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I've a small collection: Both Akira soundtracks and a Pioneer compilation that came out many years ago. About 10 yearas ago, someone made me a mix tape of some of the many CD's he had. I still listen to it, and it is wearing out. I wish I still knew that person to have it re-made.
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Here's an update:

604. Chihiro Yonekura - Cheers
605. Masami Okui - Dragonfly
606. Megumi Hayashibara - Vintage A (Ltd. Ed. re-release)
607. Megumi Hayashibara - Vintage S (Ltd. Ed. re-release)
608. Final Fantasy X-2 OST (First Press) (2 CDs)
609. Atelier Best (Promo soundtrack)
610. Phantom Brave Drama CD
611. Mind Size
612. 3x3 Eyes Dai-ichi Shou (First Press)
613. La Pucelle OST (LTD ED Game bonus)
614. EHRGEIZ OST (First Press) (2 CDs)
615. (Hello Kitty CD SACV-2036)
616. Ready Go! Nekketsu Saikyou King GoSaurer (single)
617. Sanrio Puroland Original CD Vol. 5 (single)
618. Over Soul (Promo 3" single)
619. Future Retro Hero Story Karaoke album (2 CDs)

A few more Megumi Hayashibara related CDs, I only have about 5 Megumi CDs I still need. Anybody who has them please consider a sale/trade:

Hello Kitty related:

Yakusoku Dayo single, ORIGINAL release (red cover, not white)
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I don't know if this will fit, but I'll try posting it. Oh yeah, if you want some songs that I post here, dont' hesitate to ask. I can send them to anybody. =D okay here goes:
Anime song list:

Card Captors Sakura\Anime-CardcaptorSakura-ChristmasSong.mp3
78,Card Captor - Chisa Yokoyama - Cherry Blossoms
Card Captors Sakura\Card Captor - Chisa Yokoyama - Cherry Blossoms.mp3
145,Card Captors - Wish
Card Captors Sakura\Card Captors - Wish.mp3
290,Card Captors - It's My Life
Card Captors Sakura\Card Captors - It's My Life.mp3
284,Card Captors - Li Shaoran Theme
Card Captors Sakura\Card Captors - Li Shaoran Theme.mp3
171,Card Captors - Ordinary Girl (LKB Remix)
Card Captors Sakura\Card Captors - Ordinary Girl (LKB Remix).mp3
250,Card Captors - Remix
Card Captors Sakura\Card Captors - Remix.mp3
199,Card Captor Sakura - Catch You Catch Me (Remix)
Card Captors Sakura\Cardcaptor Sakura - Catch You Catch Me (Remix).mp3
252,CardCaptors - I am a Dreamer
Card Captors Sakura\cardcaptors - I Am A Dreamer.mp3
93,Card Captor Sakura - My Memories are Vanishing
Card Captors Sakura\Cardcaptors - My Memories Are Vanishing.mp3
232,Sakura Tange - Release my Heart
Card Captors Sakura\CardCaptors - Release my Heart.mp3
250,CardCaptorSakura - Tomoyo's Contest song (1) (1)
Card Captors Sakura\CardCaptorSakura - Tomoyo's Contest song (1) (1).mp3
223,CCS - Catch you, catch me (Karaoke)
Card Captors Sakura\CCS - Catch you, catch me (Karaoke).mp3
269,Card Captors - (Meiling) Kocchi wo Muite
Card Captors Sakura\CCS - Meiling - Kocchi wo Muite.mp3
262,CCS First ED - Groovy
Card Captors Sakura\CCS First ED - Groovy.mp3
300,CCS the movie.wav
Card Captors Sakura\CCS the movie.wav
284,Card Captor Sakura-낤[ - -FPrism
Card Captors Sakura\PRISM(~1.MP3
218,Richard Marx and Donna Lewis - At The Beginning(Anastasia)
Card Captors Sakura\Richard Marx And Donna Lewis - At The Beginning (Anastasia Soundtrack).mp3
226,Sakura Catch you catch me
Card Captors Sakura\Sakura_Catch_you_catch_me.mp3
255,Sakura Tomoetheme
Card Captors Sakura\Sakura_Tomoetheme.mp3
288,Seki Tomokazu (Touya) - Kimi ga Ita Scene
Card Captors Sakura\Seki Tomokazu - CardCaptors- Kimi ga Ita Scene.mp3
95,Ktaro Takanami - Spilling Salt
Chobits\Bass, Drums, Guitar (Chobits).mp3
74,Chobits - Mix-Zone
Chobits\Chobits - 06 - Mix-Zone.mp3
358,Minoru Kokubunji & Yuzuki - beyond
Chobits\Chobits - Beyond.mp3
224,Chobits - Book End Bossa
Chobits\Chobits - Book End Bossa.mp3
211,S.E.S. - Eternal Love
Chobits\Chobits - Eternal.mp3
155,Chii x Hideki - Kata no Koi (Duet Version)
Chobits\Chobits - Final Ending.mp3
268,Chobits - Let me be with you (full version)
Chobits\Chobits - Let me be with you (full version).mp3
289,Kouda Mariko - Melody ~ Dakishimete~
Chobits\Chobits - Melody ~Dakishimete~.mp3
196,Chobits - OST 1 - Yasashisa no Shouzou
Chobits\Chobits - OST 1 - 06 - Yasashisa no Shouzou (3).mp3
185,CHOBITS OST 001 - 09 - Taikutu na Rakugaki
Chobits\Chobits - OST 1 09 - Taikutu na Rakugaki.mp3
149,CHOBITS OST 001 - 11 - Two Of Us
Chobits\Chobits - OST 1 11 - two of us.mp3
119,Chobits - Sumomo's Theme
Chobits\Chobits - Sumomo's Theme.mp3
269,Tanaka Rie - hitomi no TONNERU
Chobits\Chobits - Tanaka Rie - Hitomi No Tonneru.mp3
304,Chii - I hear you everywhere
Chobits\Chobits Character Song Collection -- 01 - I Hear You Everywhere [Chii].mp3
247,Tanaka Rie - Raison d'etre
Chobits\Chobits ED - Raison d'etre.mp3
242,Chobits 2nd Ending Single - Chobits -End2-01- Ningyo Hime
Chobits\Chobits -End2-01- Ningyo Hime.mp3
216,CHOBITS OST 001 - 04 - Soshite Sekai ha Kyou mo Hajimaru
157,Chii - Katakoto no Koi (Chii Ver.)
Chobits\Katakoto no Koi (Chii Ver.).mp3
290,Chobits OST - Let me be with you -new mix-
Chobits\Let Me With You Mix.mp3
123,Ktaro Takanami - Touchy Subject
Chobits\Piano (Chobits).mp3
149,Strings (Chobits) 2
Chobits\Strings (Chobits) 2.mp3
355,Yoko Kanno - See You Space Cowboy...
Cowboy Bebop\(Cowboy Bebop OST3)-17-Real Folk Blues.mp3
166,Yoko Kanno - Cats on Mars
Cowboy Bebop\04_-_cats_on_mars.mp3
155,Cowboy Bebop - Cat Blues
Cowboy Bebop\anime - cat blues.mp3
123,Anime - Cowboy Bebop - Spy
Cowboy Bebop\Anime - Cowboy Bebop - Spy.mp3
190,Cowboy Bebop - 02 Odd Ones
Cowboy Bebop\Cowboy Bebop - 02 Odd Ones.mp3
408,Cowboy Bebop - 7minutes
Cowboy Bebop\cowboy bebop - 7minutes.mp3
339,Cowboy Bebop - Adieu
Cowboy Bebop\Cowboy Bebop - Adieu.mp3
66,Cowboy Bebop - American Money
Cowboy Bebop\Cowboy Bebop - American Money.mp3
Cowboy Bebop\cowboy bebop - Ask DNA.mp3
234,cowboy bebop - autumn in ganymede
Cowboy Bebop\cowboy bebop - autumn in ganymede.mp3
104,cowboy bebop - Bloody Battle
Cowboy Bebop\cowboy bebop - Bloody Battle.mp3
304,Cowboy Bebop - Blue
Cowboy Bebop\Cowboy Bebop - Blue.mp3
196,Yoko Kanno and Seatbelts - Doggy Dog
Cowboy Bebop\cowboy bebop - doggy dog.mp3
331,cowboy bebop - FAREWELL BLUES
Cowboy Bebop\cowboy bebop - FAREWELL BLUES.mp3
162,Cowboy Bebop - Felt Tip Pen
Cowboy Bebop\cowboy bebop - felt tip pen.mp3
322,Cowboy Bebop - Forever Broke - Fila Brazillia
Cowboy Bebop\cowboy bebop - Forever Broke (Fila Brazilla Remix).mp3
157,Cowboy Bebop - Track 5
Cowboy Bebop\cowboy bebop - go go cactus man.mp3
116,Cowboy Bebop - Goodnight julia
Cowboy Bebop\cowboy bebop - goodnight julia.mp3
114,cowboy bebop - green bird
Cowboy Bebop\cowboy bebop - green bird.mp3
114,Cowboy Bebop - Hamduche
Cowboy Bebop\cowboy bebop - Hamduche.mp3
202,Yoko Kanno - LIVE in Baghdad
Cowboy Bebop\Cowboy Bebop - Live in Baghdad.mp3
92,cowboy bebop - memory
Cowboy Bebop\cowboy bebop - memory.mp3
198,cowboy bebop - mushroom hunting
Cowboy Bebop\cowboy bebop - mushroom hunting.mp3
213,Yoko Kanno - "Forever Broke"
Cowboy Bebop\Cowboy Bebop - OST2 -17- Forever Broke.mp3
167,Yoko Kanno - PIANO BLACK
Cowboy Bebop\Cowboy Bebop - Piano Black.mp3
73,Cowboy Bebop - Radio Free Mars Talk 1
Cowboy Bebop\cowboy bebop - radio free mars talk 1.mp3
175,cowboy bebop - road to the west
Cowboy Bebop\cowboy bebop - road to the west.mp3
190,Yuhki Kuramoto - 09 SONNET OF THE WOODS
Cowboy Bebop\cowboy bebop - SONNET OF THE WOODS.mp3
431,Kanno Yoko - SPACE LION
Cowboy Bebop\Cowboy Bebop - Space Lion.mp3
245,Cowboy Bebop - Spokey Dokey
Cowboy Bebop\cowboy bebop - spokey dokey.mp3
209,Yoko Kanno - Tank! (cowboy bebop opening)
Cowboy Bebop\Cowboy Bebop - Tank (opening).mp3
162,cowboy bebop - the egg and i
Cowboy Bebop\cowboy bebop - the egg and i.mp3
209,cowboy bebop - waltz for zizi
Cowboy Bebop\cowboy bebop - waltz for zizi.mp3
241,Cowboy Bebop - Want It All Back
Cowboy Bebop\Cowboy Bebop - Want It All Back.mp3
223,Tada Aoi - Wo Qui Non Coin
Cowboy Bebop\cowboy bebop - wo qui non coin.mp3
250,Cowboy Bebop - Bad Dog, No Biscuits
Cowboy Bebop\Cowboy Bebop (CD1) - 04 - Bad Dog No Biscuits.mp3
313,Seatbelts - Clutch
Cowboy Bebop\Cowboy Bebop Movie OST - Clutch.mp3
208,Cowboy Bebop Movie OST - MUSAWE
Cowboy Bebop\Cowboy Bebop Movie OST - MUSAWE.mp3
81,SEAT BELTS - No money
Cowboy Bebop\Cowboy Bebop Movie OST - No money.mp3
203,Cowboy Bebop Movie OST - Rain (demo version)
Cowboy Bebop\Cowboy Bebop Movie OST - Rain (demo version).mp3
244,SEAT BELTS - Yo Pumpkin head
Cowboy Bebop\Cowboy Bebop Movie OST - Yo Pumpkin head.mp3
282,OST 3 Blue - Call Me Call Me
Cowboy Bebop\cowboy bebop ost 3 - Call Me Call Me.mp3
377,Cowboy Bebop Ending - The Real Folk Blues
Cowboy Bebop\Cowboy Beebop - The Real Folk Blues.mp3
134,cowboy bebop ost1 track10
Cowboy Bebop\cowboy_bebop_ost1_track10.mp3
217,Cowboy Bebop - Tank! - Remix
Cowboy Bebop\Tank! - Luke Vibert Remix - Cowboy Bebop.mp3
197,Excel Saga - Akujo ni naritai no
Excel Saga\Akujo ni naritai no.mp3
227,Excel Saga - Ai (Chuu Seishin)
Excel Saga\Excel Saga - Ai (Chuu Seishin).mp3
146,Excel Saga - Chotto better dattakana....
Excel Saga\Excel Saga - Chotto Better Dattakana.mp3
124,Excel Saga - Guitar Music
Excel Saga\Excel Saga - Guitar Music.mp3
96,Excel Saga - Ikanimo Gekiban
Excel Saga\Excel Saga - Ikanimo Gekiban.mp3
133,Excel Saga - Image color wa yappari [aka]!
Excel Saga\Excel Saga - Image Color wa Yappari [Aka]!.mp3
85,Excel Saga - I'z-Chan Theme
Excel Saga\Excel Saga - I'z-chan Theme.mp3
119,Excel Saga - Kaneko No Shitte
Excel Saga\Excel Saga - Kaneko No Shitte.mp3
100,Excel Saga - Karu Ku Hoetemiyou
Excel Saga\Excel Saga - Karu Ku Hoetemiyou.mp3
91,Excel Saga - Love Hena Theme
Excel Saga\Excel Saga - Love Hena Theme.mp3
98,Excel Saga - Masani Gekiban
Excel Saga\Excel Saga - Masani Gekiban.mp3
258,Excel Saga - Menchi Aishu no Bolero (Dog Version)
Excel Saga\Excel Saga - Menchi Aishu no Bolero (Dog Version).mp3
91,Excel Saga - Nanka Nayamunda, Kekkou Nayamunda, Ichiban Nayamunda
Excel Saga\Excel Saga - Nanka Nayamunda, Kekkou Nayamunda, Ichiban Nayamunda.mp3
245,Excel Saga - Reversed ending
Excel Saga\Excel Saga - Reversed Ending.mp3
84,Excel Saga - Sha-ne, Tsukuttaruka
Excel Saga\Excel Saga - Sha-ne, Tsukuttaruka.mp3
57,Toshirou Masuda - Comical Menchi tte kotodattakedo, ko~~nna nodoka na atsukaisarerunokaa-.
Excel Saga\excel_saga_-_ost_1_-_07_-_comical_menchi_tte_kotodattakedo,_.mp3
117,Excel Saga - OST_1-01
Excel Saga\Excel_Saga_OST_1-01.mp3
282,Akino Arai - Mahiru ni Hikaru Tobira
Fushigi Yuugi\akino arai - Mahiru ni Hikaru Tobira.mp3
195,Fushigi Yuugi - Opening [ Full Song ]
Fushigi Yuugi\Anime - Fushigi Yugi - Opening.mp3
258,Fushigi Yugi-Pride of Ice
Fushigi Yuugi\Fushigi Yugi-Pride of Ice.mp3
246,Satou Akemi - Tsuki no nai Yoru
Fushigi Yuugi\fushigi yugi - Moonless Night.mp3
34,Fushigi Yuugi - No Da Da Da
Fushigi Yuugi\Fushigi Yugi - No Da Da Da (Chichiri).mp3
316,Fushigi Yuugi - Tamahome - Soshite, Yami no S
Fushigi Yuugi\Fushigi Yugi - Soshite, Yami no Saki ni.mp3
103,Fushigi Yuugi - The Flames
Fushigi Yuugi\Fushigi Yugi - Tasuki -The Flames.mp3
95,Fushigi Yugi - Tension
Fushigi Yuugi\Fushigi Yugi - Tension.mp3
308,Fushigi Yugi Yuugi - Aoi Jiyuu Shiroi Nozomi (Tasuke and Chichiri)
Fushigi Yuugi\Fushigi Yugi Yuugi - Aoi Jiyuu Shiroi Nozomi (Tasuke and Chichiri).MP3
252,Seki Tomokazu [Chichiri] - Kachou Fugetsu
Fushigi Yuugi\Fushigi Yuugi - Kachou Fugetsu.mp3
236,SES - Dreams Come True-English Remix
Fushigi Yuugi\fushigi yuugi - Dreams Come True (English Version).mp3
269,Fushigi Yugi - End Theme (japanese)
Fushigi Yuugi\Fushigi Yuugi - End Theme.mp3
277,Satou Akemi - Everlasting Story
Fushigi Yuugi\Fushigi Yuugi - Everlasting Story.mp3
346,fushigi yuugi - Flute Solo (1)
Fushigi Yuugi\fushigi yuugi - Flute Solo (1).mp3
258,[Tasuki] - Heart ni Kiraboshi Sakashitare
Fushigi Yuugi\Fushigi Yuugi - Heart ni Kiraboshi.mp3
307,Fushigi Yuugi - I Wish ( Music Box )
Fushigi Yuugi\Fushigi Yuugi - I Wish (Music Box) (1).mp3
254,[Nuriko] - Kaze No Uta
Fushigi Yuugi\Fushigi Yuugi - Nuriko - Kake no Uta.mp3
294,Seki Tomokazu (Chichiri) - Ochanoko Saisai Hengen Jizai
Fushigi Yuugi\Fushigi Yuugi - Ochanoko Saisai Hengen Jizai.mp3
237,fushigi yuugi - star
Fushigi Yuugi\Fushigi Yuugi - Star.mp3
299,Fushigi Yuugi - Wakatte Itahazu
Fushigi Yuugi\fushigi yuugi - wakatte itahazu.mp3
227,Fushigi Yuugi - Yo Ga Akeru Mae Ni
Fushigi Yuugi\Fushigi Yuugi - Yo Ga Akeru Mae Ni.mp3
274,Amboshi - Nocturne
Fushigi Yuugi\Fushigi Yuugi-Amiboshi-Nocturne.mp3
154,Various - Hotohori
Fushigi Yuugi\Hotohori.mp3
348,Chichiri - Mizu Kagami
Fushigi Yuugi\Mizu Kagami.mp3
256,Miaka - Promise Love
Fushigi Yuugi\Promise Love - Ost Fushigi Yuugi.mp3
246,Fushigi Yuugi - Dreams Come True (Japanese)
Fushigi Yuugi\SES - Dreams Come True.mp3
287,- Anime - Gundam Turn A - Ending theme
Gundam\- Anime - Gundam Turn A - Ending theme.mp3
286,Hideki Saijou - Turn A Turn
Gundam\- Anime - Gundam Turn A - Opening theme - Turn A Turn.mp3
215,Seki Tomokazu - Track 11
Gundam\Gundam - Seki Tomokazu - (streamload).mp3
257,Gundam Wing - Burning Heart (Remix)
Gundam\Gundam Wing - Burning Heart (Remix).mp3
321,Two-mix - Just Communication[US]
Gundam\Gundam Wing - Just Communication (ENGLISH) (Two-Mix).MP3
563,Gundam W - Gundam Wing - Just Communication (Instrumental)
Gundam\Gundam Wing - Just Communication (Techno remix).mp3
325,TWO-MIX - Love Revolution
Gundam\Gundam Wing - Love Revolution (1).mp3
318,Two mix - White Reflection (remix)
Gundam\Gundam Wing Endless Waltz - White Reflection (D-Z Jet Stream Attack Mix).mp3
275,TWO-MIX - Just Communication Type II
Gundam\Gundam Wing- Just Communication II (Two-Mix).mp3
279,New Artist (574) - Track 05
Gundam\Love Revolution.mp3
301,Gundam Wing - Resolution
189,Theme Songs - Gundam Wing Intro (Japanese)
Gundam\Theme Songs - Gundam Wing Intro (Japanese).mp3
287,Gundam Wing Endless Waltz - White Reflection
266,boa - Everry Heart (Inuyasha Ending 4)
Inuyasha\boa - Everry Heart (Inuyasha Ending 4).mp3
245,Do As Infinity - Deep Forest
Inuyasha\do as infinity - Fukai Mori.mp3
285,Hitomi Yaida - I Am [Inuyasha 2nd OP]
Inuyasha\hitomi yaida - I Am (Inuyasha 2nd OP).mp3
100,Aika (Sad Song)
Inuyasha\Inu Yasha - Aika (Sad Song).mp3
273,InuYasha - Jougenno Tuki
Inuyasha\Inu Yasha - Jougenno Tuki (1).mp3
200,Inu Yasha - Kagome and Inuyasha
Inuyasha\Inu Yasha - Kagome and Inuyasha.mp3
243,Inuyasha - My will
Inuyasha\Inu Yasha Dream- my will-.mp3
327,Ayumi Hamasaki - Dearest
Inuyasha\Inuyasha - dearest.mp3
258,Do As Infinity - Tangerine Dream
Inuyasha\Inuyasha - Dream-Do As Infinity - Tangerine Dream.mp3
95,Inuyasha - My Will (english)
Inuyasha\Inuyasha - My Will (english).mp3
286,Every Little Thing - Grip!
Inuyasha\Inuyasha Op 4 - Grip - ELT (full).mp3
285,Inu Yasha - Owari Nai Yume (OP 3)
Inuyasha\Nanase Aikawa - Owari Nai Yume (2).mp3
17,A summary of the story hereafter
Kare Kano\A summary of the story hereafter.wma
154,A summary of the story until now (Shotarou's March)
Kare Kano\A summary of the story until now (Shotarou's March).wma
264,An Angel's promise (Full Version)
Kare Kano\An Angel's promise (Full Version).wma
11,AVAN title
Kare Kano\AVAN title.wma
66,Coexistence and co-prosperity
Kare Kano\Coexistence and co-prosperity.wma
168,Everyday peace
Kare Kano\Everyday peace.wma
156,Into a dream (Full Version)
Kare Kano\Into a dream (Full Version).wma
134,Into a dream II
Kare Kano\Into a dream II.wma
234,Into a dream III
Kare Kano\Into a dream III.wma
354,Kikuko Inoue - Kare Kano Opening Remix
Kare Kano\kare kano opening remix.mp3
148,Peace and quiet
Kare Kano\Peace and quiet.wma
193,Peace reigns in the land
Kare Kano\Peace reigns in the land.wma
135,Putting the cart before the horse
Kare Kano\Putting the cart before the horse.wma
240,Souichiro Arima II
Kare Kano\Souichiro Arima II.wma
296,Souichiro Arimi I
Kare Kano\Souichiro Arimi I.wma
180,The Miyazawa Family
Kare Kano\The Miyazawa Family.wma
118,Treasure every meeting
Kare Kano\Treasure every meeting.wma
Kare Kano\Undaunted.wma
199,We meet only to part
Kare Kano\We meet only to part.wma
153,Work hard together
Kare Kano\Work hard together.wma
201,Yukino Miyasawa I (Concerto)
Kare Kano\Yukino Miyasawa I (Concerto).wma
183,Yukino Miyasawa II (March)
Kare Kano\Yukino Miyasawa II (March).wma
244,Yukino Miyazawa III (Jazz rock)
Kare Kano\Yukino Miyazawa III (Jazz rock).wma
263,Yukino Miyazawa IV (Kanon)
Kare Kano\Yukino Miyazawa IV (Kanon).wma
187,Yukino Miyazawa V (Nocturne)
Kare Kano\Yukino Miyazawa V (Nocturne).wma
291,Yui Horie (Naru) - Egao no Mirai e
Love Hina\12 - Egao no Mirai e.mp3
302,Anime-Love Hina-Be Natural
Love Hina\Anime-Love Hina-Be Natural.mp3
247,BoA - Someday, Somewhere
Love Hina\Ayumi Hamasaki - Someday,Somewhere.mp3
286,Love Hina Again - Be For You, Be For Me (Kanako)
Love Hina\Be For You, Be For Me - Kanako Version (Ep.2).mp3
278,ԳѦ - be for you, be for me
Love Hina\Be For You, Be For Me - Naru Version (Ep.1).mp3
244,Love Hina - Be for you, be for me
Love Hina\be_for_you_naru.mp3
76,Love Hina - And Hinata Inn as usual
Love Hina\hinata_inn.mp3
252,Love Hina - Kimi Sae Ireba
Love Hina\kimi_sae_ireba.mp3
211,Love Hina - Dame Dame!
Love Hina\Love Hina - Dame Dame!.mp3
232,Love Hina - Happy Happy Rice Shower
Love Hina\Love Hina - Happy Happy Rice Shower.mp3
252,Susan Aglukark - Hina Na Ho (Celebration)
Love Hina\Love Hina - Hina Na Ho (Celebration).mp3
Love Hina\Love Hina - JPOP - Dreams Come True - Nante koi o shitara.mp3
244,Love Hina - Like the Moon (Motoko)
Love Hina\Love Hina - Like the Moon (Motoko).mp3
309,Hinata girls - Mirai e no Okurimono
Love Hina\Love Hina - Mirai e no Okurimono.mp3
317,Love Hina - Nante Suteki na
Love Hina\Love Hina - Nante Suteki na.mp3
205,Love Hina - Shinobu no Touban Nisshi
Love Hina\love hina - Shinobu no Touban Nisshi.mp3
341,Love Hina - Smile for You
Love Hina\Love Hina - Smile for You.mp3
136,Shinobu & Nyamo - Watashi no Uta
Love Hina\Love Hina - Spring Special - Watashi No Uta.mp3
312,Love Hina - Winter Wish
Love Hina\Love Hina - Winter Wish.mp3
283,Yui Horie - Yakusoku
Love Hina\Love Hina - Yakusoku.mp3
228,Love Hina Again - Kirari Takaramono
Love Hina\Love Hina Again - Kirari Takaramono.mp3
334,Love Hina - Friendship
Love Hina\Love Hina Frienship.mp3
287,Love Hina - Koi no tenshi maiorite
Love Hina\Love Hina Winter Special (Koi no Tenshi Maiorite).mp3
281,Tamura Yukari & Horie Yui - Merry Merrily
Love Hina\Love_hina-_Merry_merrily.mp3
255,Love Hina - Ramune Iro no Natsu
Love Hina\LOVEHI~4.MP3
192,Love Hina - Opening
Love Hina\opening.mp3
Love Hina\opening_me.wav
68,Hayashibara Megumi - Fly me to the moon
Neon Genesis Evangelion\[Japanese] Evangelion - Ending (techno version).mp3
273,Eva Cassidy - Fly Me To The Moon
Neon Genesis Evangelion\eva cassidy - Fly Me To The Moon.mp3
245,Eva OST 1 - Cruel Angel's Thesis
Neon Genesis Evangelion\eva-1-01.mp3
357,Utada Hikaru - Fly Me To The Moon(club mix)
Neon Genesis Evangelion\Utada Hikaru - Fly Me To The Moon (VC2's Club Mix).mp3
289,Ali Project (Yuki Kajuira) - Aka to Kuro
Noir\01 - Aka To Kuro.mp3
240,Ali Project - Noir Opening
Noir\anime - noir opening.mp3
258,Noir - Ending theme
Noir\Anime Music - Noir ending.mp3
268,Noir - 17. Salva Nos
Noir\noir - Salva Nos.mp3
201,NOIR OST2 - 13 canta per me II
Noir\NOIR OST2 - 13 canta per me II.mp3
192,Noir - 04. Canta Per Me
196,Yuki Kajiura - Lullaby
156,Kajiura Yuki - Zero Hour
Noir\Zero Hour.mp3
263,Ah my goddess - (END) Congratulations
Oh My Goddess!\Ah my goddess_Congratulations (END).mp3
132,Oh My Goddess - Anata No Birthday
Oh My Goddess!\Oh My Goddess - Anata No Birthday.mp3
260,Goddess Family Club - Shiawase Ga Kasoku-Suru (Belldandy, Urd, Skuld)
Oh My Goddess!\Oh My Goddess! Singles - 01 - Shiawase ga kasoku-suru (Belldandy, Urd, Skuld).mp3
273,Oh! My Goddess - Meaning of Tears
Oh My Goddess!\Oh! My Goddess - Meaning of Tears.mp3
135,Ah ! My Goddess OST vol.2 - Our Dream
Oh My Goddess!\Oh! my goddess! - Our dream.mp3
295,ayashi no ceres - scarlet
Other Anime\[AYASHI NO CERES] scarlet.mp3
243,[MUSIC] Ai Yori Aoshi - Towa no Hana
Other Anime\[MUSIC] Ai Yori Aoshi - Towa no Hana.mp3
226,Galaxy Angel - Galaxy Bang! Bang!
Other Anime\058 - Galaxy Angels - Galaxy Bang! Bang!.mp3
90,HMM - Choito Suspense
Other Anime\16.mp3
220,Akeboshi - Naruto Ending - Wind
Other Anime\Akeboshi - Wind - VL.mp3
228,Akino Arai - Macross Plus - Voices
Other Anime\Akino Arai - Macross Plus - Voices.mp3
255,Akino Arai - Kazeto Torito Sora
Other Anime\Akino_Arai_-_Reincarnation.mp3
270,HAL - The Starry Sky
Other Anime\Angelic Layer - The Starry Sky.mp3
Other Anime\angelic_layer.wav
167,See-Saw - a stray child
Other Anime\hack sign - stray child.mp3
247,Porno Graffitti - Hitori no Yoru - GTO Theme 2
Other Anime\Anime - Great Teacher Onizuka - hitori no yoru (OP2).mp3
342,Hayashibara M. & Okui M. - Party Night
Other Anime\Di Gi Charat - Party Night Hyper.mp3
244,Do As Infinity - Boukensha Tachi
Other Anime\Do As Infinity - Boukensha Tachi.mp3
246,Do As Infinity - Shinjitsu no Shi (full)
Other Anime\Do As Infinity - Shinjitsu no Shi (full).mp3
291,DualParallel Trouble Adventure - Dual!
Other Anime\Dual! Parallel Trouble Adventure - Opening theme.mp3
200,The Pillows - Opening
Other Anime\FLCL - Opening.mp3
184,Froggymix - Sakura B.O - No Nagging ( Na Na Na )
Other Anime\FroggyMix - No nagging Anymore.mp3
202,Okazaki Ritsuko - chiisana inori
Other Anime\Fruits Basket - Chiisana Inori.mp3
268,Horie Yui - For Fruits Basket (Yui Vocal)
Other Anime\Fruits Basket - For Fruits Basket (Horie Yui).mp3
264,Ritsuko Okazaki - For Fruits Basket
Other Anime\Fruits Basket Op - For Fruits Basket.mp3
293,Tanaka Rie - Shizukana Yoruni
Other Anime\Gundam SEED OST1 - 29 Shizukana Yoruni.mp3
90,hack SIGN - Obsession (Opening theme)
Other Anime\hack SIGN - Obsession (Opening theme).mp3
189,anime - secret of mana theme (techno mix)
Other Anime\anime - secret of mana theme (techno mix).mp3
290,Nana Katase - Fantasy
Other Anime\Hikaru no Go - 07 - Fantasy - Nana Katase.mp3
235,Hikaru no Go - End theme
Other Anime\Hikaru no Go - End theme.mp3
316,Dream - Get Over
Other Anime\Hikaru no Go - Get Over.mp3
266,Hikaru No GO - Hitomi No Chikara
Other Anime\Hikaru no Go - Hitomi no Chikara.mp3
284,Hikaru no Go - I'll Be the One
Other Anime\Hikaru no Go - Opening 2 - I'll Be the One.mp3
300,Anime- Princess Mononoke - The Legend of Ashitaka (1)
Other Anime\Anime- Princess Mononoke - The Legend of Ashitaka (1).mp3
283,Hunter X opening
Other Anime\Hunter X opening.mp3
252,Anime Verschiedene - Hellsing Cool OP Long.Version
Other Anime\Anime Verschiedene - Hellsing Cool OP Long.Version.mp3
227,Electronica--Speed Racer - Speedracer (Techno Remix)
Other Anime\Aphex Twin - Speed Racer (Techno Remix).mp3
89,azumanga daioh.wav
Other Anime\azumanga daioh.wav
244,Beyblade - Fighting Spirits
Other Anime\Beyblade - Fighting Spirits.mp3
88,Bubblegum Crisis 2040 - Theme
Other Anime\bubblegum crisis 2040 theme.mp3
295,Candidate for Goddess - Chance (Ending)
Other Anime\candidate for goddess - chance.mp3
285,Junko Watanabe - Ima, Egao ga Areba
Other Anime\gate_keepers_21_-_junko_watanabe_-_ima,_egao_ga_areba.mp3
337,Super GALS! Kotobuki Ran ED - Dakishimetai
Other Anime\Dakishimetai.mp3
262,ano hi ni
Other Anime\ano hi ni.mp3
93,19 Sayonara(AnimationEdit)
Other Anime\19_Sayonara(AnimationEdit).mp3
92,Yuki Kajiura, Saeko Chiba - Sayonara Solitaire (TV size)
Other Anime\27 Sayonara Solitaire (TV size).mp3
257,blurry eyes
Other Anime\blurry eyes.mp3
326,COMA - Datte, Daisuki Dakara
Other Anime\Datte Daisuki!.mp3
273,Fall in YOU
Other Anime\fall in you.mp3
270,Mikuni Shimokawa - Karenai Hana
Other Anime\Full Metal Panic! - Ost 1 - 24 - Karenai Hana.mp3
252,Anime Music - Full Metal Alchemist ED - Kesenai Tsumi
Other Anime\Anime Music - Full Metal Alchemist ED - Kesenai Tsumi.mp3
268,Aki Maeda - Daijoubu
Other Anime\daijoubu.mp3
206,ԉECh - ԉECh̉
Other Anime\Hanaukyo Maid Tai no Uta.mp3
209,Osokugyoyou Tai - Sanshoku No Himitsu
Other Anime\Shansoku no Himitsu.mp3
94,Kuribayashi Minami - Tsubasa wa Pleasure Line (TV Size)
Other Anime\26. Tsubasa wa Pleasure Line (TV Size).mp3
Other Anime\HAPPY LESSON OP - C'.mp3
212,Sleepin' Johnny Fish - Telescope
Other Anime\Happy_Lesson_TV_-_Telescope.mp3
218,Akiko Nakagawa - Yume no Miyako TOKYO LIFE
Other Anime\Happy_Lesson_TV_-_Yume_No_Miyako_Tokyo_Life.mp3
244,Angelic Layer - Be My Angel
Other Anime\BeMyAngel.mp3
Other Anime\angelicPlayerP-PamePagariPsingleP-P01P-PamePagari.mp3
97,Azumanga Daioh - OST 1 - 38 - Raspberry Heaven - TV size
Other Anime\38 Raspberry heaven(TV size).mp3
93,Azumanga Daioh - OST 1 - 02 - Soramimi Cake (Cake of Mishearing) - TV size
Other Anime\02 soramimi keeki(TV size).mp3
95,Read or Die - R.O.D -Opening Version-
Other Anime\01P-PR.O.DP-OpeningPVersion-.mp3
360,LASTEXILE - Cloud Age Symphony
Other Anime\01 - Lastexile O.S.T.-Dolce Triade Cloud Age Symphony.mp3
241,Gatekeepers - Auu no Egao no Tame ni
Other Anime\Gatekeepers OST1 - 02 - Auu No Egao No Tame Ni.mp3
226,Mahou Sensei Negima! - Happy Material
Other Anime\Happy_Material_OP1.mp3-link.mp3
196,Hontou no Kimochi
Other Anime\Hontou no Kimochi.mp3
320,KEY The Metal Idol - In the Night
Other Anime\In the Night.mp3
216,itsumo nando demo
Other Anime\itsumo nando demo.mp3
204,Super GALS! - ran
Other Anime\A-I-TSU.mp3
271,Hand Maid May - Jump ~ Meippai Dakishimete
Other Anime\JUMP ~ Meippai Dakishimete!.mp3
232,Kawasumi Ayako - Kaerimichi
Other Anime\kaeremichi.mp3
262,Kaleido Star - Real Identity
Other Anime\Kaleido_Star_-_Real_Identity.mp3
216,Kaleido Star - Take It Shake It[1]
Other Anime\Kaleido_Star_-_Take_It_Shake_It[1].mp3
268,Kaleido Star - Yakusoku no Basho e
Other Anime\kaleido_star_op_2_-_chihiro_yonekura_-_yakusoku_no_basho_e.mp3
330,Maaya Sakamoto - Kuuki To Hosi
Other Anime\Kuuki to Hoshi.mp3
225,Yumi Kikuchi & Manabi Mizuno & Asami Sanada - Mahoro de Mambo
Other Anime\mahoro de mambo.mp3
291,Mahou Senshi Louie - Love&Pain
Other Anime\Mahou_Senshi_Louie_-_Love_Pain.mp3
256,Mahou Senshi Louie - Twinkle Trick
Other Anime\Mahou_Senshi_Louie_-_Twinkle_Trick.mp3
200,Masami Okui - Mata Ashita
Other Anime\mata ashita.mp3
226,Boys Be - Minna ga Iine
Other Anime\Minna ga ii ne.mp3
236,Atsuko Enomoto - Happy! Smile! Hello!
Other Anime\Panyo Panyo DigiCharat.mp3
326,single bed
Other Anime\single bed.mp3
119,saikano - track01
Other Anime\saikano_-_track01.mp3
260,MagicTai Opening
Other Anime\Senobi o shite Follow You.mp3
334,AKIRA SUDOU - Waiting for YOU
Other Anime\Waiting for You.mp3
248,move - Drivin' Through The Night
Other Anime\move_-_drivin_through_the_night.mp3
255,Bomb A Head! Returns!
Other Anime\tenjotenge.mp3
217,UtfR - tomorow
Other Anime\Tomorrow.mp3
312,Silent City
Other Anime\Silent City.mp3
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344,ureshi namida
Other Anime\ureshi namida.mp3
228,Ace File - WHITE STATION
Other Anime\white station.mp3
324,Onegai Teacher - Shooting Star (op)
Other Anime\Onegai Teacher - Shooting Star (op).mp3
92,Candidate for Goddess - Opening
Other Anime\opening.mp3
121,The Powerpuff Girls - Love Makes the World Go Round
Other Anime\Power Puff Girls - Love Makes The World Go Round.mp3
633,Steel Angel Kurumi - Opening
Other Anime\Opening theme.mp3
228,El Hazard - El Hazard OAV Ending
Other Anime\oav_ending.mp3
246,Maaya Sakamoto - Hemisphere
Other Anime\RahXephon - Hemisphere.mp3
271,Magic Knight Rayearth - Full Opening (English)
Other Anime\Magic Knight Rayearth - Full Opening (English).mp3
291,Lunar SSS - Kaze No Nokutaan (Wind's Nocturne)
Other Anime\Lunar SSS - Wind's Nocturne (Kaze no Nokutaan) [Japanese] (1).mp3
82,Princess Mononoke english Theme Song
Other Anime\Princess Mononoke english Theme Song.mp3
269,Okui Masami - Megami ni Naritai ~for a yours~
Other Anime\Megami ni Naritai ~for a yours~.mp3
282,Serial Experiments Lain - Duvet (Cyberia Remix)
Other Anime\Lain - Duvet (Cyberia Remix) (BOA).mp3
260,Sakamoto Maaya - Kiseki no Umi
Other Anime\Record of Lodoss War - Kiseki No Umi.mp3
167,Wolf's Rain - Maaya Sakamoto - Gravity
Other Anime\maaya sakamoto - gravity.mp3
Other Anime\last_exile.wav
304,Ryuichi Sakamoto - Wings of Honneamise - 15 - Fade (v)
Other Anime\Ryuichi Sakamoto - Wings of Honneamise - 15 - Fade (v).mp3
214,Steel Angel Kurumi - Kiss Kara Hajimaru Miracle 2
Other Anime\Steel Angel Kurumi - Kiss Kara Hajimaru Miracle 2.mp3
192,Suzuki Hiroko - Ai no hikari to kage
Other Anime\The Rose of Versailles - Ending.mp3
256,Kiddy Grade - Mirai no Kioku
Other Anime\kiddy grade [op] - mirai no kioku.mp3
209,Tokyo Mew Mew - Koi wa A LA MODE (ED)
Other Anime\Tokyo Mew Mew - Koi_wa_a_la_Mode_(ED).mp3
232,Rika Komatsu - My Sweet Heart
Other Anime\Tokyo Mew Mew - My Sweet Heart.mp3
236,Mew Ichgo - Koi wa a la mode (Ichigo Solo)
Other Anime\Tokyo Mew Mew Character Songs ~ Ichigo - 04 - Koi wa a la mode (Ichigo Solo).mp3
140,The Ventures - Thunder Cloud
Other Anime\Ventures - Thunder Cloud {Naruto}.mp3
155,X-Japan - X Anime Intro
Other Anime\X-Japan - X Anime Intro.mp3
268,RAMAR - Wild Flowers
Other Anime\Zoids_opening.mp3
209,Akino Arai - Hiru no Tsuki
Outlaw Star\Japanese - Akino Arai - Outlaw Star - Hiru No Tsuki.mp3
273,Akino Arai - Tsuki no Ie
Outlaw Star\Outlaw Star - House of Moon (2nd Ending).mp3
180,Joe Boyd Vigil - Starwind (Outlaw Star)
Outlaw Star\Outlaw Star - Starwind.mp3
252,Theme - Outlaw Star (Opening)
Outlaw Star\Theme - Outlaw Star (Opening).mp3
100,Toonami - Outlaw Star - Twilight Suzuka's Theme
Outlaw Star\Toonami - Outlaw Star - Twilight Suzuka's Theme.mp3
207,Anime - Ranma - Opening Theme (Season 1)
Ranma\Anime - Ranma - Opening Theme (Season 1).mp3
136,Anime - Ranma - Shampoo Neko Hanten
Ranma\Anime - Ranma - Shampoo Neko Hanten.mp3
189,Trigun - No Beat
222,Ranma 1-2 - Yamadera Kouichi [Ryoga] - Hai
Ranma\Ranma 1-2 - 1992 Song Calendar - 09 - Yamadera Kouichi [Ryoga] - Haikei Akane-san [Dear Akane-san].mp3
274,Bonnie Pink - It's Gonna Rain
Rurouni Kenshin\(Bonnie Pink) (Samurai x) Its gonna rain.mp3
310,Anime - Samurai X - Rurouni Kenshin - Opening Song
Rurouni Kenshin\Anime - Samurai X - Rurouni Kenshin - Opening Song.mp3
95,Rurouni Kenshin - Freckles (eng)
Rurouni Kenshin\anime_ Rurouni Kenshin - Freckles (eng).MP3
326,Rurouni Kenshin - Rurouni Kenshin - Kimi Ni Fureru Dakede
Rurouni Kenshin\Rurouni Kenshin - Kimi Ni Fureru Dakede.mp3
255,Samurai X - Sobakasu
Rurouni Kenshin\Rurouni Kenshin - Sobakasu.mp3
135,Rurouni Kenshin - Kaoru's Love Theme
Rurouni Kenshin\Samurai X - Kaoru's Love Theme.mp3
159,Rurouni Kenshin - Kenshin's Theme
Rurouni Kenshin\Samurai X - Rurouni Kenshin - Kenshin's Theme.mp3
265,Rurouni Kenshin - Tactics
Rurouni Kenshin\Theme_-_Samurai_X_-_The_Yellow_Monkey_-_Tactics.mp3
264,Slayers Try - Breeze
Slayers\anime-Slayers Try-Breeze.mp3
267,Megumi Hayashibara - Give A Reason
Slayers\Give A Reason(intro).mp3
281,Slayers Next - Jama Ha Sasenai
Slayers\Jama wa Sasenai.mp3
319,Megumi Hayashibara - Reflection
Slayers\Megumi Hayashibara - (Slayers)Reflection.mp3
326,slayers - breeze (windstorm mix)
Slayers\slayers - breeze (windstorm mix).mp3
268,Slayers - I & Myself
Slayers\Slayers - I Myself.mp3
260,Slayers - Kimi ni Todoketai
Slayers\Slayers - Kimi ni Todoketai.mp3
298,Slayers Return - Run All The Way (Lina)
Slayers\Slayers Return - Run All The Way (Lina).mp3
343,Wataru Takagi - Fair Wind
Slayers\Slayers TRY - Fair Wind.mp3
175,anime - Magical Girl Pretty Sammy Theme
Tenchi Muyo\anime - Magical Girl Pretty Sammy Theme.mp3
260,anime- tenchi muyo - washu's lullaby
Tenchi Muyo\anime- tenchi muyo - washu's lullaby.mp3
Tenchi Muyo\gxp_close.wav
284,Megumi Hayashibara - ALCHEMY OF LOVE
Tenchi Muyo\Megumi Hayashibara - Alchemy Of Love.mp3
222,Pretty Sammy - Yume Mireba Yume mo Yume Janai
Tenchi Muyo\Pretty Sammy - Yume Mireba Yume mo Yume Janai.mp3
Tenchi Muyo\shintenchi.mp3
331,Tenchi Muyo! - Dimension of Love
Tenchi Muyo\Tenchi Muyo - Dimension of Love.mp3
133,Tenchi - sad piano.mp3
Tenchi Muyo\Tenchi Muyo ~ Sad Piano.mp3
307,Tenchi Muyo! - I'm a Pioneer
Tenchi Muyo\Tenchi Muyo- Pioneer.mp3
180,Tenchi Muyo - Pretty Sammy Dance Mix
Tenchi Muyo\Tenchi Muyo -Techno Dance.mp3
80,Tenchi Muyo! GXP opening
Tenchi Muyo\Tenchi Muyo! GXP opening.avi
262,Tenchi Universe - Opening Theme (English)
Tenchi Muyo\tenchi_universe_ opening.mp3
214,Tenchi Muyo! - Yamerarenai, Yamerarenai (Unstoppable, Unstoppable) [Japanese]
Tenchi Muyo\yamerarenai.mp3
91,Anime - Trigun (Opening theme)
Trigun\Anime - Trigun Opening.mp3
277,Trigun - NerveRack
Trigun\Trigun - Nerve Rack.mp3
276,Trigun-Theme (Remix) (1)
Trigun\Trigun-Theme (Remix) (1).mp3
125,Revolutionary Girl Utena - Akio Car
Utena\Revolutionary Girl Utena - Akio Car.mp3
120,Revolutionary Girl Utena - Duelists
Utena\Revolutionary Girl Utena - Duelists.mp3
78,Revolutionary Girl Utena - Evergreen Memory
Utena\Revolutionary Girl Utena - Evergreen Memory.mp3
272,Revolutionary Girl Utena - Opening Theme
Utena\Revolutionary Girl Utena - Opening Theme.mp3
97,Revolutionary Girl Utena - She's Elegant
Utena\Revolutionary Girl Utena - She's Elegant.mp3
126,Revolutionary Girl Utena - Last Revolution
Utena\Shoujo Kakumei Utena - Last Evolution.mp3
133,Utena - Nagusami No Kyoushuu
Utena\Utena - Nagusami No Kyoushuu.mp3
131,Summoning the Sword Of Dios
Utena\utena - Sword Of Dios Music.mp3
156,Revolutionary Girl Utena - Overture
248,Revolutionary Girl Utena - Virtual Star Hasseigaku
314,Escaflowne - 17 - Arcadia
Visions of Escaflowne\Escaflowne - 17 - Arcadia.mp3
196,Sakamoto Maaya - Aoi Hitomi
Visions of Escaflowne\Escaflowne - Aoi Hitomi.mp3
178,Yoko Kanno - Black Escaflowne
Visions of Escaflowne\Escaflowne - Black Escaflowne.mp3
213,Escaflowne - Fantasia of the Wind (Inst)
Visions of Escaflowne\Escaflowne - Fantasia Of The Wind.mp3
281,Escaflowne - Into the Light
Visions of Escaflowne\Escaflowne - Into The Light.mp3
-1,Escaflowne - Mystic Eyes (japanese)
Visions of Escaflowne\Escaflowne - Myst.mp3
130,Yoko Kanno - Sad, Strange Cello
Visions of Escaflowne\Escaflowne - Sad Strange Cello.mp3
285,Yoko Kanno and Hajme Mizoguchi - Shadow of Doubt
Visions of Escaflowne\Escaflowne - Shadow of Doubt.mp3
97,Yoko Kanno & Hajime Mizoguchi - Sora's Folktale
Visions of Escaflowne\Escaflowne - Sora's Folktale.mp3
249,Visions of Escaflowne - The Vision of Escaflowne
Visions of Escaflowne\escaflowne - the vision of escaflowne.mp3
338,escaflowne - white dove
Visions of Escaflowne\escaflowne - white dove.mp3
233,Escaflowne, A Girl In Gaea - You're Not Alone (Yubiwa in english)
Visions of Escaflowne\Escaflowne - You're Not Alone (Yubiwa in english).mp3
222,Escaflowne - Yubiwa ( flute)
Visions of Escaflowne\Escaflowne - Yubiwa ( flute).mp3
96,Escaflowne Movie - Final Vision
Visions of Escaflowne\Escaflowne Movie - Final Vision.mp3
217,Escaflowne OST 1 - Wings
Visions of Escaflowne\Escaflowne OST 1 - (10) Wings.mp3
222,Maaya Sakamoto - My best Friend
Visions of Escaflowne\Sakamoto Maaya - My Best Friend.mp3
144,Vision of Escaflowne - Sra
Visions of Escaflowne\sora.mp3
58,Escaflowne - Bird Song (Yoko Kanno)
Visions of Escaflowne\The Vision of Escaflowne Movie OST - 09 Bird Song.mp3
128,Vision Of Escaflowne - Gregorian Chant
Visions of Escaflowne\Vision Of Escaflowne - Gregorian Chant.mp3
214,Escaflowne - Yakusoku wa Iranai
Visions of Escaflowne\Vision of Escaflowne - Yakusoku wa Iranai.mp3
222,Escaflowne - Yubiwa
Visions of Escaflowne\Yubiwa.mp3
Yoko Ishida\Believing.wma
Yoko Ishida\Ienaikara.wma
244,Kowarekaketa Hana
Yoko Ishida\Kowarekaketa Hana.wma
272,Proof of Life
Yoko Ishida\Proof of Life.wma
341,Shinjitsu no Tobira
Yoko Ishida\Shinjitsu no Tobira.wma
264,Spring Field
Yoko Ishida\Spring Field.wma
273,Sugar Baby Love (English)
Yoko Ishida\Sugar Baby Love (English).wma
271,Sugar Baby Love
Yoko Ishida\Sugar Baby Love.wma
Yoko Ishida\Thankful.wma
253,Towa No Hana
Yoko Ishida\Towa No Hana.wma
235,White Destiny
Yoko Ishida\White Destiny.wma
298,Yokohane Gozen 2JI
Yoko Ishida\Yokohane Gozen 2JI.wma
254,Yu Yu Hakusho - Hohoemi no Bakudan
Yu Yu Hakusho\hohoemi_no_bakudan.mp3
317,Yu Yu Hakusho - Taiyou ga Mata Kagayaku Toki
Yu Yu Hakusho\Taiyou ga mata kagayaku toki.mp3
291,Yu Yu Hakusho - Homework Ga Owaranai
Yu Yu Hakusho\Yu Yu Hakusho - Homework ga Owaranai.mp3
254,Yu Yu Hakusho - Opening
Yu Yu Hakusho\Yu Yu Hakusho - Opening.mp3
320,yuyu-hakusho - Ending_Theme
Yu Yu Hakusho\Yuyu Hakusho - Ending Theme.mp3
229,Key of the Twilight
Yukii Kajiura\Key of the Twilight.wma
278,Open Your Heart
Yukii Kajiura\Open Your Heart.wma
231,Zodiacal Sign
Yukii Kajiura\Zodiacal Sign.wma

Okay this is the other half. XD
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How about CDs?
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Wish I have some.(LUCKY BASTARDS!!)
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I don't know about lucky, collecting import CDs is a very expensive habit. All of the CDs I own ultimately were paid for through work.
Sydney-"If I'm rough, it's because you like it when I'm... are we on comms?"
Jack-"YES, you're both on comms RIGHT NOW"
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Man, I almost feel ashamed to come back to this thread!!! raynebc has taken over man. Man, you CD count is staggering!! Well, here's the latest I picked up:

Clampazar- 15th Anniversary CD and Box
Bleach- O.S.T. I
Full Metal Alchemist O.S.T III
Mobile Suit Gundam Seed Destiny O.S.T. II
Naruto O.S.T. III

I've gotten more but don't remember when I got them so I'll have to check the thread to see the CD's that I have now that I haven't listed here.
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A few more:

620. Gundam 8th MS Team - Arashi no naka de kagayaite (single)
621. Utada Hikaru - Distance
622. Kuraki Mai - Fairy Tale
623. Ayumi Hamasaki - A Best
624. Masami Okui - Devotion (First Press)
625. Masami Okui - Rebirth
626. R.O.R/s - Tattoo Kiss (single)
627. Gundam singles history
628. Lunar Songs 1

Good stuff, but I couldn't get my hands on any more Megumi cds...
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I went to a music store in Kyoto yesterday. I looked at the anime OSTs but only found 3 from series I actually knew.

Living in Japan, I'm out of touch with anime
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Very impressive, raynebc. But either you're making more money than you let on, or you're buying CD's at a buck apeice. My collection started from suncoast and then moved to Japan Town in SanFran, where everything is at the fingertips. The bookstore there will even order almost any CD, import or otherwise. But thats a bit expensive.

My collection is pretty puny since most of mine are scrached and unreadable.

Tenchi Muyo OST
Tenchi Muyo 5 CD set
Be Human
Japan for sale vol. 1, 2, and 3
Please Teacher OST
Please Twins Complete Soundtrack [Import]
DDR MAX 7th mix

and others that I can't remember off the top of my head.

But honestly, good luck with your CD collection. I respect anyone that puts forth that much effort in to somthing they like....It shows integrity...
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The most money I've ever made was $7.95 per hour. The most I have ever earned was that rate at 45-50 hours per week, that happened a few times. If I buy used CDs within the country, I might be lucky and get them for $5 (single)-$15 (album) each. But take for example the next set of used CDs I am going to get from Japan:

$13.00 Masami Okui - "Megami ni naritai" single KIDA-208
$10.00 Masami Okui - "Shu Aka" single KIDA 167
$16.00 Ayumi Hamasaki - Step You/Is this love? (w/ DVD) AVCD-30722
$15.00 pida-1051 (1999/07/23)
$15.00 spls-846830 (1999/11/12)

To go through a third party outside the country to buy used CDs, you usually pay as much as the list price for new or more. But since these items are not available new (with the exception of Ayumi's Step you single), I am getting them however I can. Also keep in mind that there will be a final EMS shipping cost, which will probably be around $25 or more. It's not that I make a lot of money, I just spend most of my extra cash on CDs whenever I can afford to, and have been doing so for years. I am really looking forward to getting my next set of CDs. They're like crack, but legal and with no negative side effects.

By the way, do any stores in this Japan town sell over the internet (like by email)?
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Well its been a while since I got some CD's but hot from

-Evangelion: Death and Rebirth (single) - thank you GuGuEaTeR for giving me the song title
-Tribute to Azumanga Daioh Live! - listening to now, rasberry heaven live sounds great!
-Azumanga Daoih Vocal Best
-Suikoden IV OST

Well I have all the Azumanga Daioh albums now, I have the first character single already but I'm undecided if I'm going to get the rest...
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I have a bunch of stuff from the web, but actual cds I have the Gundam Orchestra OST, Lupin the 3rd OST, Lupin the 3rd Side Burn Club, Toonami Deep Space Bass, Tenchi Muyo OST, Discovery.
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Latest batch:

629. Utada Hikaru - Edodus (domestic release)
630. Ayumi Hamasaki - Step you/Is this love? (CD+DVD, single)
631. Masami Okui - Shu-AKA (single)
632. Kitty's Paradise (single)
633. Sanrio Puroland original CD vol. 3
634. Atelier Iris bonus soundtrack
635. Sanrio Puroland original CD vol. 1
636. Digi Charat - Cutie (single)
637. Digi Charat - Megami ni naritai~For a yours (single)
638. Atelier VOLKSLIED vocal collection
639. Atelier Iris original drama CD

I can't wait for Ayumi's Fairyland single to be released, the Alterna video is great. I'm a couple Megumi CDs closer. Now, I only need 1 ultra rare Megumi CD and I'll have all her vocal songs. I'll have to try to get the other Atelier vocal collections, nice stuff.
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