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Okay, update.

It has been rumored that the special episode 7 for the 3rd OVA might be an epilogue to the whole series. If you're lucky, you'll get your final choice there.

But don't expect to see it for a while. Funimation won't be able to license that until after its finished.
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Gah. We've been waiting for a answer so long. But I dunno. This whole 3rd ova kinda leaves me "cold". I miss the relaxed atmosphere of the first episodes.
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Umm...yay for Ayeka?
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I haven't been watching the new OAV but I've always thought Tenchi should choose Ryoko. She is the one that TRULY loves. I could see her putting her own life before his. Well actually, she has, many times.
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Another Update: Dubbing on Tenchi III OVA Plus 1 Completed:

The official Japanese Tenchi Muyo website now hosts a photo of the Japanese Tenchi voice cast commemorating completion of voice recording for the Tenchi Muyo Series III Plus One OAV, "Tenchi Seirou Naredo Namitakashi?" ("Will things around Tenchi go as easy as they look?"). The 30 minute long OAV is scheduled for Japanese DVD release on September 14th

Source: Animenation

From the name of the title, looks like this may be the moment we've all been waiting for. My money is on Ryoko.
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