View Poll Results: What is you Favorite Anime Series?
Ah! My Goddess! 6 1.78%
Berserk 3 0.89%
Blue Seed 0 0%
Bubblegum Crisis 11 3.26%
Card Captor Sakura 8 2.37%
Cowboy Bebop 33 9.79%
Dragonball 15 4.45%
El Hazard 2 0.59%
Furi Kuri (FLCL) 13 3.86%
Fushigi Yuugi 6 1.78%
Gundam 3 0.89%
Gunsmith Cats 1 0.30%
Inu Yasha 5 1.48%
Love Hina 18 5.34%
Magic Knight Rayearth 3 0.89%
Neon Genesis Evangelion 77 22.85%
Outlaw Star 5 1.48%
Pokémon 2 0.59%
Ranma 1/2 9 2.67%
Record of Lodoss War 2 0.59%
Robotech 4 1.19%
Rurouni Kenshin 30 8.90%
Sailor Moon 9 2.67%
Serial Experiments Lain 8 2.37%
Slayers 11 3.26%
Tenchi Muyo 13 3.86%
The Big O 0 0%
Trigun 15 4.45%
Utena 9 2.67%
Vision of Escaflowne 16 4.75%
Voters: 337. You may not vote on this poll

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...Hasn't got my fave.
...Not telling what it is.
I had to vote for MKR, so I'm simply pissed.
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Majin Buu
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How do you expect me to vote for just one favoites. Decisons, decisions,decisions,

I can't make up my mind on which one to vote for .
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ph43r |\/|j \/o73
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Everyone's acting like Evangelion has an unfair advantage over Cowboy Bebop since Cowboy Bebop just started airing on TV... but Eva was never aired on TV in the US, either... so what's the big deal?
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cardcapters(or cardcapter sakura to you usa guys)and tenchi muyo are my favourite animes.
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Hard choice between the following series: Fushigi Yuugi, Rurouni Kenshin, and Trigun. But I ended up voting for Trigun.
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I had to vote for NGE. I think about it way to much. Since I put so much time into it, it naturally must be my favorite.

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woohoo go NGE!

not that it matters, its winning more then 2 to 1
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um.. i gotta a lotta favs... but ill end up with Ranma 1/2 considering it is the anime which attracted me to anime in the first place...

i luv Trigun, Eva, Lodoss, Outlaw, Kenshin, Tenchi, Escaflowne, and even some others not in here like Slam Dunk and Shadow Skill etc...

Me lover of 'Ranma 1-2' Me lover of other Animes too Me lover of Diablo2 LoD Battle.Net

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Torkm dear.....I can't decide! You just listed some of my favourite anime and I don't know which is my most fave

...NYA! :3
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Originally posted by Psyk0
Everyone's acting like Evangelion has an unfair advantage over Cowboy Bebop since Cowboy Bebop just started airing on TV... but Eva was never aired on TV in the US, either... so what's the big deal?
When this poll started cb was no where near airing on tv

Heres evas advantages on THIS anime board

It has lots of australians on it and eva has aired on tv twice in australia
it has one of the biggest and best eva sites saying come here and discuss eva
eva is 5 years old and bebop 3 so more ppl have seen eva

If they aren't advantages then what are
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Red face

Sheesh, all this talk about fair and what's not fair. CB's getting its share of attention and so is Eva. If Eva is winning in the poll, so be it, but CB is doing pretty impressively as well. I say things are quite fair, but of course Eva has an advantage in terms of how long its been in existence. Eva's dominance isn't really a surprise. CB's potential on the other hand is big and its been shown in the US already, still a pretty big market. Some of us are saying that Eva has such a huge advantage in this board, but in this poll itself, CB fans are more vocal which is good for them, and they also try to convince people to vote for CB. So in terms of equity, I think they're almost the same. So let's just all stop bickering and find voters; who knows in a few years we'll have a CB vs Eva poll ala Bush vs Gore, then it'll seem more competitive .... But then again when one side wins, the other just wont accept it, then we'll all demand a recount.
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Well, Love Hina is definetly the best ever, i mean, awsome animation, hot chicks, funny as hell, and its even got some romance, all it would need now is big robots, oh wait, it does, hehehe ::cowers before mechatama-chan 3::.

in second would definetly be Noir then third is Oh! My Goddess!, well, thats what this Battousai thinks.

Hyatsu - Battousai for HiRe!
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Love Hina RuleZ
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Thumbs up

As for my vote:

I'm ashamed to say that I don't remember who I voted for. I've seen Dragonball, Sailor Moon, Escaflowne, and Magic Knight Rayearth and Pokemon **hacking...excuse me I don't know what came over me**

If I were to have to vote again, I'd probably vote for Magic Knight Rayearth.

If I were to have a "classic anime favorite", there would be no question in my mind that I would vote for Mazinger Z (Tranzor Z) in the USA. Speaking of which, the 1st 2 Mazinkaiser OVAs are out on the market now. These are available in VCD formats, but I have yet to see any that were English subtitled yet! The third Mazinkaiser/Mazinkaizer OVA is released in Jan 02!! :-D

Dragonball, Sailor Moon, and Voltes V are also excellent as well. Why wasn't Digimon considered as a candidate??

That's my take. I know I still have much to see yet...

**A Classic Super Robots from 70s & 80s VHS anime of the few and proud of it!! :-D**
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John Faulkner
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Yeah,I saw 5 episodes of Voltes 5 (on some cheap 'summary' tape),and particularly liked the part where Steve's mother sacrificed herself for Voltes.Now that was emotional!Another great thing about it is that theme song sung during the transformation-it was ace.

Maybe they should have lumped Digimon together with Pokemon....
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