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Talking A Long Overdue Post

How's everyone doing,fine i hope,
Man it's been a long time since i posted here.
In that mean time i've been drawing a lot of stuff and heres it goes:

#1.The first one is just a normal guy i was drawing,i think it came out well so i might ink and CG it.Oh and i did'nt draw feet since its a sketch

#2.Next is a Ninja i was drawing i don't really like it though,don't know why just don't.

#3.This one is my favorite out of the bunch she's just so cute .She's suppose to be royalty even though she dosn't look it.And i didn't want to draw feet on this one either I tried but it did not look right.

#4.this last one was just a normal sketch of a girl in a kimino,and sorry for the ink blur my ink started to bleed when i was erasing,So here it is.

Please C&C, THANKS

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Megumi H
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Welcome back from wherever you've been. ^_^

#1 - looks good! The only thing wrong is that his right hand looks a little too big compared to his other hand.

#2 - I don't know what exactly bothers me about this one... it might be the folds in his pants.

#3 - nice design, but the hand is too big again. Or maybe I'm wrong... maybe that's just your style. Her neck seems a little long. The curve of her left breast seems a little weird in conjunction with the line of her rib/waist.

#4 - the smile seems rather broad for a girl... and the folds around her waist seem rather spiky.

Nice sketches! I hope to see more. ^_^
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Thanks for the comments Megumi

And in #3 i though this was going to cause confusing but if you look closely that thing you mistaking for a rib is her arm in the way.

In #4 now that you mention it she does look kinda weird ,a bit like a man.

Thanks again for commenting

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Very good!

#1. Very nice!
He looks like Kaji from Neon Genesis Evangelion! Good job on the folds!
Everything looks perfect except the size of his right hand as mentioned by Megumi H, it's huge!
Place your own palm against your face and figure out!
Place the bottom of your palm against the bottom of your chin so there're 'equal' to each other. The length of the palm is about the length between the chin till a little bit above the tip of the nose. The length of the fingers is from that point till the hairline.
Further more feets would be nice to have.

#2. Very good!
I like the pose! It seems to be ready to be CG-ed! *hint* *hint*
This one looks kinda weird around the leg/hips area....I think.
The way how his left leg (the one in front) is attached to his lower body is weird....or so it seems! How should I put looks like as if his left leg is attached on the side of the lowerbody/hips. But that's because of the fold I think.
Aside of that his both lower legs looks very thin and fragile.
His right leg (the one in the back) looks too straight/stiff and too angular on the knees.

#3. Pretty nice!
I've to agree with the critcisms made by Megumi H about the hand, neck and about her left breast.

#4. Good!
Aside of what's mentioned by Megumi H.
I don't have anything else to add.

Good job on those 4!
Keep it up eh!
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Those are really nice pics, and you really like to put a lot of detail into your pics, ne?^^
The first one is a nice sketch, and I agree with Eva-00, feet would be a good idea. ^_^
The second one has a really neat action pose, those are always a bit tricky to get right, but I think you pulled it off nicely.
His right hand looks a bit awkward though, in how it's bent.
The third one has a lot of great detail in it, but looks a tad confusing with so many lines. O.o
You should CG it so it will be easier to see how ereything's connected.
The fourth one is nice aswell, though I think her legs look a bit least the lower legs does, it seems her knee starts a bit too high up.

But overall you've done a very good job on these pics, especially the second and third ones, you should CG them as soon as you can. ^_^
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heheheh, another stickler for detai. But the structure looks real good for the most part, so you can get away with it ^^.

I like the first one the best, his expression really catches your attention. You, my friend, can draw. Keep up the good work, I'd love to see any of these in color (particularly the first since he's sort of hot and stuff. Wait, did I say that out loud?)
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Wow, I really love your style and inking it looks like you had fun making these
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#1 - all around, good....but one of his hands looks big 'n hairy. Also, unless he is wearing super-tight vinyl pants, you wouldn't be able to see the outline of his pocketed hand (it makes the picture look more perverted than it's supposed to be as well). Love that cocky expression though.

#2 - I like what you did with the intricate ribbon looping around everything. My main gripe would be that the picture is too 'busy', a lot of the detail lines you've used particularly in the hair and tunic sort of overwhelm the eye. And his legs seem a little slim as well, but great ninja-ish pose!

#3 - Ah cute girl, reminds me of Kosuke Fushijima's style (good thing). The exposed hand is a bit large but the arched fingers look good (hands are hard to draw right!). Also, draw the feet! Even if you're just messing around, doodle SOMETHING there...if you find feet hard to draw, just draw them's the only way to get good at them

#4 - Not much to say about this one aside from make the calves a tiny bit thicker so the legs don't taper as much. It looks rather simplistic next to the complex detail on your other pics, but hey...I'm a fan of simple ^_^

Just a suggestion, but if you start drawing larger, or inking with thinner lines, the detail you put into your art will stand out much better and it'll make the pictures a lot less confusing. But anyway, great stuff, keep it up
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