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Seed doesn't seem to be defended either.
Actually, there is a good movie about fans with Snipes and DeNiro.
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Bummer, there is no respect in this thread.

Just thought I say, I have seen all the Gundam shows that there is - even though some lacked a lot of details and points. But still why bash GW. It was obviously created by a college student whilst the others were more than likely created by, older people who understood what they were doing. But seriously, you all should know by now that each Gundam's were a spin off of one another, just improvements and little tweaks here and there. And if UC, OO8TH MS, X, ZZ..etc..has an explanatory information of explaining the technologies, go figure. Once again, I repeat. If you seen one gundam show, you seen them all. Also, before you even start talking about explosions in space, you should know that their is no AIR in space, freaking morons. Of course a damn gundam is not going to explode, implode maybe, but explode no! You need oxygen for fire to burn. If you don't understand the basics of science, why even call yourself a gundam fan. On a furthur note, why start complaining about a lack of plot, read the damn manga's! Unless you're all illiterate, then I understand why any anti-gundam wing fan's has such animosity towards that show. I would like to rant some more, but it's pretty much useless if you have not seen all the Gundam anime that there is.
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