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i saw escaflowne so many times and the plot is okay and character development too, but wasnt the ending just plain old sucked? i mean you just saved gaea from destruction and all she does is go home? what is that? at the end it does show van sitting on a rock so is that supposed to mean that she can visit him any time? well its just me but i liked the series alot but the ending was just not right to me.
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i guess he just didn't know how to end it... but if you think about the whole story and where it was leading to... this was the best plot possible...

see, in the first place, hitomi thought and considered gaea a dream... so no matter how things may seem real, her world, earth is her reality so she has to return to it and chose to return to it...

making hitomi stay in gaea wouldn't be good because its going to show how unreal she is... that means living in a dream world... for her at least... i dunno if i'm saying this right... eheheh... but i hope you get the idea...

i know the ending sucks because some of the relationships weren't cleared up or mended. Allen and Millerna for example... you dont know if they're still going out together or if they've let go of each other... and what about Allen's sister? what's with her? so now that she's back, what happens next?

There's Van and the cat girl... i doubt they'll end up together... its likely that van ends up the king of fanelia... but what?
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Yeah, Escaflowne has one of the best story but the ending is quite disappointing. Most of the times when I watch the show it really excites me and all but the ending is a little bit cold and boring. I totally hate open endings cause it gives me headaches thinking on what's a better ending.
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