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Random problem with ATI Radeon and Windows Media Player

I got an old ATI Radeon 7000 (64MB PCI version) to install in my computer, because it doesn't have an AGP or PCI-E, so it isn't worth wasting a ton of money trying to get a high-end regular PCI card, and anything should be better than my onboard video (Intel 845GL).

Anyways, after getting the card installed and set as my primary display adapter, I disabled the onboard in Windows and in BIOS. When I got clone mode running on a TV, I tried to open a video to test out the overlay mode. But Windows Media Player immediately hung itself. If I leave WMP running, I can still use the computer, and if I disable and reenable the clone display, I can get the clone output to unfreeze. But if I close WMP after the crash happens, the entire system hangs, no ctrl-alt-del, nothing. The mouse will continue to respond as long as I don't click any of the buttons more than a couple times, but the mouse is worthless when Windows won't respond.

I tried uninstalling and reinstalling updated the newest ATI Catalyst driver. And uninstalling all codecs I have (even though I knew they're not the problem), and I