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Wink Le Chevalier De’on

It’s interesting how many Japanese animes do not have Japanese settings. For example, Le Chevalier De’on takes place in 18th Century France. I just finished watching the series on Xfinity On-Demand.

The setup: De’on de Beaumont is a young French aristocrat who joins the secret police so he can find the person or persons responsible for the murder of his sister Lia. After his unit is wiped out in an ambush, he is given a special assignment from the king related to Lia’s murder. He also discovers that Lia was a secret operative working on behalf of the king. De’on is joined by four companions. There is Durand, a former confederate of Lia’s. Then there is Teillagory, De’on’s old fencing master. The final member is Robin, a servant who is skilled in the use of pistols.

Their search stretches across three countries, involving political intrigue and a mysterious supernatural force called the Royal Psalms. Oh, yes. Lia’s soul is not at rest and takes residence in De’on’s body. Whenever it suits her, such as whenever there is a fight with an enemy, Lia takes over in what has to be the ultimate gender-bender. But, hey, this is France.

What also makes this series interesting is that it incorporates actual historical events and personalities.

Overall, Le Chevalier De’on is a good story well told. It does keep one guessing, especially since the story is constantly turning around a series of betrayals and double-crosses. I recommend it. Anyone else see it?

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