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Ok, I'm not done with the series, but I watched the episode where Kiba goes to that drug-induced paradise. There he finds Mew... I am wondering what exactly she is. At first I thought she was just an illusion that the plant created, but then she seemed a lot more "human", even though she wasnt. What I mean is that she seemed to have feelings. Maybe she originally existed and died inside that plant so she got stuck in that paradise forever? Until now I think this is the saddest part of the story, but I still have 4 episodes to go. While watching I was hoping that nothing stupid would happen, like the gods making her real or something, but at the same time I wanted her to be real. Did she exist at some point in time, or was she allways an illusion?
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I know it's really late to give an answer but I'll do it anyway since there maybe others you don't know for sure either and may want to know.

I'm pretty sure Mew isn't a illusion but a victim of the world they were trapped in and had lost her memories and doesn't even know why she is there is the first place. The false paradise world traps it's victims with the illusion of absolute contentment, to the point where they no longer remember anything of their past, except probably their name, but Kiba isn't a normal wolf according to Darcia, and is driven by the sub consious will to search for paradise which is why he was able to escape, (of course he also had the help of his friends and the old indian.)
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