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Throughout the series you see the Gundams take an endless amount of rifle shots,explosions and saber beam hits and still come out without a scratch.We saw Wing Zero loaded with explosive when the Chief Engineer of Romefeller(sp?) wanted it destroyed and it didn't affect it much.I thought that Epyon,the last Gundam made should be strong enough to survive any blasts,not to mention that since it's a melee Gundam it most likely has superior armor to other Gundams.

Then why didn't Zechs use it during Endless Waltz?Because in the end of the series,he realized what Epyon had made him do.Remember when Zechs charges with Tallgeese he yells I won't let them create another Milliardo Peacecraft!(meaning Marimea) showing how horrified he was at what he had done and thought it better if the Epyon was lost and forgotten
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Epyon probably was heavily damaged. I mean Zechs did make it out alive. And you know how Gundams survive even when they get blown to bits. Epyon's probably a dead shell somewhere. Zechs musta had some propulsion power after the explosion because no one could trace him after the battle.

Oh and as for why he didn't use Epyon in EW, it's prolly cause it would stir up bad memories of Milliardo Peacecraft and the White Fang.
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Well remember....... zechs used the epyon to destroy a power source thing. The blast probably would've been much more powerful than explosives. Also maybe epyon did survive but zechs destroyed it.....i dunno just a guess.
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Let's not forget, THE ZERO SYSTEM!!!!
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Here's my opinion: I think that Zechs was able to escape with Epyon, but it had just enough power to get where it needed to be. He then discarded the suit and used the Tallgeese III as his Gundam.

But this raises another question: How did Zechs acquire the Tallgeese III in the first place??? Did he just find it???

BTW, Gundammi!, what would the ZERO system have to do with the change??? I don't see the angle.
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Lady Une gave Tallgeese to Zechs when he got recruited as a preventor.He even changed his codename to Wind
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They made Tallgeese III right after Tallgeese II. But by the time They got it finished, Trieze was dead and the war was over. This left no place for it but the Preventers decided to keep it just incase someone was strong enogh to pilot it ( i mean comeon it gave Zechs a heart attack! you have to be strong to pilot it) so just the emergincy came along to use it and so did the pilot.

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As far as we know, the wreckage of both Zero and Epyon still exists. Maybe one day they'll write a sequel to Endless Waltz and bring both Gundams back
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