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I currently own the first two tapes to this they are: The revenge of Jubei and Hells spawn. Has anyone seen these and does anyone know when the next part of this will be released?
I thought that Ninja Resurrection was very good, what does everyone else think?
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well i only saw part one of ninja ressurrection. i thought that it was good except for the part where the young christ is raped. i really hate that part. that's whats put me off seeing part2. sorry, i don't know when the other tapes will be released.
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Yeah, I saw Ninja Scroll and both Revenge of Juibei and Hells spawn...

And well, I didnt get Hells Spawn..... was it a prequel or what!?! Very strange indeed! I couldnt even establish a link between the first part and the 2nd....

Oh I know NInja scroll has nothing to do with Reserrection.

Their are more????

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