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Your most compelling manga

I'm starting this thread because I recently finished Harukana Machi-E. (*ahem* Shameless Plug)

Ok, seriously, I want to know what manga you have read that was the most compelling. The most intriguing. The manga that kept you in and in and in and after each chapter, made you want more and more and more. And when it was over (if it is one that finished) left you in awe. So much awe that every once in a while, you wish there was more.

I'm not refering to something that was just plain entertaining (i.e. for me, that'd be Azumanga Daioh), although I won't disallow any manga you choose.

Basically, just something that continuously made you say "wow" while you read it. I'm sure the choices will vary since what I'm asking is somewhat vague, but hopefully you can understand exactly what I'm asking.

If it's not obvious, my first choice is Harukana Machi-E. Well, that and Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou. These two produce a different form of "wow" from each other, but are probably equally my first choices for this question.

Oh, and this thread is two-fold. I'm also going to use it to find more manga for me to read that is of Harukana Machi-E's calibur. (I'm so sly. mwahaha)


For the record, this isn't just some "what's your favorite manga?" question. Neither of the two mangas listed above are my "favorite" mangas, but they are the first ones I'd choose in accordance to the question I'm asking.

Oh yea, and feel free to explain why you chose what you chose. It's not required. If you're anything like me, you'll have trouble trying to explain a manga that strikes the sort of "wow" as the ones above did for me. Other than explaining what the manga is about, it really is hard to verbally (y'know what I mean) portray how you feel about something that is so... well, compelling.

Damn, I hope this longer than planned post doesn't confuse you too much.
I'm not dumb, I just have a command of thoroughly useless information.

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Hmm, interesting question. If I had to pick just one manga title, it would most likely be Minekura Kazuya's 'Wild Adapter,' which I never tire of reading, and appreciate much more than any other manga in my collection. There's just something so inspiring about it all.

A runner-up would be In-Wan Youn and Kyung-Il Yang's 'Island.'
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Naruto and Berserk easy.
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I'll have to second on Akira too.
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I'm going to go for Naoki Urasawa's 20th Century Boys. It's extremely character driven and keeps rolling at just the right pace, like some kind of grit spreader vehicle. Except a lot faster, and spewing out HOT FRESH SPOILERS instead of, you know, grit.
For those unfamiliar with it, it chronicles the lives of a group of boys, who, when they were young in 1969, started a secret club in their elementary school that had its own symbol. Fast forward to 1997, and a cultist religion headed by the anonymous "Friend" is using the same symbol for itself, and has developed harsh doctrines based seemingly upon the boys' adventures as children. However, Friend starts becoming a danger, and the rest of the boys begin working to find out who he is and put a stop to him.
The story encompasses time periods from 1969 to 2014, and sees a lot of people die, a lot of people reproduce, and a lot of people become decidedly more badass. It's awesome seeing a party of shopkeepers, accountants, salarymen, police officers and teachers band together and take on an assailant, maintaining their identities as ordinary people nomatter how adept at their role of 'freedom fighters' they become. And then, just when you're getting bored of the setting - POW, 2014, and you see how the world's changed and who's fighting who now.
It's very, very unpredictable and very, very compelling, and covers a lot of characters, scenarios and concepts very fluently. It's not currently finished, which is a shame because being left at the deliberate cliffhangers often feels like SHARP KNIVES STABBING THROUGH YOUR GENITALS in terms of PURE PAIN. And the best part is it's TOTALLY UNLICENSED so you can download it fantranslated all you want. Not sure if I can link to it because we have some NEUROTIC, SELF-RIGHTEOUS BASTARDS on the forum, but the groups "The Hawks" and "Mangascreener" did it if that'll aid your google-ing.
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If you asked me this question a few months ago I would have also said 20th century boys. But unfortunately my enthousiasm for 20th cb has gone down since(started going down from vol13) I feel that the story is being dragged out a bit at the moment but I still like it a lot tho.
For the rest I'm compelled by almost every manga I read, manga's really like a drug to me.
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I haven't read volume 13 yet. Getting this stuff off of IRC is such a pain in the ass... why do they have to make all their Torrents for the manga of the HUGE-ASS 45435645674567645 MB .TIF FILES? So that i have to get the .JPG ones off of freaking IRC?
Slapping is imminent.
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Yeah i know what you mean hq scans are 10 times bigger then lq scans and quite frankly I don't see any difference between them.
On the bright side volume 14 is getting more ineresting again.
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I'm reading Priest as it comes out. It's not Japanese, rather it is Korean.

It follows the life of Ivan Isaacs, his time as a boy, his time as a church-goes, his time as in the cloth and his time as an evil-fighter. He grew up a rich rancher's adopted son and is sent off to the Catholic Church to be trained as a Priest, but while studying for higher placement, his research is stopped for unknown reasons at the time and he is sent off to be a Priest. Then, out of the blue, he is sent for by the Pope's secret division of the church. Things happen, he goes back very close to his hometown on the Wild Western frontier, and that's when things go sour.
His "sister" (him being adopted), whom he is great attracted to, is dead one night when he returns home from working on the frontier. His work, top secret, is the cause of this. He cannot come to accept it and swiftly goes into denial, treating her as though she is alive still.
Soon after, a horde, the townspeople, appear outside his mansion. While, they're undead and only more undead appear from there. Turns out his work on the frontier was releasing a fallen seraph and his combatant from their tomb where they were fighting an eternal battle.
Soon after, Ivan is dead because of the horde. While, the Seraph's combatant offers Ivan inhuman strength and edurance on top of being back from death in return for half of his soul. Ivan readily accepts this, eager for revenge upon those who killed his love. Things only get worse as the other Fallen Seraphs are re-awakened. Much much much worse.

I just picked this up one day at Walden and was amazed by its quality. And not too long ago, I had a friend read it. A devout Catholic friend. He handed it back to me once he finished it and told me he was very very very afraid. It apparently fills in all the gaps in his knowledge of Catholic history. Amazing piece of work. The art is stunning and if you want gore with a great storyline and plenty of historic references, hop to it.
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Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind..., I picked this up way back in 1988/89..., it was the second manga series I had bothered to collect in it's entirety.., & to this day.., it's still one of the deepest , & most thought provoking manga that I've read...,
And yet more bollocks..,

"Touch not the pussy without a glove" - McPhearson clan motto ala IAL :P
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I'd have to say Angel Sanctuary. I am so sick and tired of people making fun of me for reading it because of a particular relationship between two certain characters in the story. So what?! And they continue to read it, too! If you can't handle it, stop reading it gadnummit!!

Sorry, that just pisses me off.

It's a controversial manga because it contains certain themes such as homosexuality, incest, and religious topics (Like an anti-god campaign...I guess). Quite thought provoking... I've only read up to Vol. 6 though. Need to get Vol. 7 and 8.
Seize those precious moments, my friend. Carpe Diem.

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Originally Posted by EVA fiend
Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind..., I picked this up way back in 1988/89..., it was the second manga series I had bothered to collect in it's entirety.., & to this day.., it's still one of the deepest , & most thought provoking manga that I've read...,
Ditto on this one. There was an ice storm earlier this year where I lived and I stocked up for it by buying some comics, one of which was a few Nausicaa volumes. However I didn't get the last one and spent most of the ice storm looking for volume 7. I found that last one and honestly Nausicaa is one of the most satisfying reads I've ever encountered reading a long form comic.

Another Japanese comic that I found to be utterly compelling for entirely different reasons was Yoshiharu Tsuge's short story "Screw Style". It's compelling since it can be read as so many different things; a horror story, an allegory for life in post WWII-Japan, a dream, etc. It's also one of the most nightmarish comics I've ever read. The scene with the nurse still haunts me whenever I think about it.
If by high art you mean it's fun to smoke pot and look at Mike Mignola's art, I'm in total agreement.
- Tom Spurgeon (writer for the comics journal), on whether or not Mike Mignola's Hellboy is high art
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I'd say Marmalade Boy, i don't know if i found it compelling or if it awed me, but i do know i read through all 8 volumes online in a day, and it took me the better part of that day to do so, only manga where i had to know what happened next and then what happened after that, and so on. Funny thing is i don't usually like manga like that.
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I think Hana Kimi is the most intriguing for me. The story is very interesting and very unique. For those who still don't about this manga and very eager to read it, just visit this link You will not regret it, A very amazing manga series...
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