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Tatekomoru High School Application Form

[b]Name of Student: Wang Wu Wei
Age: 14

[b]Physical Description of Student:
Asian/Caucasian appereance.
Dark brown/black hair, Brown Eyes, Scar on left cheek. 173 cm tall

[b]Personality Characteristics of Student:
Has strong sense of good and wrong and provokes all who he sees as wrong. Always tries to help others. Gentle and very easy going normally, but always tries to force his will upon others and taunting all who he sees as wrong. Has been know for his countless futile attempts to court the female student in his class.

[b]Student's History:
Of Hebrew/Chinese origin.
No brothers/sisters. Orphan, since 5 year old. Lived in orphanage until an offer from NERV to join them.

Loves children, animals and playing piano.
Has practiced Kendo since the age of 6
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Name of Student: Karasu Megumi


Physical Description of Student: 5'6'', long black silky waist lenght hair, and navy blue eyes.

Personality Characteristics of Student: The quiet type, who only listens to others. She enjoys being alone and tends to keep everyone away from her personal life. She mostly spends her time reading books alone. Enjoys playing the violin which shows she has an interest in music. Karasu's also well mannered around her elders and respects everyone.

Student's History: Karasu was born in California, but then it was said students caused many problems around her. Her mother and father divorced when she was only 5. Living with her mother, she locked her life away since her mother was in love with her new husband. Karasu found her father marrying his girlfriend after her mother and her boyfriend we're on their honeymoon. Mails to Karasu's mother never reached her, due to her always busy with her step dad. When Karasu turned 12 she figured she didn't need anyone to help her. Months later, she recieved a letter from NERV since her standards are high. Karasu was moved to Tokyo-3 living with her foster parent assigned by NERV.
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Post Student Application

Name: Judd Zarbon

Age: Barely 14

Physical Desrciption: Average size, brown hair, blue eyes, muscley, dragon tattoo down arm, etc...

Pesonality Characteristics of Student: Quiet, shy, spends alot of time on computer, well organised, fast typer, avoids contact with girls ( not yet in [/I]that[/I] stage yet seems to be fond of some girls)plays some heavy metal, can go long without food, short tempered to much else to say.

History of Student: Born and Raised in Australia,with the accent, was in Singleton Heights Public school, slight asthma when young, swore vengeance when Angels attacked his town.

Other: Feels very nervous when praised, good sense of humour (comedy relief), sweats uncontrolebly when a girl goes over the line ( if you know what I mean), will do anything to kill the Angels, likes living in a tidy room.

I suppose this should be efficient
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