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Sound cards and my stereo

I've heard many a time that you can connect your computer to a stereo/hi-fi for very good sound ... I like plugging the stereo, TV, VCR, CD-player etc together in new and exciting ways (I once connected 5 seperate bits of electronic equipment, 6 speakers and a set of headphones together to make an uber sound system ^_^ ) The next step of course is to get the PC into the loop ... however (and here is my dilemna) i have no idea how to do it ... the three standard single headphone type plugs on the back of every soundcard I've seen (speakers, mic, line) are incompatible with the twin leads that VCR's, Stereos, TV's etc all use. Is it as simple as buying a $6.95 connector at ---- Smith or do I need a specialist soundcard?
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Most consumer-grade soundcards don't have the wire or RCA outputs you need for home audio applications. What you need is a 1/8" headphone jack adapter to RCA plugs (easy to find). To connect your PC to your stereo, that's all there is to it. To connect stereo speakers to JUST your PC, you need something that accepts the wires mosr speakers use...I currently use the Cambridge PC Works subwoofer + 2 satellite system. Why? Because you plug the soundcard output into the sub...and the sub has wire terminals for regular speakers. Ditch the satellites (use them elsewhere), and pic some good speakers instead.

I have upwards of 4 of these RCA to headphone jack cords. I love plugging speakers into everything.
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Funny how D.ick Smith's name was censored...

Yes, it's as simple as buying a 1/8" headphone jack to RCA adapter....I've got about three of these myself

I used to have a stereo connected to my first taste of four-point surround was delivered by this stereo (thanks to front and rear inputs).....
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