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Wink What question is the most asked?

We ran into several of your favorite anime actors at last monthís Comicon Convention. We asked many of them a question Ė What is the question you get most often from fans? Here are their answers.

Zaraki Kenpachi (Bleach)

The question I get most often? (Laughts) Would you believe that people keep asking me if I ever dropped Yachiru? I know youíre not letting me go until I give you an answer, right? Well, I did drop her once. I was moving one way, she was leaning another, and we both lost our balance. She hit the hard ground head first and was out cold. It was a pretty frightening moment. I was never so scared in my live. The medical staff showed up right away and immobilized her thinking she might have a broken neck. Then they took her to the hospital in one of the studio ambulances. Fortunately, it was only a mild concussion. She stayed in bed for a week, and then was back to work as if nothing happened. Thatís a real trooper. Yachiru got through it better than I did.

Koyuki Tanaka (Beck)

People keep asking me when does the bandís next CD come out or when are we performing live. They are quite disappointed when I tell them there is no band. That was just a TV show. The fact is, I can could barely play the guitar. When you hear me signing, that is my voice. But when you hear me playing the guitar, except in the very beginning when I was just learning, that was Hyoudou Masaru, who played one of the guys who bullies me. Hyoudou is actually a pretty nice guy. He taught me enough of the guitar to fake it on camera. The only problem is as an actor, Hyoudou is the kind who stays in character all day. So between takes or on break, heíd continued to pick on me. Later heíd chase me down to apologize. I told him it was cool, and I knew he was just trying to stay in character. We kept in touch after the series, and are friends in real life.

Shiro (Deadman Wonderland)

People want to know what I am wearing under my costume. I think they want to confirm what they already know. The answer is nothing! The costume is supposed to leave nothing to the imagination, so it makes no sense to wear anything under it. So what you see is all me.

Actually, it is pretty comfortable to wear. Itís almost like my own skin. There are only two things I donít like about wearing it. First, it takes almost two hours to sew me into that thing, and another hour to properly cut me out. Second, on a day Iím shooting I canít eat or drink anything from the time I wake up until the end of the day. If I did, I might have to go to the bathroom, and as I said thatís a three hour deal. If I have an emergency, forget it! Of course in all those scenes where I am eating, I have to be careful. I try not to eat too much. And hopefully we will not have dozens of takes!

Nana Komatsu (Nana)

I really donít get one particular question asked that often. Itís more like the type of questions I get. More than a few are quite personal. One fan once asked me how many men did I go through trying to find Mr. Right. First of all, what kind of question is that to ask anyone? Secondly, in real life I have been with the same guy for the past eight years Ė married to him for the past three.

I guess because of the nature of our series, fans feel they have a more intimate relationship with us. But people, get real! Those were only characters played by actors!
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