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Makoto Hyuga
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Talking Episode 23

I just bought the Perfect Collection and I have got to say that it is very good. It contains the DVDs that were originally released for $44.95 MSRP. I finally saw episode 23, "Hot Springs Planet Tenrei." It was so hilarious. I was laughing so loud, mostly from Tobigera's attempts to get Gene. It can see why CN can't show it, but it is one of the most hilarious episodes I have seen. I had heard about it but never saw it and I can say that it was well worth it. Anyone else's opinion?
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Brian West 0
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Well good for you
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Baka unit01
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.......I too laughed my butt off......loved it
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I just bought it too. $80, less than two of the DVD sets. And fscking awesome for ANY anime box. Only problem: I can't take it home till Dad moves out (soon). He has this thing where he thinks I spend too much on anime. Not that I don't.
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Ah yes, episode 23. I got a pretty big kick out of watching that one, mainly because it felt so out of place - but in a good way.

I mean, it comes at a time when everything is progressing towards the end of the series, a time when many anime titles typically start getting all serious and predictable. Then, all of a sudden, this fanservice-loaded aberration (a good aberration, mind you ) comes out of nowhere and livens things up a whole lot. I thought it was actually quite original in terms of where it was placed in the series. Plus, it explains where Gene gets his special caster shells that come into play later on. That part is usually a bit confusing to anyone who has only seen the edited version that Cartoon Network airs.

Oh, and I also liked the boobs. Definitely liked the cleavage.

To quote Suzuka, it's all so delightfully "tacky" that I just couldn't help but love this episode.
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Originally posted by Final_Eschelon
Oh, and I also liked the boobs. Definitely liked the cleavage.
me too....
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When the episode began, I was like "WTF? This isn't Outlaw Star!"

Those bunnies were weird.
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Sigurd Fatima
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Very funny and fun too! I wish this series would continue, but I hear it didn't fare very well in Japan so if it were to come back, it may end up like Big O, another anime that didn't fare too well in Japan, but quite well in America. OLS's much better though, the best sci-fi anime series!

Peace. V
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This was one of my favorite episodes. I laughed all the way through. When Gene is climbing up the mountain it reminded me of playing video games, when you keep telling yourself your not going to let that happen again, and then you mess up and it happens.
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The hot springs episode was very funny. I loved it. If you go to [link edited] you'll see one person's thoughts on how CN could have aired the episode. I've read it before and after seeing the episode, I generally agree. Yeah, there was a lot of skin and such, but they probably could have made edits and cuts that still left enough material for a decent length episode. Without that episode you miss some semi-important information regarding the caster shells. That knowledge does help in understanding how things went in the last three episodes.

[Sorry, Dr0nak. I understand your intent, but the link does contain nudity.]

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but the edited episode would probably have been all of about 3 minutes long
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Sorry, Drizzten. As I sort of hinted, I hadn't looked at the page for a while and so forgot exactly what pictures were included. I just searched it out, saw it was the page I wanted, and linked it. I'll try to watch out for that in the future. I guess I can't link up its parent page then either, but it should be relatively easy for anyone else to search out if they want to.

Actually, from the descriptions on that page and what I remember seeing, it probably could have been a decent length. A lot of the nudity could be covered with digital bikinis which seems to be a common practice. Scenes that couldn't easily be covered like this could be shortened or edited; not all of them would have to be cut completely. A few probably would, but not all of them. The episode would have to be shorter than the original, but that page (IIRC) estimated that they could still get around 20 minutes out of it with some careful editing. And then you wouldn't have missed the nice explanation about the caster shells.

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One of the best episodes on my list i had to watch it both in english and japanese to see which one was more amusing
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I just finished watching the uncut series -- rented from Netflix. Episode 23 was a nice break from the tone of the rest of the series. That assassin, who looked like a cross between the Joker and Wolverine, was halarious. And Aisha sure seemed to enjoy showing Gene her breasts. I just hope Mel never found out! But I don't think Aisha would tell.
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