate. 'So this is how it ends' he thought. He heard a rustling in the trees and then out of nowhere a girl appeared and landed directly in front of Heie! The girl lifted her hands and put the into a hand sign wile closing he eyes. "What are you doing human?" the demon yelled! "Do you really expect to beat me?" With that the young woman opened her eyes. They were glowing a bright blue and were staring angerly at the demon. The demon froze, and his eyes became wide. Then the demon started to shriek in pain. "What are you doing to me!?!?" the demon screamed while clutching his head. Heie watched only catching glimpses of what was going on. "Ahhgg!!!" the demon screamed. "Stop this! What are you doing to my mind! It feels like it is being squeezed apart! Aghhh!!!" The demon began to run, but no matter how far he went from that girl he could not escape the pain and eventually was killed. Heie was now completely knocked out and lying on the sand floor of the beach......
Three hours later he awoke. Staring at the sky, only remembering a few glimpses of what happened after the fight. He saw a young woman lie him on his back. Her hand glowed a blue light, but now like the light that killed the monster. It was sort of like a healing light, that seemed to make Heie's pains disappear. He arose from his back. 'Was it all a dream?' he thought to himself. Then he looked at his wrapped wounds and looked into the distance seeing the demons dead body. It was not a dream, it was very real.

to be continued....

I will continue writing if people want me to. Make sure to tell me if you want me to continue or not ! Because I don't want to work really hard on something if people arn't going to read it...

Thanks for reading!


Oh ya, I apoligze for any spelling or grammer mistakes, I edited as much as I could...
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Dude, that was totally cool, I think you should finish it. I read the whole entire thing that you've had so far and dude I think you did pretty dang good. I think you should finish it. I wonder why nobody else have commented.
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