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Lightbulb Monster Finale - Spoilers

Did anyone watch the final two episodes of Monster last night on ScyFy? If so, what did you think of the ending?

I really did like the series, but the ending had no real surprises. You sort of knew Tinma would never actually get to kill anyone, and once Johann was shot and apparently left as a vegetable. . . . Well, it was obvious you could not keep him down forever. Although leaving it open for more murderous mayhem was a nicely cynical way to effectively end the show.

Towards the end it was difficult to actually keep track of developments because ScyFy chose to have 2-4 week breaks between airing episodes. You lose track of the small details that way. I am still at a loss to explain why Johann turned psycho when it was really Nina who underwent the experiment at the orphanage. Maybe someone else can explain.

I have started to re-watch the series on Comcast On-Demand, picking it up around episode 20. But for some reason, they skip episodes of series they show. It is very annoying. Maybe I will put it on my Netflix list and re-watch sometime later.

Comments on the series? Anyone? I marked this thread as containing spoilers, so post whatever you want.
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