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Exclamation bootleg warning!

I'd just like to warn people who are considering buying the 'Esca' movie. THE VIDEOS AND DVD'S BEING SOLD IN N. AMERICA RIGHT NOW ARE BOOTLEGS! ALL OF THEM! Whether you get them off of Ebay, the internet, or the store down the street! Bandai is the only distributor licenced to sell 'Escaflowne'. If your copy is English subtitled, it's a bootleg! I know the temptation is great to get the movie, but do you really want to rip the producers off? Do you want people to still make great movies like that? Please don't cheat them.

If you think you've spotted or bought a bootleg, you can check here:

This webmistress has found a bunch of bootlegs and listed them and a discription here along with pics.

Now, if you all want to send an email along with me asking them to sell the movie sooner, maybe we could all persuade them. *^^* I'm just as anxious as you are, but I'm not gonna buy a bootleg. Teh only other alternative is ordering the video or DVD from Japan, but not only are they very expensive (I saw the video for sale for $110) but they are raw. (not subtitled) So email Bandai!!
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Got the bootleg a long time ago. Don't like it? Tough I'll be buying the $30 DVD regardless and would have seen it in the theaters if they hadn't removed Boston from the list of cities

Now... if you have a bootleg and you're not gonna purchase the official version...
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I've seen it, and I'm planning on buying it

Sweet movie
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I've downloaded the movie (shame on me!) but I haven't seen it yet (I haven't finished the series neither). but from what I heard it is allot darker then the series and the characters and the story aren't the same like in the series.
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:tsk: You've got to finish it. Yup the movie and the series are different. Just keep the two separate in your mind. ^^
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I got a bootleg copy, and I'm not ashamed of it. I'll buy the offical release when it comes out(if it ever does) but for now I'm happy with the bootleg. Besides, it's money from my own pocket, so I should enjoy it.
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