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Attention: Invitation to join Animeboard's Esca RPG

Greetings! If anyone out there has been interested in joining Animeboard's Escaflowne RPG, now is the time!

Don't worry about feeling lost from suddenly jumping into an already two-year-old RPG. It's getting an overhaul. Changes are in progress, and the new storyline will not rely heavily on what has already happened (currently it looks like the time in the game will fast forward to some point in the future). This is to give any current members who wish to quit the RPG guilt-free or to create new characters a chance to do so. As such, this is also an excellent time for any of you wishing to join because the RPG will be at its freshest since it first began, and you'll be able to slip in quite easily.

The redirection of the storyline should make potential new members happy because it also means that they won't be pressured to read the previous threads since what has already happened isn't entirely important, unless the new member wants to get a feel for the already existing characters. I recommend reading a bit of the threads though to see what our general posting style is like.

Ok, now for the details and info for joining:

Our GM is Kayay. Send her a private message with your character application if you're interested in joining. Be nice to her, cooperate with her, and you'll be fine because she's good at what she does. I've also heard that Nairohe is rejoining, so she might share the GM responsibilities as well.

This is the RPG's webpage. It's a little outdated, but you'll find everything you need to know there (about your application for instance). Feel free to PM Kayay if you have questions.

For quick reference though, this is the thread in which past or current members have posted their character applications, and where you will too once you've been accepted.

This is our RPG art thread because we love artwork. See the FAQ (on the webpage) about submitting a picture of your character.

And just in case any of you just happen to be curious, this is a chart showing the order of the play threads:

>****>*****>****>****Time Progressing****>****>****>

******************************[----------Fanelia---------still going

Hope to see you around!
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