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Tenchi movies confusion

I finally watched the first two Tenchi movies over the last couple of days. They've left me a little confused though - exactly which Tenchi continuity are they attached with? The only three I know of are Tenchi in Tokyo, Tenchi OAV and Tenchi Universe.

Tenchi in Tokyo is out of the question for both movies since Tench is just a normal guy in that one - he's not part alien and has no powers.

The first movie looks like it's based on Tenchi Universe since Kiyone and Mihoshi are both living in a seperate apartment.

However, the second movie looks like it's based on Tenchi OAV since Tenchi has the Lighthawk blade. But Kiyone was never in OAV - unless you count the Mihoshi special which I assume was OAV based, it has Kiyone but she never arrives on Earth.

Another thing I can't work out is in the first movie. Ayeka and Ryoko start boarding at the Masaki house where Tenchi's (future) grandfather is. Even if it is Tenchi Universe (where he'd never met Ayeka before) I find it hard to believe he wouldn't notice that Ayeka is from Jurai as well.

Finally, in the second movie (assuming it's OAV) Ayeka has to go get a branch from the tree in order to help Tenchi - the reasoning being that it bears the power of Tsunami. But Sasami is with Tenchi and she is combined with Tsunami.
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Movie 1: Tenchi Muyo in Love: Tenchi Universe Continuity. Yosho/Katsuhito probably didn't say anything about Aeka because, being the kind of guy he is, he probably knew a lot about the situation already and saw fit to let them handle it.

Tenchi Muyo: Manatsu no Eve: Released in America as the Second Movie.
A Continuity of its own. Manatsu no Eve is actually based on the Non-Canon novels (Three Tenchi Muyo novels are Canon, often referred to as "The True Tenchi Novels"). The non-canon novels are a different take on the OVA universe; they have Kiyone in it, and the Light Hawk Wings are less associated with the power of God and more associated with just being a really powerful sword.

Movie 2: Tenchi Muyo in Love 2: Released in America as the 3rd movie, Tenchi Forever: Tenchi Universe Continuity.
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That's reasonably accurate.

The 2nd movie has a continutity of its own that branches off around the end of the 1st OVA series.
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