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Anime Music: How long does it take you to like or dislike a song.

I think I'm more talking about Opening or Closing themes but anything will do. For me it takes about 8 episodes. The theme to Gasaraki is a perfect example for me. At first I really didn't like the song, but now I do. And the same was with the closing theme. Really it took me about 17 episodes before I started to like it. But then there are times like Lain or Kenshin where I have like the song straight away. So how long does it take you to like or dislike a song.
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I loved the closing and opening themes for Gravitation the first time i heard it.

With the Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040 closing i liked till about 10 or so episodes into the series then i started disliking it.

Its just with some openings and closing themes if you hear it too many times it grows on you or you start to hate it

So id say about 10 or so times before i start really liking or disliking a song
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I liked the Utena TV opening theme almost immediately..., & the New Cutey Honey OAV opening them too...,
Can't stand the opening theme to IRIA..., I hated it the moment I heard it..., tuneless piece of crap.., same goes for the opening theme to Bubblegum Crisis 2040...,
I hated the music to Iczer-1 when I first heard it.., uber, uber cheesy..., but after repeated viewings of the OAV..., I began to really like the music..., so much so, that I imported the soundtracks from Japan...,
And yet more bollocks..,

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I've heard bits of CAT before I knew anime, and I liked it. I still love CAT. The OMG opening seemed corny at first, but when I got the *cough* a few months later, it didn't seem all too bad.
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Some songs I immediately love. Some take me 2 or 3 listens, and some take me a dozen. It depends really... upon what, I'm not sure. Takes about the same time(s) for me to officially hate a song, usually... and of course there are the occasions where at first I'll dislike a song but after a while it becomes one of my favorites... I dunno. I'm odd.

I'm only talking about anime and J-pop/rock songs here, by the way... there are looootts of American songs that only took me about 2 nanoseconds to start hating...
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heart havok
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any music, i either love it or hate it right away. i've a very definite ear for what i like or dislike.

though of course, there are a few exceptions where i dislike something at first, then don't hear it for a very long time - and then it returns to my ear at a good time where i relate to it more or am simply in the mood for it.. or whatever be the reason. and thus, my opinion on it changes.

i'd say 99.999999999999999999999999999999999% of the time, though, i know right away. not neccessarily "right away" when the song starts, but i mean upon first full listening experience.
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The Hanadan Opening took me about 23 episodes to begin liking. But it has grown on me since then.

I hated it when I first heard it..... corny.

But it's catchy. I like it now.
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Thumbs up

I usually know right away. If a song/music is particularly annoying, I just avoid it rather than bash it.
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I usually know how I feel about a song after hearing it once or twice, or even only part way through.
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Music is weird.

Sometimes I hear songs I like immediately, but usually I grow tired of them after a while. A lot of pop music with catchy hooks falls into this category.

Othertimes I like songs only after hearing them several times. I usually never grow tired of these songs, but don't listen to them often either. Usually these are other songs on an CD I buy. I may buy the Cd for 1 or 2 songs I like, and the other music takes me a while to get used to.

Then once in a while you just find music you love. I don't think too much about why I love these songs, I just sit back and enjoy them!

I haven't watched Gasaraki yet, but the song that plays during the preview of the series on ADV trailers I like immediately.
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I never really liked the opening theme of Gasaraki (too much of an Enigma song rip off) but the ending theme, Love Song, had me completely engaged the first moment I heard it. It's still up there with my favorite ending themes.

Other songs that had me engaged from the start:

"Hesitation"-Saber Marionette J Again
"Successful Mission"-Saber Marionette J (opening)
"I'll Be There"-Saber Marionette J (closing)
"Blurry Eyes" (by L'arc~En~Ciel)-DNA^2 (opening)
"Ride on Shooting Star"-FLCL (closing)
"Voices"-Macross Plus (opening from Macross Plus)
"After in the Dark"-Macross Plus (closing)
"Miraiseiki Maruhi Club"-Boogiepop Phantom (closing)
"Tank!"-Cowboy Bebop (opening)
"H.T."-Trigun (opening)

I wasn't too sure about both the Trigun and Cowboy Bebop closing themes at first, but after about one volume I started to like them

see you space cowboys.
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It really depends individually on the songs I listen to for me to decide. When I first heard the Rurouni Kenshin and Cowboy Bebop opening theme songs from the first episodes of the series', this was how I looked I hated the themes at first, but then they grew on me

I liked the opening theme from Neon Genesis Evangelion and Gundam Wing right off the bat though...

So it's like I said, it depends on the songs individually. Some I like when first hearing it, some I absolutely hate, others simply grow on me the more I listen to them.
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Themes I liked Instantly:

Tank! - Cowboy Bebop (obviously)
Harlock Saga (Yeah, I know it's Wagner but's so well used)
Number 1 - DiGi Charat
Duvet - Lain
? - Gunsmith Cats
Astroboy opening theme
Memories - Samurai X
Sound Life - Trigun
Catch you catch me - Card Captor Sakura
AD Police

Themes that grew on me:

Shaft Drive - Gene shaft
Komm Susser Todd - EoE
Hurricane - BGC
Dual! - Parallel Adventure Dual
My Will - Inu-Yusha
Cyber City Oedo

Themes that eventually grew annoying:

Cruel Angels Thesis - Eva
Y'Know - BGC 2040
Freckle - Kenshin
Love Hina.
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Originally posted by Spike 558
Themes I liked Instantly:
Harlock Saga (Yeah, I know it's Wagner but's so well used)
<<..blinks..>> Hmmm... for awhile there, I was thinking I was the only person who's seen that anime.

Themes I liked immediately:

"Tank!" - Cowboy Bebop (opening)
"The Real Folk Blues" - CB (ending)
"Cool - The World Without Logos" - Hellsing (opening)
"Aoi Hitomi" - Escaflowne (BGM)
"H.T." - Trigun (opening)
"Sound Life" - Trigun (BGM)
"Duvet" - Lain (opening)
"Aurifera" - Harlock Saga (I think it's the first ending)
"Gessekai" - Nightwalker (opening)
"?" - Master of Mosquiton (opening)
"Hiru no Tsuki" - Outlaw Star (ending)
"Velvet Underworld" - Weiß Kruez (opening)
"Beautiful Alone" - WK (ending)
"Aya" - WK (BGM)
"Forces" - Berserk (BGM)

Themes that took awhile to grow on me:

"Trust" - Vandread (opening)
"?" - Escaflowne (opening)

Themes I still can't bear to listen to:

"Freckle" - RKenshin (opening)... <<..shudders..>>
"?" - Berserk (opening)... could they possibly find any song less appropriate for the series?

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