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A JAPANESE internet whiz is tipped to become the world's fourth space tourist - and he wants to orbit the earth dressed as an ace pilot from a hit Japanese animation series.

The candidate for the $US20m trip is Japanese investor Daisuke Enomoto, a 34-year-old former board director of the Livedoor internet firm headed by flamboyant entrepreneur Takafumi Horie, local media said.
Mr Enomoto has already passed medical checks and started flight training for a trip in late 2006, Jiji Press news agency reported.

Mr Enomoto said in January that he was likely to be the first Japanese to make a paid space trip.

"I'm planning to do something amusing," he wrote then on his website.

If he gets Russian approval, Mr Enomoto said he wanted to dress up on the trip as "Char Aznable", a character in the popular "Gundam" hero robot series of animation whose name is inspired by French singer Charles Aznavour.

Mr Enomoto describes himself as a "Gundam otaku (geek)".

The third civilian to pay for a space flight, US millionaire businessman Greg Olsen, returned to Earth in the Soyuz space capsule.

The 60-year-old American paid Space Adventures $US20m for a seat aboard the capsule and eight days of gazing down at the Earth from the International Space Station, 370km up.

He was preceded into space by two other millionaire tourists, American Dennis Tito in 2001 and South African Mark Shuttleworth the following year.

He's rich, but......

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Wow.... That was pretty cool but if he wanted to redeem himself.... He should've spent his money and had a coup de'tat in the space shuttle.... Revolt against the Earth and declare war in the name of Zeon and their future colonies.... That would've been humerous.

Or better yet, he could spend his money to make an actual Gundam!! Cool and broke.
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haha this is cool ... I like his style lol so do guys know if he ever made the trip and how it was dressed up like Char Aznable
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