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Question HELP! My computer keeps freezing up

Hello everyone,
I was wondering if anyone coukld help me out.
My computer keeps on freezing up, and odly enough it keeps on occurring while i'm surfing the net. I think it may be the graphics adaptor. It is made by Trident. The idiots that built the motherboard decided to have a built-in graphics adaptor which means i cant replace the graphics adaptor. This is stupid. How are people meant to update thier graphics adator to say a Voodoo if its built in. I thought the whole point of motherboards was to allow for upgrades.
Should i format the hard drive and reminstall the drivers or should i just cut my losses and buy a new motherboard? Anny suggestions would be much appreciated.
PS. I am no computer expert so i wouldnt know the first thing about trouleshooting computers.
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Oddly enough, my sister is having the same problem. however recently it has started to happen even off the web. I was about to post a similar thread tonight, asking for advice.

What i want to do first off is format c: and then reinstall everything. play around for a while and see fi things go smoothly.

If it begins freezing again, then ill open the bugger up and test out the fans ect... and see if it isnt something easy to fix.

failing all of that ill be telling my sister to get a new pc

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