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Unhappy "Last's Souls Dream" - the forbidden manga, the anime that never was.

This topic started on Hack Sign forum, and it turned out that barely anyone heard of "Last's souls dream".
That's very wrong, as it proves that violent bigot censorship works.
So I decided to put my quote from the hack sign forum here as a separate thread in order to nform people about this manga, and to ask if someone knows where one can possibly get it.
Here is the data about "Last's souls dream":It's a manga made in Europe (probably Germany) by some student one Wilhelm Klave, but it is said that its just a nickname.

Here is the story short (and without much spoilers):
In 2048 the world is divided between two major militar-economical blocks: The "Allies" consisting of USA, Russia and some satelite states, and the second one the "UNITY" consisting of the former Europeean union, some eas europeean countries and Japan. Both sides are hostile to each other and are on the bink of war.
In Europe an organisation called NSR (Netsafe research) found the gates to a strange dimension they called the OVERNET. The leader of NSR director Weissblum (one of my favorite characters) belives that the OVERNET holds in itself great powers and among them the power to "Save humanity from death" thus making humans immortal.
NSR forms a small unit of "Raiders" - specialy trained people (mostly children in their teens) with certain mental abilities. Their goal is to take control of the OVERNET. Among them are the main characters of the manga like Tenshi Kage, Firebird and Nemesis.
Quickally the US also gets acces to the OVERNET and the battle for the control of the dimension starts.
But soon it turns out that NSR has more secrets inside and that there are more than just humans in the OVERNET, strange non human entities await to get their hands on the great power of the OVERNET.

The overall plot is quite complex, and new mysteries are revealed as the story commences. When the reader thinks he finally knows what is exactly going on, more questions appear... its quite mysterious.

What I like most about this manga though are the characters.
They are very well developped, and what I like - they aren't a group of your typical heroes. Not at all. Some of them are a bit psychotic, some of them hate the other Raiders, some of them freak experiments of NSR...
It all gives "Last's Soul's Dream" an overall dark and chilly feeling.

In my opinion its the best European manga, and one of the best I ever read. Up to this day its my personal favorite.

The publishing of this manga also has a story of its own, and not a very nice one too:
"LSD" was supposed to be published in Germany, USA and Japan, and everything was going well... The first part was published in Germany (sadly written in in German).
Than the entire wave of problems appeared.
The US censorship turned down this manga as beeing anti-american (This is totaly not true, the author shows that all sides making war, including Europe, Japan and the US are wrong). And thus I belive that the US edition never came to life.
Soon (afther the 3rd part was published) the German censorship also banned this manga. I don't know the exact reason, rumor goes that it was a bit too bloody.
Than the author wrote that because of his works beeing banned in Germany and USA, he has not enough money to publish it in Japan. I haven't got any more data on the Japanese version.
There are more parts beyond part 3 (I've seen some up to part 18) but they are not officially for sale, and the only places to get them are some convents where one can get the "Underground" version. "Underground versions are usually xerocopies of his manga or sometimes just the screenplay.
But the sad truth is that "Last's Soul's Dream" is extremaly difficoult to find, and if it wasn't for one of my friends who visits otaku convents regularly I would never have seen this fine piece of manga.
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Sounds like a good manga worth the searchquest.
Censorship in germany that's hard to believe tho.
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Originally posted by Petezilla
Sounds like a good manga worth the searchquest.
Censorship in germany that's hard to believe tho.
You would be surprised. Germany has such strict censorship, that they managed to qualify for the 2001 Guiness Book of Records (That's the most recent edition I bought). The TV censorship is rather fair (for German standards), because they have some kind of law, that anything on air after midnight, or one a.m (don't remember exactly) gets to bypass almost all censorship. That's TV of course, and Last Soul's Dream never came to be as an Anime. As for their manga, or video game censorship... well, check the book.

But to be honest, I don't hold anything against Germany. The people were just doing their job. It's the USA that pissed me off.
Humans are restricted by their bodies and their mortalities, that's why they have such beautiful dreams. I wonder what will they dream of, when we take their bodies and mortalities away. - Kage Tenshi "Last Soul's Dream"
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