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who here love FRED!?!

so what? he's gay, that doesn't mean he not my fave OS chara, in fact, he IS my fave, if i have money, i would have brought the dvd just for him, it'll be worth it just to here him say he love gene, ahahahah, they are just so kewl FRED RULES!!! no da
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I think Fred's a great character. The funny thing is that everything he does can be passed off as effeminate or you (the viewer) taking it the wrong way. So he's ambiguosly gay once you think about it. "The Ambiguously Gay Fred Lowe!"
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Originally posted by Gundammi!
"The Ambiguously Gay Fred Lowe!"

Yeah, he really is if you think about it....
I like Fred!!!! He's a laugh an' half. Even in the edited dub

Fred: I need you to do me a favor
Gene... NO I won't dance with you!!!!

Fred: I just can't wait for little James to grow up!

He's a good character and adds a lot to the show. OLS simply wouldn't be the same with out good 'ol Fred.
Though Fred's not my absolute favorite character he's pertty high on the list.
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I like him too. There are so many great moments involving him, such as the strongest woman contest. That was a classic at how he freaked out when that girl wanted to marry him.
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Yes, that one is pretty funny. Anyway I love Fred Lou!

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