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I have you all one my AIM list but I've only ever been able to play SC/BW with Glab, but that was a while ago and then only briefly... My question is are any of the above mentioned members still interested in SC or should I move you all from my AIM buddy list Brood War folder to my Animeboards folder.

No response shall be interpreted as disinterest.
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Commander Fuyutsuki
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Yeah they used to always plaqy now only Havok plays, and glab, but that when hell is frozen over. Ken on the other hand, never plays.

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heart havok
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i'll still play a bunch. i'm just consentrating on the AnimeBoards Manga. as well as alot more that's going on in my life.

as for Glab, his computer died... that's why he can't play anymore.
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Havok is right. My PC is curently dead

And for the last few months l havn't had the time to play unfortunatly....but now l should have more time. At least after l get my PC fixed.
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