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It really depends on the person, and what kinda stuff they like... but I believe there is an anime for everyone.

For general purposes, I agree with Cowboy Bebop. It has a little bit of everything. If they like it, you can find out what in specific they like and recomend more.

I should also note that I have produced two converts... both with Eva. And I didn't offer it to either of them. They both asked for it out of the blue, from being non anime fans.

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I'd say Gundam 08th MS team and Cowboy Bebop for starters.

EVA may be too confusing and deep for anime noobs.
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for girls, i agree, FY.

for boys, i have started all my converts to date (three) with the Love Hina manga.

but if this is the kind of person who only knows anime from stereotypes and thinks poorly of it, it might be a good idea to start with a miyazaki of some sort, because it has the kind of quality that will make them think of aniem with a dignified appreciation.
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Since this topic was revived, I'll add my suggestions.

It just really depends on the type of viewer you have... For example...:
My two close friends that are sisters from high school: Ranma
My dad: The Rurouni Kenshin OVA
My mom: Love Hina-- but she described it as, "Nothing to write home about." -.-+
My sister-in-law and nephew: Spirited Away.

I think you just have to get a feel for what the people are into... And then show them what you really think they would like. I think Spirited Away is an awesome movie to show a first-time viewer. Why? Because the story is similar to that of Alice in Wonderland... And I haven't met anyone that has ever not liked Alice in Wonderland.
Evangelion would be way too confusing for a first-time viewer, if you want to show something Mech, I'd say to go with something like Nadesico, where the story is just all plain out there in front of you and it has a lot of humor so it'll at least leave them laughing not scratching their head in confusion. Cowboy Bebop might be a good one to show a first-timer, but I haven't showed it to a first-timer, so I don't know from own personal experience.
Just go with the flow...heh And never force a non-anime watcher to watch anime. My brother's best friend loves Princess Mononoke... He hates everything else we've tried to get him to watch. Now we just don't bother...
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for girls that loves to be in love - I recommend FUSHIGI YUUGI - A love story full of magical and adventures - Wach Fushigi Yuugi and Fell In Love!

for Emo or people who like suspense and trailer - I recommend DEATH NOTE - a story of a student who accidentally posses a notebook called " Death note" which it can kill people just writing their names on death note. A story that sure to watch at the very end. - Click Here to watch Death Note and Fascinate With the Story!

for people who like to watch samurai style old Japan fighting with have extremely powers - I recommend BLEACH - story which the a student named ICHIGO changed his life by becoming a shinigami (a Death God) who protects humans and also Spirits a good story to follow and eager to know what would happen in the end of the story - Click Here to watch BLEACH and follow his adventures towards Hollows, Araccar, and AIZEN.. .
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I am an anime lover. A teenage girl in my neighbour asked me to recommend some good anime. The one I had recommended was Vampire Knight as it was very popular with teenage girls. Another one which I had suggested was Pandora Heights a lot of teenage girls use to watch this anime too.
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Princess Mononoke
Spirited Away

Cowboy Bebop
Vision of Escaflowne.
Those are some I'd recommend.
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