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Shinji awoke in the morning "aaah" he thought to himself. It was Sunday, and sice there were no synch test today and no Angels have invaded for weeks he could just enjoy today. He looked at his clock, it was 8:05, "I better be quiet" he thought, sice he was the only one awake.

Shinji opened the door and walked out into the small coridoor. He walked past Misato's room and heared moaning, he opened the door to see Misato asleep and dreaming about Kaji. "Oh Pen-pen, I never knew your beak had so many uses". Shinji slowly backed off and closed the door leaving Misato to whatever the bloody hell that was. Shinji simply did'nt want to know.

Shinji walked passed Asuka's room, hearing "Shinji, you idiot". "Well, at least she's dreaming At the
about me" Shinji thought. As he turned on the toaster and started making everyones breakfast. "Gut morning Shinji you pervert" Asuka greeted with an evil grin from behind the counter. "Uh Asuka...what did I do this time?"Shinji said with obvious fear in his voice. "I heard you last night talking in your sleep, it sounded like a bloody Hentai story!!!!" Asuka yelled. "Eeep" Shinji muttered. Before he knew it Shinji was down on the ground with a brocken china bowl next to him. Asuka stormed out saying "Forget about breakfast i'm buying my own". About a minute later Shinji got himself up and checked where he felt the bowl hit, no blood. He walked into the bathroom and looked in the mirror, apart from "Made in China" branded on his forehead there were no problems. He walked out out of the bathroom and smelt a burning, he folowed the smell and saw smoke spewing on the toaster "Oh ----. There goes my breakfast, oh well".Shinji wasn't that worried, since he was going to the hospital with Toji to see Toji's sister, he could buy his breakfast at the cafeteria. "Speaking of which I better get dressed"

Later Shinji heard a knock on the door, he opened it. "Hey Shinji, thanks for coming along" Said Toji "Bye the way is Misato up yet?"Toji asked. "Nah, and the devils child is off buying his breakfast"Shinji said in a happy mood, well as happy as anyone who got "Made in China" branded on their skull. With that they walked off.

"Shinji, I want to know. Just what inthe hell do you see in that devil-spawn?" Toji asked as they headed for the hospital. "You know what, I have no idea" Shinji said with a grin as they walked into the main door and up to Toji's sister's room. "Hi Toji" every nurse said knowing him by name. Finally they got up to room 012.They walked in to see a nurse feeding Toji's sister. "Hi Mr Suzahara" said a nurse bearing a striking resemblance to Sailor Moon. "Toji!" a young voice said, "Hi Usagi" Toji responded giving her sister a hug, Usagi turned her head and looked at Shinji. "And who is your freind?" she asked. Shinji rubbed his eyes and took another look at her sister in disbelief another Sailormoon lookalike. "I'll leave you to her" Shinji said nervously "I'm going to get some breakfast" Shinji finished. "Ok Toji said, i'll meet you at the cafeteria" Toji finished.

A little later at the cafeteria Shinji was finishing his breakfast. "Hey Shinji" Shinji turned around to see Toji. Toji walked up to Shinji and sat next to him. "I've been meaning to ask you, how did you get "Made in China" branded on your forehead?" Toji asked. "I've got two words for you, devil-spawn" Shinji responded. "I HEARD THAT YOU IDIOT!!!!" they heard in Asuka's voice. Shinji and Toji looked around and around but they didn't see anything. "Hey Toji, I think we need a rest" Shinji stated. Toji nodded in agreement. "And I know just the place, Tokyo-3 Square Mall" Toji said proudly.

Before he knew it Shinji found himself at the galass doors of Tokyo-3 Square Mall. "So what are we buying here?" Shinji asked. "Absolutely nothing" Toji responded. "Just hanging out?" Shinji asked. "Yeah" Toji responded.
A large teen was standing still staring at somthing. "Willamsu, Willamsu Toji said. "W-what?" Willamsu responded shocked by the apearence of two of the three stooges. "Oh it's just you two" He finished up. "Willamsu? what are you doing?" Shinjji asked. "Looking for the hidden picture" Willamsu responded hypnotically. "When you stare at these things long enough, a hidden picture apears. Like this sailboat" Toji said looking at the Magic Eye. "You saw it too ----" Willamsu yelled. "Whats wrong?" Toji asked. "I've been looking at this ------- picture and i ain't seen ----!" Willamsu answered. While this was all going on Shinji was staring at the sailboat picture, and all he saw was Sailormoon, Shinji shook with fear wondering what was happenning to him. "Oh well Willamsu good luck, remember, relax your eyes" Toji said. "Yeah see you later Willamsu" Shinji said. "Ok see ya's" Willamsu said as Toji and Shinji walked off. Just then a small kid came up next to Toji, looked at the magic eye and said "Cool a sailboat". Willamsu quietlt pulled out a china bowl and hit the kid on the head with it knocking him out cold. A Security gaurd walked up to Willamsu and said "You should calm down, you spend too much on China bowls". Willamsu just shrugged it off.

"Hey Shinji?, do you know what this stage is for?" Toji asked. Shinji looked to his left to see construction workers working on a large stage. "Lets ask one of the construction workers" Shinji responded. Toji asked one of the construction workers what the stage was for he responded. "Gainax is filming one of those weird phycological bit's for Neon Genesis Evangelion here" Toji and Shinji just smiled and nodded politely as the walked away. "Oh ---- they're going to ruin another episode of Evangelion with a stupid phycological episode" Toji yelled. "I know we must get someone to stop it, do you know anyone Toji?" Shinji asked. "Well I know two" Toji said with a sly grin on his face.

Toji and Shinji walked up to a guy and a girl standing outside the petstore, the guy was knocking hard on the window terrorfying the gerbiles. "Kensuke! How are you?" Toji greeted "Hey Toji, hiya Shinji, Silent Rei hasn't stopped talking about you" Kensuke responded. Silent Rei simply nodded. "Well I have a little sabotage mission for you, you know what that stage is for right?" Toji asked Kensuke. "No I actually don't" Kensuke responded. "It is to film one of those phycological episodes for Evangelion" Toji continued. "NO!" Kensuke gasped in horror, even Silent Rei had a look of shock. "Well, I want you to assure you it doesn't happen" Toji finished. "Well, now that I think about it we would have done that anyway" Kensuke responded. "Why" Shinji asked finally getting his eyes off Silent Rei. "What else are we going to do" Kensuke answered. "There is only one problem.."Kensuke continued. "What is that?" Toji asked. "La Foreizu..."Kensuke said dramatically. "La waht?" Shinji asked. "La Fourizu is the most dangerous security gaurd in the buisness 85 crims all convicted and 2 kills"Kensuke continued. "OK, see ya Kensuke, bye Silent Rei, don't be too scared of a security gaurd" Toji laughed. "Yeah, bye Kensuke, bye Silent Rei" Shinji waved. Kensuke waved goodbye and Silent Rei seductively waved goodbye to Shinji.
"Hey Toji, wanna get somthing to eat?" Shinji asked. "Yeah sure" Toji rsponded. Shinji went to the cookies stand and bought two small bags off cookies while being served by a cashier who bared a strange resemblance to Sailormoon.

Meanwhile......... "OK Silent Rei here's the mission: You knock out La Foreizu with a sock full of Yen, while I knock down the main support pin DBZ style then the stage goes down and you can go spend a night in bed with Shinji while I go off with Toj.. uh Tonuska heh heh" Kensuke breifed Silent Rei as she closed her eyes and smiled at the thought of "becoming one" with Shinji. She opened her eyes to look at a girl resembling Chibisu, she luged forward causing her to run away.

By that time Kensuke got the sack of Yen ready and gave it to Silent Rei. "Now go go go soilder" Kensuke said to Silent Rei as she charged off. Meanwhile the Chibisu lookalike was playing with a toy dumptruck when she noticed Silent Rei charging at a fast speed, this was her chance to get the bitch back. So the Chibisu wannabe rolled out her truck and Silent Rei stepped on her sending her out of control like a rollerskate, she flew past La Foreizu and the sock of Yen landed in his hand as Silent Rei continued on her roll, into Victorias Secret and crashed through a changing room door.

Same time....... Hikari Horaki was trying on a black leather thong bikini in Victoria's Secret, she just finished getting it on when.. BANG!... when the dust cleared she saw the head of Silent Rei poking through the change room door, literaly. Hikari just stood the bamboozled and speechless. Silent Rei raised her head to see Hikari in her black thong bikini, she removed the various lingeree on her head, and found one she liked, and walked to the counter, she then thought about Shinji's reaction to it.

Shinji and Toji were munching on their cookies when Toji noticed somthing. "Hey there is an unusually long line at the Manga shop."Toji said with an air of curiosity. "Reckon there is a sale on Hentai?" Shinji asked. "Could be" Toji responded. "Then.. LET'S GO!" Shinji said with enthusiasim. When they got there there was a sign saying there would be a one hour wait from this point. Toji and Shinji cut through and asked the owners what was going on. They answered "Stan Lee is signing comics". "Who the hell is Stan Lee?" Shinji asked. "Dunno some American comic writer" One of the owners. "Then why is there such a long line outside?" Toji asked. "Because there is 75% off all Hentai" the second owner responded. "ALRIGHT!" Said Toji and Shinji said simultaniously as they stepped into line.

One hour later Shinji and Toji emerged from the Comic book with bags and bags of Hentai. "Hey isn't that Misato!!!" Toji said happily. "Hi guy's, how are you?" Misato asked. "We're good" Toji said", just doing a bit of Shopping" he continued. "What for?" Misato asked snatching one of Shinji's 12 bags, openning a Sailor Moon Bongadge Edition. "Oh, just a bunch of" she said drooling. "I'm going home now, i'll take these to my place when you can pick them up when i've finished with.. I mean when you get back" She said with a slight grin as she walked off with all the Henati. "See ya guy's" Misato finished. "Bye Misato" they both said waving.

Meanwhile.... "Ok cadet, we will try again, i'll tie you to the roof and send you flying of La Foreizu, right into the pin, while in mid-air you'll knock out the pin sending the stage down. After that I can have wild hot sex with Toj.. I mean I can throw a party, no get your ass up there soilder, and don't forget your helmet, for Shinji's sake" Silent Rei nodded at Kensuke's breifing.

Later, Silent Rei stood atop one of the stoors, tied to the roof she leaped off, flying across the mall she flew over La Foreizu, and headed for the pin, unforyunately Kensuke had a miscalculation. Silent Rei flew right over the pin and landed right through a wall.

Meanwhile... Hikari was trying on a Latex Negligee when BANG... When the dust cleared she looked down to see Silent Rei's head pertruding through the wall. "You dirty pervert!" were the last words Rei heard before everything went black......

Later...."Eeew thats disgusting!" "I know Asuka, I was getting changed when suddenly BANG!" replied Hikari while she was telling Asuka about her "incidents". "That is the sort of thing I would expect from the 3 stooges but WONDER GIRL?" Asuka replied. "Speaking of which, why are you shopping at Victoria's Secret?" Asuka asked. "My own reasons" Hikari smiled. "OK, i'm off to get a soda, i'll get you one to, see ya!" Asuka said walking out of Victoria's Secret. "Oh ---- it's Devil-Spawn!" Said Shinji with a strong fear in his voice, seeing Asuka walk past. Shinji and Toji ducked down behind a table and chairs until the coast was clear. "Hey Toji!" Hikari yelled beckoning them into the shop. "H...hi hikari" Toji said as Shinji and Toji walked into the Leingeree shop.

Later.. "I never knew you felt that way about Asuka Shinji..... Hey Toji what do you think about this one?" Hikari asked showing Toji a small black thong. "uh..uh... very.. uh.. nice" Toji said mystifyed at the thought of the cute Class Rep wearing nothing but the small black thong. Suddenly she put on the Thong under her dress!!! "Hikari.. u hwhat are you doing?" Shinji asked. "I'm trying it on Shinji what else?" Hikari responded with an almost seductive smile at Toji. "But don't they have rooms for that?"Shinji asked. "Well a sick pervert busted in on me twice, so I saved her some of the effort" Hikari said. "Her?"Toji asked still focused on Hikari. "You'll find out soon enough, I just told Asuka, by Monday the whole of Tokyo-3 will know" Hikari responded with a sly smile at Toji. Shinji and Toji simply laughed at that responce. "Hikari... what is a 14 year old girl doing shopping at Victorias Secret antway?" Toji asked. "Well.. That is my secret" Hikari responded smiling. "Hikari we have to go.." Shinji said dragging Toji away. "I don't blame you Asuka will be back soon" Hikari said waving goodbye smiling. The minute they heard the word Asuka they ran out double time. Hikari looked at the change rooms to see Kaji pop out holding a black thong and wiping his mouth with a smile on his face.

A little bit later..... "C'mon Toji she wants ya bigtime" Shinji said to a confused Toji. "Are you sure Shinji? I mean Hikari is a little confusing at times" Toji responded. "Just like every girl" Shinji responded. "Hey isn't that...." Toji said. Just then Kensuke and Silent Rei came bolting out of nowhere, they ran up to Toji and Shinji and ducked behind them, Silent Rei naturally behind Shinji, with a surprising smile. Just then La Foreizu came out, had a look around and ran off. "Man.. that guy is faster than Washizu Flanenshi's dog." Kensuke said exhausted. Silent Rei put an ice pack on her head. "What happened to Silent Rei?" Shinji asked. "Silent Rei here is a walking calamity.. we have to give up the stage trashing buisness, sorry bro"Kensuke said in defeat. "Thats cool" Toji said, with a small air of diapointment. "I'll go get some soda's" Shinji said. with that Shinji walked off. "So Toji what's this I hear about Hikari shopping at Victoria's Secret?" Kensuke asked.

Shinji walked up to another Sailor Moon lookalike and ordered 3 soda's when suddenly he felt a familiar hand throw him into a fire escape and a punch which knocked the wind out of him. "I finally found you, you pervert!" said a rather ticked off Asuka. "Are you still ticked off about that dream thing?" Shinji asked struggling to catch her breath. Asuka picked up Shinji and hit him with her shopping bags, SHinji would have fought back but he couldn't hit the girl he cared for the most. "No, I mean helping Hikari shopping at Victorias Secret." a swift fist hit Shinji clean in the face, almost breaking his jaw. "What are you talking about? She waved me and Toji over" Shinji said barely concious. "And i'm going to make sure Hikari don't get together with a loser like Toji" With that Asuka stormed of, the last thing Shinji saw was a Sailormoon janator.

Meanwhile.... Willamsu was still staring at the Sailboat. "What's he doing one little" kid in a group asked. "Well if you stare at these things long enough a hidden picture apperars" The Mum answered. "Can we do it? please please" The Children begged. "Well oakay, but hurry up Sailor Moon is waiting" The Mum replied. "Oh wow it's a Scooner" A Kid said in aw. "Heh heh You dumb bastard, it's not a scooner it's a sailboat" Willamsu said agitated. "A Scooner is a sailboat you Stupid-head" The kid answered. No one can understand what got into Willamsu, but ---- happens. "YOU KNOW WHAT? THERE IS NO SAILOR MOON!,OVER THERE IS JUST SOME GUY IN A SUIT!!!!!!" Willamsu screamed in rage. The now obviously traumatized kids just edged away.
Shinji finally came to. The first thing Shinji saw was Silent Rei embracing Shinji. "Oh good Shinji, you came to Silent Rei was begging you to come to, who did this?" Kensuke asked. "The last thing I saw was a Sailor Moon lookalike" Shinji muttered only half concious. "The Sailor Moon did this?, let's go Silent Rei!" Kensuke said. Rei let go of Shinji, obviously disapointed followed Kensuke. "Man I feel sorry for Sailor Moon now" Shinji thought to himself.
"Shinji, oh my god what happened?" Hikari asked in shock. "Uh Asuka found out about Victoria's Secret" Shinji responded. "Thats awful" Toji said standing nex to Hikari. "Hey Shinji? why were Kensuke and Silent Rei in such a hurry?" Hikari asked. "They thought Sailor Moon beat me up" Shinji responded. "Oh Well" Toji said. They all laughed.

Meanwhile in the centre of the mall, Children were all lined up to have their pictures taken with Sailormoon. A young child just had her picture taken and hoped off Sailormoon's lap when Kensuke and Silent Rei cut the line to the front. "Hey guy's wait in line like everyone else. What is this?" Sailormoon asked in surprise. "This is for Shinji" Kensuke said in anger. And with that Silent Rei help Sailormoon's arms back as Kensuke began laying into her."Eat this Kensuke yelled as he phased out and hit him with a flying kick to the face, this barage continued. The kids gasped in horror as they witnessed they're idol having the living ---- beaten out of her.

Meanwhile Toji was standing with an executive of Gainax as Shinji walked out of the bathroom from cleaning himself up from Asuka's last bezerker attack. "Who the hell is this?" Shinji asked seeing the Gainax executive. "Just some clod from Gainax" Toji responded. "Why yes... the director wishes to you Mr Ikari in 5 minutes, i'll tell him you'll be there" with that the directorwalked off. "Well waht do you think Toji?" Shinji asked. "A trap, but I know just what to do, stink palm" Toji responded. "Stink what?" Shinji asked "Stink palm, you take your hand and you stick it in your ass" Toji said while eating his bag chocolate covered pretzels, then sticking his hand down the back of his pants demonstrating. "Then you say Good Morning Mr Anno" imitating a hand shake. "Whats the point?" Shinji asked wondering what the hell he was talking about. "Do you know how long it will take for that smell to come off, it is garunteed to stay on for two weeks, all his freinds and relatives will think he can't wipe his ass" Toji rsponded. "And your left with a hand that smells like ----" Shinji responded quickly. "A small price to pay for the victory" Toji said with pride. "I'm gonns go talk to Mr Anno ok?" Shinji said walking off. Toji just stood they're, without any way to eat his pretzels, he just uses his clean hand to jam the bag in his mouth.

Hideaki Anno was on the stage yelling orders to all the construction people when Shinji walked up to him. "You wante dto see me Mr Anno?" Shinji asked him. "Why yes Mr Ikari, I heard you and your freinds have been trying to destroy my stage.." all of a sudden Toji waltzed up to Hideaki "Hey Mr Anno" Toji greeted the director shaking his hand with his stink palmed hand. "Uh Mr Suzahara" Hideaki siad in slight shock. "Would you liek a chocolate covered pretzel? I know how big a pretzel fan you are" Toji said handing him a pretzel with the deadly palm, rubbing his hand all over the directors hand. "They're a little runny but they are delicious" Toji continued. "Why thankyou" Hideaki said eating the pretzel. "these are good" he continued licking his fingers. while he did this Shinji turned green, on the verge of vomiting. "But there is a reason you have been bought here" Hideaki said. "Ok guy's here they are" Hideaki yelled out. 4 Security gaurd led by La Foreizu grabbed Shinji and Toji and led them away. "And if they try anything, you have my permission to castrate them" Hideake ordered. "You can't do this" Shinji cried out. "Heh I alreday did" Hidekai responded taking the pretzel bag.

Shinji and Toji were being led out of the Mall by La Foreizu when suddenly he was knocked out cold. Behind him Kensuke was standing weilding a metal baseball bat, crying out "Thy son of the realm kneel before Zod! snoochie boochies ahahahaha" using this time Shinji and Toji legged it out of the mall. The security gaurds gave chase to Kensuke and Silent Rei.

Kensuke and Silent Rei were bolting down the street being chased by La Foreizu and his security guards. Kensuke and Silent Rei were suddenly in a dead end. "Oh ---- man what the ---- are we going to do now?" Kensuke said in genuine fear. Silent Rei was going through her trenchcoat, digging through, suddenly she pulled out a vibrator. Kensuke grinned "Hah I always knew it" Silent Rei grinned noting the label saying "Property of Kensuke Aida" Kensuke simply looked innocent. Rei suddenly pulled out a grappling hook, Kensuke held on as they shot themselves up on the roof. La Foreizu and his cronies came into the dead end, looked around seeing nobody they ran off. Kensuke and Silent Rei were up on the roof "Where do you get those wonderful toys?" Kensuke said kissing Rei in thanks. Silent Rei simply closed her eyes thinking it is Shinji, a dreamy smile appeared on her face.

Toji and Shinji bolted into the flea market exhusted. "Tell me Toji, why the hell are we hiding out hear?" Shinji asked. "Well not even the police look for people here" Toji responded. They were walking around browsing, everyone greeting Toji in a rather freindly manner. "Well how come everyone knows you here?" Shinji asked amazed at the first name basis that Toji was reciving. "Well Shinji, how else do you think I get all my hentai on the crummy wage I get?". Shinji and Toji both laughed. "But really what are we going to do now? Asuka hates me.... and we have to stop this crummy ending to such a high quality television show as Neon Genesis Evangelion" Shinji said half mourning. "I know just the right advice" Toji said with pride in his voice. "Oh ---- not one of your ideas" Shinji said nervously. "Not from me.... from Ivanah" Toji said. :"Ivanah?" Shinji said in confusion being dragged by his freind.

"WHAT THE ----??" Shinji yelled in pure shock looking at the sign which read "Ivanah topless fortune telling"."Well we just can't get enough of tits" Toji said with glee. "Oh c'mon you don't belive in this fortune telling crap". Shinji said in deisbelief. "Who said anything about fortune telling?" Toji grinned slyly. Shinji sighed as he is dragged in.

"Greetings" Shinji heared in a familiar voice, he looked up in utter disbelief, the last person he expected to see was looking straight at him. "M....M....Maya?!?!?" Shinji said in shock "What are you doing here?" He continued. "Well how the hell else can I make a living with the ---- pay I get from Nerv? I keep giving Ritsuko free sessions but she never has the time" Maya sighs. Shinji twitched "O.....K....." was all Shinji could say. While all this was happening Toji was licking his lips in anticipation. "Well boys I may as well get on with it.." Maya said sitting down, she was wearing an Arabian silk belly dancer suit, I must say it really suits Maya, with her slender measurements so you can't blame Toji for his reaction, any guy would act the same. She began rubbing them closing he reyes channeling the spirits, Shinji was sitting down half bored as for Toji... well steam was pouring out of his ears staring at Maya's channeling. "ooh I sence great trouble between you two... ohmmm... there is a great disturbance in your aura's but I can't narrow it down" Maya said in a sorta Dahli Lhama voice. "Shinji was suddenly interested from her acuracy so far, waiting to hear more, Toji's nose was suddenly covered in a blood soaked tissue. "But to work it out I have to walk, completely focused" Maya said removing her top. Toji suddenly covered his eyes, noticing on her right breast were two nipples. "Aaah I finally worked it out, Girl trouble... you Shinji are having trouble with a girl you admire. While you Toji are afraid to aproach the object of your affection" Maya semi-chanted. "Thats amazing" Shinji said in awe. "That's disgusting" Toji said appulingly. "Well what can we do?" Shinji asked. "Just combine your efforts" Maya said simply. "That's all you need to do" Maya smiled charmingly at Shinji. "Toji still had his eyes covered. "Thankyou Maya.. thankyou" Shinji smiled back paying Maya. "C'mon Toji let's go" Shinji said running out. "Toji shyly asked "Do you have..." "Anye extra body parts.. no..." Maya said bluntly "You can double check me.... if you like" Maya said . Toji licked his lips rubbing his hands together when Shinji's arm reached out and yanked Toji away. Maya said to herself "Works everytime" pulling off the rubber nipple from her right breast.

Shinji was marching boldly back to the mall, it was 6PM, Toji was stragling to follow. "Shinji, what do you plan to do?" Toji said nervously. "Simple, say it as it is.." Shinji said, with an unfamiliar boldness in his voice. "Wow it seems Shinji has finally grown some balls" Toji thought to himself. As the great gates that were the glass doors opened, the air of determination flew in as the two almost marched in, Kensuke and Silent Rei slithered up to them. "Shinji, what are you doing?" Kensuke asked. "Somthing I should have done a long time ago" Shinji said still boldly. Silent Rei smiled at Shinji in grand admiration, aware she will never be able to say how she feels about him.

Shinji walked up to where Asuka was standing, and lightly tapped Asuka on the shoulder.
(Now I know how most Fanfic's have lame endings, but not this one, you know have a wide variety of crummy endings to choose from)

Ending 1: sappy ending: Asuka turned around smiling. "Why Shinji.. I didn't expect to see you here" She said. "Asuka... I have somthing to tell you" Shinji said in a blunt manner. "What is it?"Asuka said in a surprisingly worried, yet anticipating voice. "I....I... Love you" Shinji said now in a nervous tone. Asuka suddenly had a strong expression of shock, promptly turned into a dreamy smile. "I love you too sempai" Asuka said almost enchanted, gently kissing Shinji. Toji stood behind Hikari, gently holding her hand. Hikari simply turned around to Toji and smiled. Shoji was watching all this from his vomit bag, now infected with dipheria, crying all sappy like "Now this is the kind of ending I want for my show, let's put down the stage.

The two couples walked into the sunset, holding hands. Kaji popped up mourning "If only it was this easy with Misato".

Ending 2: Gun toting ultra violence: Asuka turned around with a black look on his face. "What the hell do you wan't you ------- idiot?" Asuka yelled. "I just wanted to tell you to take cover" Shinji said. The now four stooges stood proound in commando gear. Shinji weilding a chaingun, Toji an M-16, Kensuke a Rocket Launcher and Silent Rei an Automatic Shotgun. "DIE -------!!" Kensuke cried out as he fired a rocket at the stage. "What the hell is going on?" Shoji yelled out seing a rocket explode right by him, being reduced to ashes. Shinji was firing his chaingun at the crowd laughing madly as flesh was torn from bone. Silent Rei was standing by his side Blasting heads off with her shotgun leaving pools of blood everywhere. Toji was on the hunt for Stan Lee, in the halls of the mall on the hunt, gunshots could be heard in the background. Toji finally saw his target, he stood and faced him yelling"American comics SUCK!!!!!" as he open fire at him. Stan Lee was torn apart, blood and flesh was everywhere, as Stans corpse dropped to the floor, barely identifiable.

The Gun toting warriors walked off into the sunset, covered in blood. Kaji popped up, Silent Rei turned around promptly blasting off his head with her shotgun.

Ending 3: Jerry Springer ending: One month later: Jerry Springer walked out onto his set, the crowd appluading chanting "Jerry Jerry". "Welcome to the show, now tonight on the show, we have a rather unique situation on "I fucked up Tokyo 3". we have everything tonight, Abandoned parents, Lesbian couples, Sailormoon SIghtings and lost love. First off we have Shinji Ikari, who was abandoned at a young age. We are going to bring out his father so Shinji can finally tell him how he feels, let's bring him out." A strong appluase raged the room as Shinji walked out, he sat down. "Now Shinji, you were abandoned at what age?" Jerry asked. "5 years old Jerry" Shinji responded. "Now why do you hate him?" Jerry asked. "Because he is a cold careless animal who hates me" He responded with a passion in his voice. "Now we are going to bring him out now" Jerry said in anticipation. Gendou walked out on to the set with his ice cold stare. The crowd promptly booed him as he walked up to Shinji. "What is it you wanted to say?" Gendou said coldly. "Shinji charged at him "DIE YOU DIRTY MOTHER FUCKER!!!!" while putting on his brass knuckles.

Later: Gendou was lying dead in a body bag, Maya was sitting in Ritsuko's lap. Kensuke was sitting wearing a blouse and Shinji was restrained by the security team. "No no let me finish the fucker off" Shinji cried out struggling. "No Shinji we have one more surprise for you" Silent Rei walked out on the set bowing and sitting down on the seat next to Shinji's. "Now we know about how one month ago you were rejected and bashed up by Asuka, who was promptley offed by Silent Rei here. But Silent Rei has somthing to tell you. "Ikari-kun I love you" Silent Rei said with a passion in her voice, tears rushing down her eyes. Shinji opened his mouth and said. "Ayanami..."

Ending 4: The two critics ending: "Well that was a complete waste of time" Siskel-san said with strong disaproval. "I know what you mean Siskel-san" Ebert-san also said with strong disaproval in his voice. "Yes the Sailormoon thing was way overdone, and what the hell was with this multiple ending thing, I mean can' the autor think of a real ending rather than just make a whole string of weird endings?" Siskel-san again said. "C'mon without the multiple ending thing we wouldn't have a job" Ebert-san responded. "That's it I quit" Siskel-san said storming out.

Ending 5: The sudden ending: -THE END-

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Hmmmmm.... I think I'll print it out so I can read it better... O.o
"Then you pitch that chicken!" - Master Shake
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Ok so it may be just a little long, but I always write longish stuff
Shiori: Think of how much I was thinking of you. You know, I polished your sword every day all for you alone.
Ruka: That was not my sword. Your performance was very interetsing. Quite good for an ad-lib.
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As soon as I looked at the title, I thought 'Silent Rei.' Glad I wasn't disappointed!
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Twas that phrase which inspired me to write it I mean Silent Rei is so fitting
Shiori: Think of how much I was thinking of you. You know, I polished your sword every day all for you alone.
Ruka: That was not my sword. Your performance was very interetsing. Quite good for an ad-lib.
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cool.. I didn't read too far into it tho, I know I don't really do it, but dya think u could paragraph it up a bit? I kept losing me place :-(

was the penpen thing really neccesary...? surely misato coulda moaned something a little...u know.

that's all from me!
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I spaced out the paragraphs to make it easier, and that Pen Pen thing was from a VERY strange dream
Shiori: Think of how much I was thinking of you. You know, I polished your sword every day all for you alone.
Ruka: That was not my sword. Your performance was very interetsing. Quite good for an ad-lib.
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