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Exclamation Japanese Terms or Glossary?

Hi Everyone!! I was wondering if any of you know where I can find a glossary of japanese terms? I am making a fanfiction site (hint hint) and am going to put up some terms. Any info would be greatly appreciated. ^__^

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chin chin atama... it means.. 'how are you'....
i swear.. hahaha
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Try going here it translates to English words to Japenese and vise versa. That might help you out a bit.
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If you go to you can get single words but don't do phrases. It won't work, I tried once and never again.
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Chin chin atama...::shakes her head:: How immature are you? That's not right. Schmuck.

"Ogenki desu ka?" Or "Genki ka?" or just..."Genki?" would be "How are you?"

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Damn, even I know what that means Dopey.
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hey Doku-beibi? doesn't genki mean energy?
jessica B.D
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'ki' (a.k.a 'chi') means energy

genki means health/healthy.

"Ogenki desu ka?" basically means "are you well/good?"
so in other words, "How are you"

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how about typing in 'japanese words' into your search engine, and find the link that says 'Jeffrey's japanese dictionary' i can't remember, but it should say Jeffrey something though.
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