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Today another Animebaords forum update mailing was sent to all members, here is a copy for those who don't read their email often enough

This mailing is being sent to all forum members. If you do not want to receive further updates like this please go to your edit options and select 'NO' to receiving admin emails -

******************************************************* *******
If you just registered and have still not received your activation email code or can not post after you just registered, you can get the activation email re-sent here -
******************************************************* *******

Forum updates:
1. Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040 coming to Australia !
2. Reminder of Eva fan art contest
3. Reminder of forum rules
4. Forum stats

======================================================= =======================
1. Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040 coming to Australia !
That's right SBS TV Australia will be airing all 26 episodes, one ep per week starting Saturday May 19th, 2001 at 8:30 pm. Get you're vcrs and blank tapes ready I decided to start an Australian BGC 2040 fan site for this ocassion at It's a quick 2 day job and seeing as I sux at graphics, made it pretty simple to start off with.

Note, the domain was just registered and might take up to 3 days to work.

Bookmark the site today ! -

======================================================= =======================
2. Reminder of Eva fan art contest
Another reminder than end of this month is the closing date for the Eva fan art contest. Get your entries in and win!

======================================================= =======================
3. Reminder of forum rules
- forums continues to grow and growing pains are always a problem. Please members abide by the forum rules. The most important one of them all is respect each others' opinions - you don't have to agree with them but please NO abusing or personal attacks.

If you don't like a particular thread don't reply to it. It's getting to the stage where members can be treading a fine line from being banned from

Please be polite and well mannered to your fellow forum members and PLEASE re-read the forum rules -

======================================================= =======================
4. Forum stats
Don't mind me, I just like showing off hehe... I added a 4th stats to the front page, Total thread views - this shows a total of how many times all threads on forums have been viewed. As you can see below, it stands at 1.635 million views of all threads since June 24, 2001!

We're also nearlying a quarter of a million posts! You guys and gals post too much hehe

Registered Members: 2566
Total threads: 16154
Total thread views: 1,635,234
Total posts: 239651
======================================================= =======================

Well until next update

George aka eva2000

p.s. check out the BGC 2040 site -
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thanks for posting that eva2k. i dont check my email that often you see....
cant wait till bubblegum crisis is on sbs!!
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