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Character Thread: Ami

Please tell me what you think of this character.

What her eternal fuku would look like
Favorite Yuri Couple
and any Micillenious comment...

Likes : She's very intelligent, has a beautiful fuku and has one of my favorite attacks, Shine Aqua Illusion.

Dislikes : She's not too confident with herself and around others. She's not that outgoing either and she keeps friendships lying on a thread. She needs a bit more humor in her life.

Eternal Fuku : Golden Star on her tiara with a blue tiara. Blue and Light Blue and Sky Blue Bows and ribbons with a golden star on the top of her skirt. Eternal Sailor Moon's boots, and star earings.

Favorite Yuri Coupling : Makoto, Usagi, or Rei.

Favorite Attack : Shine Snow Illusion (Manga Only)
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Hey thats very good, well done, but might I ask what is it for?
Favorite Yuri Coupling : Makoto

I'm not sure about the part of her friendships lying on a thread though, I think that Ami values friendship very highly and specially, she just likes to keep a small group of friends close to her, rather than socialize with a larger crowd. But thats just what I thought, could be wrong though.
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Likes : she's smart and shy. I love her henshin! It's so awesome!

Dislikes : she's too smart.

What her eternal fuku would look like : a double skirt(blue on top, white under.), a smooth body suit, light blue wings for her bow w/ the murcury sign in the center, of course the blue sailor neck thingy, her sleeves would look like Sailor Saturn's when she first apeared(you know those spikey looking things), white thigh high boots w/ blue trim at the top, the symbol of murcury on her forehead, and her white gloves that stop just a little before her elbow(like neptune's)

Favorite Yuri Couple : hmmm...I usually don't think of yuri couples but I guess I'd have to go with Rei or Makoto

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