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Most badass woman in anime

Hey people

I would be interested in hearing your opinion on who you think is the MOST BADASS female anime character out there. Your top 3 or if you can't find three, your #1 will do too.
I'm making a top 10 list and i have quit a few nominations already. So i'd like to add some new nominations to the list

Here is the list of nominations I have already collected:

- claymore: teresa (strongest claymore ever!)

- black lagoon: Revy (badass woman that takes nothing from nobody)

- fairy tail: erza (strongest female character in fairy tail)

- One Piece: Nico Robin or Boa Hancock

- Gurren laggan: Yoko Littner (fights mechs with a gun)

- DBZ: android 18 (no need for explanation here)

- Kara no Kyokai: Shiki Ryogi (fights of mobs of people with a knife, very cool character)

- Fate Stay Night: Saber (she's Arthur and one of the strongest heroes)

- Kenichi: MMiu Furinji (granddaughter of the invincible superman, hayato furinji)

- Bleach: Yorouichi

- Berserk: Caska (she's a captain of the Hawks and a brutal badass)

Those are the nominees so far.

I am looking for more nominees for the list. So let me know your choices and why you chose them. Thanks!
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You didn't mention Lucy from Elfin Lied?
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