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I was just watching ECW,when i started flicking threw the channels,then i saw this anime i stayed tuned to it and it was proper cool.It was called "Jin Roh Wolf Brigade"and if you think it was dubbed you are wrong,thewhole of it was subbed in english,with a japanese dubb.i then pressed the i button on my control,"i have digital"and it said this is the future of manga somthing about that,and that it was made in 1999,"thats possibly why the animation, and drawings were so good.Anyway it was about what could of happend to Japan after the 2nd world war, is uggest you rent it if you can it was on for about 2 hours omwhere in that region,anywya check it out
[font1]"Vegeta's famous sayings!"
{"Lets see what you've got kakkorot Gallet Gun Fire!"}
{"So you think you can take on a real saiyjin punk well speak up"}
{"Tell me... do androids such as yourselves ever experiance fear? AAAAAARRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHHHH, Vegeta's hair then turnd gold has he is engulfed by a golden aurora around his body and becomes a legendary Super Saiy-jin "}
{"But you can't go not now "Why not"Because ive also got something to tell you about i lied when i said you could go well at least partially lied for i will let you go to another DIMENSION"}

The 5 strongest moves of vegeta are
1= "Final Flash"
2= "Big Bang Attack"
3= "Gallet Gun"
4= "Kienzen"
5= "Ground Flare"

"Strongest forms of Vegeta"
1= "SSJ4"
2= "Golden Oozaru"
3= "SSJ2"
4= "USSJ"
5= "SSJ"

"Guess who was the dominant form of Vegito the strongest form ever Vegita"

Vegeta the strongest warrior in the universe so BRING IT ON[/font1]
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HOLY. ----.
YOU SAW JIN ROH?!?!??!?!?!?!?!
*hopes to Suzaku she's not th' only one who knows what this is...*
It's Mamoru Oshii's most recent masterpiece...*.*
..if so, then I suggest you go check it out at (which is a great site to begin with...)
But I can't ay any more than...damn...Jin Roh? *.*

~Tasuki No Miko

"You promised!"
"I don't remember any promise like that..."
"Well, you did! So there!"
~Canal, Kane, LU
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