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True, this news was so unexpected and out of the blue that it hit me like an express train. However, it somehow HAD to happen down the line.

Cartoon Network has accquired the rights to the tender romantic comedy "Love Hina" and are in the proces of butchering it into a ***** up Bugs Bunny routine and screening the said ***** up results.

Considering the amount of "mature" material (no worse than FOX on prime time) dealt in Love Hina, and the ***** atrocious track record of American Anime editing (particularly DBZ and Card Captor Sakura, two VERY tame series), a truly black cloud has descended over the reputations of Anime fans everywhere.

Here is what we can expect that is "wrong' by the ***** American censors to be cut out of Love Hina (If It Even Retains Its Title).

Please note that the following commentary is a vicious, sarcastic and cynical look into the twisted right winged brains of censors. Certain themes and language may offend. You have been warned:

THEY CAN'T BE JAPANESE: "Oh, we are selling this to the kids of conservative ***** guttertrash, so we simply MUST CHANGE EVERY CHARACTER TO AN AMERICAN AND GIVE THEM AMERICAN NAMES!!" (CardCaptor Sakura & Sailor Moon, anyone?)

DO NOT SHOW FEMALE BODIES FOR WHAT THEY ARE: "Damn, so that's how the two leads meet? Well I was too busy ***** the local Catholic Priest's crotch as a kid to accept that girl's bodies looked like that! So we will remove the hot springs from hotel, and snap crackle and pop, we'll brainwash boys into God Fearing ***** like us!!"

SU WILL BE GIVEN A GANGSTA ACCENT: "She is a ***** after all!!"

MOTOKO WILL SOMEHOW BE REMOVED: "Well hotdamn, that cotton pickin lass can't swing knives around, that'll show that Eastern Martial Arts are beautiful and make Japan look good to American kids!! And grils should play nice!! Well just pretentiously say that we don't want kids to see weapons (like DBZ season 1), cut out Mo-what's her name altogether an' make sure boys who watch the show become mysogynistic dinosaurs like us!!"

THE ROMANCE, PROMISE, RESPONSIBILITY, EXAM, DIVORCE ELEMENTS WILL BE REMOVED: "Hell, it is a goofy slapstick k'toon, and K'toons are for kiddies anyhow. So we'll mash it into some childish crap free of reality so we can sell twoys out of it for two weeks befooa the next Jap-***** we are given to murder arrives.'

WHY DO THE CENSORS DO ALL THIS?: "Cos the western values we are beaten and raped into believing by our hypocritical patriarchal Catholic ***** cheating fathers are superior to that of all other cultures. Just to prove it, we will change something from overseas into what we see as morally acceptable, and make a ***** of money while we are at it."

To the inbred ***** piles of ***** drinking guttertrash at Cartoon Network:

If you want to impose your high and mighty American morals upon the world, for ***** sake, ***** yourself, feed what's ***** to the pigs that your ***** you with, and GO BE CATHOLIC PRIESTS.

Good Night.

"The rest of the world sees us New Yorkers as Left Winged Communist Homosexual Jewish Pornographers."

- Woody Allen's observation on New Yorkers in "Annie Hall."

"Till Next Time Take Care Of Yourselves, And Each Other." :kawaii:

-Jerry Springer.

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Well then Just download the series in japanese, uncensored and with english subtitled....
but too bad all those copyright lawsuits are flying all over the net...
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Sorry Ronin.

I think that the langauge in this post is not acceptable in this forum.

This thread will be closed.

Isn't Klonoa CUTE!
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