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Dishwasher Senshi-The New Adventures

Editor’s Note: The battle with Queen Gaia is over...the Dishwashers all returned to where they are supposed to be....with images that seemed to be memories...or were they?

As we all know, Senshi NEVER get holidays, vacations, or even normal lives.....

Chapter 1: AQ and AK’s First Date: Dinner and a surprise...

Anime Queen sat at her computer one Saturday morning working on the Sailor Dishwasher WebPages. She had experienced a vaguely familiar feeling every time she sat down now to work on somehow these adventures were real. She laughed to herself. “I think maybe it is because he did such a good job
writing these stories that they seemed real. Especially since he used me as one of the characters in the story, I felt it so much more when I was in the story. STILL......” as she read the text being entered into the site. “There is something about what is written here....”
There was a knock on the door. Her older brother poked his head in the room. “Angela. There is some strange guy here to see you...”

Anime King reflected upon his memories. He was SO close to going out with Anime Queen. Choctaw HAD promised him a date with her after Gaia was defeated. Well, Gaia was vanquished, but he never got his chance with her as Pluto sent everyone home. He shook his head in mock disgust. That Elkhound must have conspired with Setsuna to get them home before the date! He chuckled at a thought. Maybe Choctaw wanted Anime Queen for himself, she HAD always called him ‘cute’... "Nahhhh!”
Now, in the back of his mind, he knew there was a way to get to her. He walked to the kitchen where his mother was washing the breakfast dishes. A bubble floated away from the sink in front of him and a sudden flash, a realization hit! That’s IT!! He ran back to his room.

After locking his door...he concentrated until he felt something materialize in his hand. Looking down, he was pleased to see the transformation scrubbrush with a sun at the top. The scrubbrush of Solar Dishwasher. 'Well, this may not exactly be Dishwasher business, but it was business WITH a Dishwasher.....'
Carefully holding it upward, Anime King called “SOLAR DISHWASHER POWER!” and watched with satisfaction as the symbol rotated and he felt himself transform into Solar Dishwasher. Now for the next part if he recalled correctly.....

“May I help you? Do I know you?” Anime Queen stared at the young man in front of her. “You look familiar in some way...”
Anime King realized that maybe part of her memory must have been affected. He paused to think of what he would say next to trigger her memory. Time to put that dog to use in some way. “Choctaw sent me.”
Her eyes lit up. “PETER!!!!” and threw herself into his arms. “How did you get here?” She looked behind car. Huh? She stepped back and stared at COULDNT be! Her look of surprise increased as she fainted!

She woke up on a couch as her brother was applying a cold washcloth to her forehead. “You alright? You had us both worried when you collapsed.”
Anime King had a look of concern on his face. “I’m sorry. If I had known my appearance would do this to you...”
“No, no! I am fine!” Anime Queen sat up. “I just remembered something...although why it caused me to faint, I have no idea...”
“But you are OK, now, right?” Anime King could not quite get the guilt out of his voice.
She hopped up. “Oh yes....NOW I am! What brought you out here?”
Anime King hesitated. “Well, I was hungry, and I thought maybe I could treat you to lunch...” He opened his wallet and found he had $54 in Canadian money. No good here in North Carolina! “Until I looked in my wallet..” as he quickly put it away before anyone could see it.
Anime Queen was all smiles. “Well...since you came to see me, let it be MY treat today!”
A sigh was heard. “Angel, since your friend evidently DIDN’T drive here......and you DON’T have your license yet, I guess I got drafted as chauffeur.....” He grinned. “AND chaperone!” as both Anime Queen and Anime King got sweatbeads...

“I sense a source of love energy approaching...I can’t wait to prove myself....”

The drive to town was swift time-wise...but to both Anime Queen and Amine King it took forever because her brother INSISTED she sit up front and Anime King sit in the backseat!
Anime King was grumbling to himself. “NEXT time......I AM driving!”
“Say something?” came from upfront.
“No, no, no!” He started sweating again. “I was thinking about how to get here next time.”
The car stopped at a restaurant. “Get through this time first. We will decide IF there will be a next time LATER depending upon how this goes!”
Anime Queen was sweating as she was thinking. “He isn’t happy with me....well....if I buy his lunch, he may be easier on my King!”

“There is my target! I just have to wait...let the target come to me!”

The waitress seated the three of them at a table. Orders were given and food quickly brought to the table. While they were eating, Anime Queen noticed Anime King picking at his salad. “Something wrong?”
“No. It’s just that I have HATED onions ever since I was a little kid. My bad, I forgot to ask for my salad without them! I’ll just have to eat around them.” He picked carefully.
She watched with fascination. “Well...we can always order another one for you.” As sweatbeads appeared on Anime King, she called to the waitress across the room. “My friend needs a salad without onions please!!”
The waitress nodded curtly and went to the kitchen shooting dirty looks at them as Anime King was turning bright red and her brother was snickering at his discomfort.
“So how did you meet Angela?” her brother asked. “She doesn’t go to school.”
Anime King realized he hadn’t prepared for THIS! “Uh...we met at a Anime gathering....”
He felt relief as the reply was “Oh, yes. She enjoys those things a lot. She has met a lot of people there whom she knew through the internet. I keep warning her about the creeps you find out there. Especially the old farts...”
Anime King thought of xqmrp at that last one. “Well....we DO talk through the Internet, but met at the Convention.”
“Much better that way.” He nodded in approval as Anime Queen seemed relieved to hear this. “I think she spends too much time on the Net myself. And this Sailor Dishwasher page has done strange things to her...”
“Oh?” Both looked on in interest. “Like what?”
“Well...she seemed so....out of part of her wasn’t all here. This always seemed to happen when she was working on that page. Then suddenly, she was back to her usual self again. Very odd. I kick her off the computer quite a lot for that reason. I don’t know what is going on, but I wonder about the author of that story......”
Anime King coughed and with visible effort at controlling himself, stood up. “Can you excuse me for a minute? I need to visit the men’s room” and hurried off. Once inside, he found a stall, and sat down...and spent the next ten minutes laughing hysterically at her brother’s descriptions....

Anime Queen looked at her brother. “I wonder what THAT was all about.”
He shrugged as he returned to his meal. “Maybe he ate an onion by accident....”

Anime King was washing his hands when he became aware of a movement behind him. “Excuse me” as he turned around and found himself staring at a being who could be described as a featureless humanoid.
“What are you, and what do you want?” he demanded.
The being responded “I seek a source of energy. You have far too much and I require it.” It reached and touched a startled AK.

Anime Queen was beginning to fidget at her seat. It sure was taking him a long time. Maybe she didn’t live up to his hopes and was trying to think of a nice way to tell her. She felt sad at the thought as he lived up to hers.
Her brother looked at her as if he was reading her thoughts. “Don’t worry. He likes you. And here he comes now.”
She looked up at Anime King as he sat down. She was puzzled about how he sat down. Something very odd here...he was almost...stiff? “Are you alright?” she asked anxiously.
Almost mechanically, he responded “Yes. Do not worry.” He picked up the onions left behind on the salad. “Strange what humans eat for food...” he began as he ate them.
Anime Queen looked up in alarm. Didn’t he just tell her a few minutes ago he HATED onions? And now here he was eating them. And the reference to ‘Human food’? Something wasn’t right here. “I think I need to go to the ladies room” she said.
Anime King stood up. “I don’t think so. You are coming with me.”

Anime Queen’s brother grabbed Anime King by the collar “Hey, leave my sister alone you creepy....!!” as he was belted over the next table for his efforts. He stood up then collapsed in front of a horrified Anime Queen. Anime King turned away from her brother and back to Anime Queen. Patrons started to get up and hurry toward the exits....a waiter ran into the kitchen!

Anime Queen pulled away from the hand reaching for her. “Keep your hands to yourself!”
A sudden commotion to the side got the attention of both of them! Looking in that direction, Anime Queen was horrified to see “PETER!” She turned to the Anime King in front of her. “Alright! I don’t know what you want, but it ends HERE!” In her anger, she felt something materialize in her hand and knew instinctively what it was. “QUEEN DISHWASHER POWER!!!”
“NO!” the fake Anime King reached for her as she was transforming and was knocked over at the last second by the real Amine King! The two of them started wrestling as Queen Dishwasher finished her transformation and was greeted by the sight of TWO Anime Kings fighting each other. One was able to
pull away from the other. They both stared at the angered Queen D.

“My dream date gets ruined because ONE of you had to play the role of the man I love for the purpose of evil! I don’t know what your game is, but ruining dates for evil will not be allowed! I am the pretty sailor-suited Dishwasher of love and Justice, Queen Dishwasher! And on behalf of the Moon Princess, I will punish the wrong one! The REAL AK is my Dishwasher partner! Reveal yourself!” To her surprise, BOTH Anime Kings transformed into TWO Solar Dishwashers.
Both Solar Ds stared at each other. “Get the imposter!” commanded one of them. “I am your real Love!”
“Very clever, Solar D-Fake!” replied the other. “Her heart will tell her YOU are the imposter!”
The stare-down and insults continued to fly back and forth as Queen D felt a sense of frustration. She had no way of telling them thing she doubted would be known. “The REAL Solar D has a bruise on his right arm from our last fight. I KNOW which arm it is because I treated it me your right arms!” Both Solar Ds looked at her then rolled up their Senshi shirtsleeves. One started sweating visibly as his right arm bruise. Queen D turned to him with anger in her eyes. “TIARA SILVER PLATTER!!!!” impacted the fake Solar D and he started to turn to dust.
As the fake was dissolving, he cried. “I was too training wasn’t finished...I hadn’t mastered the skills......” as it vanished forever.

When it disappeared, Solar D collapsed to the floor. Queen D ran to him “Are you alright?”
He smiled. “I am fine. Just getting back the energy that being stole from me.” He stood up and they noticed the remaining patrons staring at them. “I DO think we better finish this date elsewhere....” He looked down his right arm. “And my bruise IS getting better, thank you!” They turned to her brother who
was just getting up to a sitting position.
Queen D kneeled over her brother. “Are you alright? Speak to me!!”
A moan. “Angela? What are you doing dressed like THAT? You didn’t wear that coming here! And where is that creep you were with?” Suddenly, he saw Solar D. Quickly he angered as he yelled “KEEP AWAY FROM MY SISTER YOU CREEP, OR I’LL HAVE TO BEAT YOU UP!!!!”

They looked at each other. This didn’t appear to be the time or place for explanations...
“I better go” Solar D turned and walked out slowly as Queen D watched with tears in her eyes...
Both silently swore the same thing. “Someday...we WILL be together! And no one will keep us apart!”

Choctaw looked up suddenly. Something was wrong...what was it?
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