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After watching Escaflowne again I realized how absolutely farfetched it was. So many surprising revelations were brought out towards the end of the series. If you put them all in context it's kind of ridiculous.

For example, Allen is the father of the prince of Chid whose mother was sister of Millerna who was also in love with Allen. Allen's father knew Hitomi's grandmother. Allen's sister is Dilandau who is under the command of Folken, who is Van's older brother.

I mean, how can they expect us to buy all these coincidences? I suppose they expect us to call it all fate.

i guess i heard about original sin. i heard the dude blamed the chick. i heard the chick blamed the snake. i heard they were naked when they got busted. i heard things ain't been the same since.
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I never really looked at it that way. but Allen's father was in love with Hitomi's grandme and Allen is in love with Hitomi. yah it is kinda wierd all the coincidences going on here. Maybe it just is to add surprise to the story cause all the characters have big issues with the other ones that they might not even know.. : boy, this is nuts how much more confusing is the series anyway? so much happens that doesn't fit in. (in the dub anyway) so i sometimes get lost even if i know what is happening, thank you fox for @#$%ing with escaflowne and cutting out key scenes!
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